Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Inaugural Participation in World Gourmet Summit 2017


17th March 2017 – Patara Fine Thai Cuisine always sought to bring diners the finest Thai culinary experience, since its opening in Singapore 23 years ago. Our menus are specially curated by award winning Thai chefs to present our diners the finest quality, flavours and history of Thai cuisine.

This March, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine will be inaugural participating in the World Gourmet Summit (WGS). In lieu of the much anticipated culinary month, we are not only launching our new Set Dinner and Set Lunch Menu, we are kicking off gastronomic affair with our celebrity chef curated World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Degustation Dinner Menu.

For 2017 WGS installment, Patara present’s a two-day exclusive WGS Degustation Dinner Menu specially created by Thailand’s Iron Chef, Thanintorn Chantrawan (Chef Noom) and Patara’s Head Chef, Chimkit Khamphuang (Chef Lisa). The co-created exclusive menu by the two great minds of the culinary world guarantees to excite one’s palates, delivering the ultimate dining experience.

From 28th to 29th March, pamper yourself with extravagant delicacies from land and sea. Using only the freshest produce, the 6-Course WGS Degustation Menu features the Choo Chee Lobster Curry and Grilled Lamb Rack with special blend of Thai herbs. To complement your meal, opt for the wine pairing option with a selection of hand-picked wines from from Italy, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand.


Patara also launches a new WGS Set Dinner and WGS Set Lunch Menu; both offshoots of the WGS Degustation Menu which is similarly co-created by Chef Noom and Chef Lisa. Also part of the World Gourmet Summit 2017, both set menus will be available from now till 30th April.

Expect to feast on the authentic flavours of ancient Thailand in the WGS Set Dinner Menu with dishes like Stir-fried King Prawns with Thai Garlic, Asparagus & Shiitake Mushroom, and Grilled Sirloin Beef with Jaew sauce. The Grilled Sirloin Beef is first marinated with fish sauce then grilled carefully on slow fire and later, paired with housemade Jaew sauce. If one is feeling for some seafood, try the Snow Crab in Red Curry & Betel Nut Leaf. Cooked to perfection, this dish encompassesthe essence of Thai cuisine with ingredients like coconut milk, fish sauce and betel nut leaf delivering an authentic Thai culinary experience.

For a decadent afternoon affair, Patara’s all-new WGS Set Lunch menus features the Drunken Duck, marinated with chilli and lemongrass, as well as the Classic Spicy & Spicy Tom Yum Goong. To further spice up your meal is Patara’s ever popular Thai Taco with Chicken and Prawns – stir-fried with garlic, white pepper and coriander root, this Chefs’ creation present to bring your dining experience to a whole new level.

About Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Nestled in the cozy enclave of Tanglin, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine exudes the easy elegance of a world-class restaurant that remains humble despite its achievement in the culinary world. Noted for its classic Thai dishes made from premium ingredients, the restaurant stays relevant in changing times by constantly innovating to fit diners’ evolving tastes without straying too far from the heart and soul of the original dishes. And this is one of the reasons why Patara Fine Thai has stood strong for 23 years and counting, in the demanding world of fine dining. The story of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine’s success is about the restaurant’s belief in simplicity, and in delivering food, service and ambience of the highest quality. Ultimately, what Patara Fine Thai is sharing, is Thailand at its best.

About Creative Eateries
Creative Eateries started in 1992 and has since gone from strength to strength, expanding to encompass four restaurant divisions with over 30 outlets and two catering divisions in Singapore. The group now has footprints in 5 regions, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and China. Uniting all our brands is our commitment to providing food of the highest quality and top of the line service.

About the Chefs
Chef Noom spent 14 years in the UK, where he acquired his Master Degree while working and learning European cooking techniques at renowned restaurants such as Princi, Lapetite Maison, and Hestal Blummetal. He later participated in Thailand’s “Iron Chef” television programme, and successfully won himself an accolade in modern Thai Cuisine. In recent years, Chef Noom went on to share his culinary expertise through cooking lessons, and culinary events. In 2015, Chef Noom joined the renowned Patara Group as an Executive Chef, delivering a phenomenal culinary experience at every Patara restaurants in the world.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine also houses Chef Lisa who hailed from Yasothon Province in Thailand. Chef Lisa has spearheaded the kitchen of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Singapore for 19 years. Cooking was her first career, and her passion as a culinarian has propelled her for the last 27 years till present day. Not only having truly authentic Thai specialities under her belt, Chef Lisa also often observes the latest food trends online, to find out how she can better blend Thai ingredients with modern cooking techniques.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-14, Singapore 247933
Tel: 6737 0818
For more information on Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, please visit or contact Creative Eateries Pte Ltd at 6411 4992.

KURO Izakaya Fire Things Up in Suntec City

Newest Drinkers’ Oasis in the Chic Business and Lifestyle Hub

Located in the epicentre of Suntec City, KURO Izakaya is the newest dining concept by established F&B group Creative Eateries – adding one more brand to their Japanese division which helm household names like Suki-Ya. A new genre to the division, KURO Izayaka is a Japanese gastrobar firing up Robatayaki, Kushiyaki, Small Plates, Sake and Japanese Whisky. Set in the middle of the chic business and lifestyle hub Suntec City; KURO Izakaya is set to become the latest drinkers’ oasis.

Japanese-style Binchō-tan meets Kintsukuroi interior with a chic contemporary mélange creating the perfect atmosphere to shoot the breeze and unwind after work. A daring mishmash of elements; tapping into the beauty of black with a burst of gold creating a harmonious hue that evokes images of indulgence and affluence.


A modish izakaya by night, KURO Izakaya transmutes into a laid-back Ramen Donburi shop by day. Serving popular go-to Japanese comfort food at an affordable price that caters to the hectic lunch hour in the business hub. With more than 10 lunch sets from Classic Chashu Ramen to Dry Ramen including decadently adorn Donburi like all-time favourite Chirashi Don and Buta Yaki Don. All lunch sets are served with a starter and dessert to complete and complement the meal. 


If the lunch hour is too much for one to handle, pre-order KURO Izakaya’s Bento Takeaway; sashay pass the queue and dig into their gourmet bento in the serene comfort of your desk.

Small-Plates_Kurobuta_Kurobuta-Belly Small-Plates_Kurobuta_Pork-JowlSmall-Plates_Seafood_Kaki-Yaki
When night falls, and all come out to play, KURO Izakaya fires up some smokey charcoal goodness from its highly-rated Kosei Charcoal Grill. Unlike regular grillers, Kosei Charcoal Grill uses both charcoal and infrared waves; transmitting heat directly to the food without drying resulting in a juicy and earthy charcoal flavour finale. Name inspired by Kurobuta, expect a solid range of dishes featuring the sought-after porcine, wagyu and a great
selection of charcoal grilled seafood. With more than 70 dishes and a wide selection of alcohol, one might find himself salivating over the menu.

KURO Izakaya’s unique selection of tamagos is not to be missed if one likes an egg-citing start to their meal. The Smoked Ajitsuke Tamago is a pimped up “Ramen Egg” that’s hickory-smoked and deliciously perched on a heap of Hokkaido potato salad tossed with pickled cucumbers. Brother from another mother is the Onsen Tamago that’s adorn with dazzling ikura, calorie-free shirataki noodles and topped with fresh yuzu peel giving the dish a citrusy punch to the umami-laden ensemble.

Small-Plates_Beef_Wagyu-BeefSmall-Plates_Kurobuta_Kurobuta-Collar Small-Plates_Kurobuta_Kurobuta-KakuniSmall-Plates_Kurobuta_Kurobuta-Belly
An izakaya cannot live up to its name without a robust small plate selection. One of the highlights to the menu is the dedicated Kurobuta small plates section with up to six cuts to choose from. From grilled Kurobuta Pork Collar, Pork Belly and Pork Jowl. to stewed Kurobuta Kakuni in Mirin Soya Sauce or crowd pleaser Chigyu Kurobuta Collar. Another star to the menu is the Wagyu Beef which is served with the highly-priced Momotaro Tomato and known for its natural juicy sweetness.

Platter_KURO Kushiyaki Platter

Another iconic izakaya dish is the Kushiyaki, with a wide selection of charcoal grilled goodness to choose from, the KURO Kushiyaki Platter helps take the fuss away from picking which skewer to devour.

Alcoholic-Drinks_Beer_Kirin-Krush-(Frozen-Kirin)  Alcoholic-Drinks_Japanese-Whisky_Nikka-All-MaltAlcoholic-Drinks_Japanese-Whisky_Nikka-from-the-Barrel
With such an extensive food menu, the beverage menu does not pale in comparison. The beverage menu was created with both genders in mind, Frozen Kirin Beer which is an installation of Kirin Beer topped with frozen Kirin, looks cute and fluffy for the ladies and wonderful for men who like their beer extra cold. Not forgetting serious drinks who love their hard liquor, the whisky and sake menu is bound to get conversations going. With more than 38 whisky, sake and shochu to choose from there’s bound to be one for everyone.
Whether you’re working in the chic business district or shopping in Suntec, KURO Izakaya offers dishes that is bound to excite your taste buds.

KURO Izakaya in a nutshell

Located in the epicentre of Suntec City, KURO Izakaya is a Japanese gastrobar; firing up Robatayaki, Kushiyaki, Small plates, Sake and Whisky. A modish izakaya by night, KURO Izakaya transmutes into a laid-back Ramen Donburi shop by day offering popular go to Japanese comfort food at an affordable price.

Name inspired by Kurobuta, expect a solid range of dishes featuring the sought-after porcine, wagyu and a great selection of charcoal grilled seafood. With more than 70 dishes and a wide selection of alcohol, one might find themselves salivating over the menu.
The Japanese-style Binchō-tan meets Kintsukuroi interior spring a chic contemporary mélange creating the perfect atmosphere to shoot the breeze and unwind after work. A daring mishmash of elements; tapping into the beauty of black with a burst of gold creating a harmonious hue that evokes images of indulgence and affluence.

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-604/605, East Wing, Suntec City Tower 3, Singapore 038983
Tel: 6235 1066

Call 6235 1066 to make orders for Bento Takeaway and/or enquire.

For private events and parties, please email
Media enquiry and tasting, please email


Creative Eateries Excellent Service Award (EXSA) Winners

(EXSA Winners, Management Team & Mr Chan Chun Sing – Minster, Prime Minister’s Office)
Excellent Service Award or EXSA is a yearly national award to recognise individuals who have delivered constant quality service. The awards is given to those who have been a great example of “Service Heroes” and rewarding them for their dedication.

Nominees who meet the criteria will be shortlisted by RAS for the awards. Prior to the award, they will be given the opportunity to undergo a developmental workshop conducted by RAS to reinforce and sustain a consistent level of service after receiving the awards. The EXSA is conferred at three levels; Silver, Gold and Star. Creative Eateries is proud to be awarded with 7 Star Awards and 48 Silver Awards.

From the management team, thank you all for your dedication and loyalty.


Say “Sawadee” to Talay Thai – the newest Thai Tapas concept in Singapore

Ancient city flavours with cosmopolitan vibes right in the heart of Clarke Quay

Watch out for the new kid on the block because Talay Thai is making a splash in the iconic tourist destination, Clarke Quay, this September!  Another exciting venture by Creative Eateries, Talay Thai is one of the first Thai Tapas Restaurant Bar in Singapore. Contrary to your typical bar and grub concepts along the Singapore River, Talay Thai incorporates a twist of quirkiness and free-spiritedness in its seafood inception bringing “Talay” which means Seafood to a whole new level. The interior décor exudes a resounding punch of personality; the orchestrated harmony of the rustic blood red floors, raw rugged brick walls and ornate traditional Thai displays. And the best part – the welcoming menu, both enticing and pocket-friendly.

 With an extensive menu of over 50 items, Talay Thai will leave you spoilt for choice especially for all the seafood lovers out there. From tapas bites to cocktail concoctions, enjoy the authentic Thai experience and take your taste buds on a flavour explosion.


The stars of the delectable menu is undeniable the tapas section which boast a variety of more than 20 different premium tapas. Overwhelmed by the inviting menu? Fret not because Talay Thai has put together the Aroy Mak Tasting Platter to satisfy your curious palate. Have a taste of the clever interpretation of Sweet and Spicy Deep-fried Rice Noodle which bears a bewitching nostalgic flavour! Together with other tapas bites like Thai Grilled Chicken Skewers roasted to juicy perfection, succulent handmade Thai Fish Cakes and Golden Fried Prawn Toast, crunchy savoury Rice Crackers with Thai-spiced Prawn Ragout.

tapas_crabs_spanner-crab-miang-khamFor the adventurous omnivores the Spanner Crab Miang Kham, a dish not commonly found in Singapore is totally worth the try! Wrapped in fresh betel nut leaves and garnished with a mix of peanuts, lime, chilli and dried shrimps, savour the impeccable balance of the freshness from the sea and the spectrum of tastes – the mild bitterness of the betel leaves, the sun-dried fragrance of the dried shrimps, a hint of heat from the chilli padi, a splash of acidity from the lime and the unique sweetness of the spanner crab.


What’s an adventure without bragging rights? The Nam Plan Prawn Ceviche aka Raw Prawn Saladis one dish that you’ll want to brag about. Only the freshest ingredients can hold up to the challenge of bringing out the umami and natural sweetness the freshly shelled live prawns! The Raw Prawn Salad is a testament to Talay Thai’s commitment to serving our patrons the best of the freshest produce right from the in-store seafood gallery. Leaving the raw flavour of the prawns untouched, our chefs created the lightest and most refreshing condiments, made from Thai Spice Blends and Asian vegetables such as bitter gourd to elevate the taste of the sea on your palate.

 tapas_oysters_trio-granita-oysters tapas_oysters_fresh-oysters

Overwhelmed by audacious selections? We’ve got the faint-hearted soul cover with yet another unique dish that is familiar to the tastebuds. Be taken away by Talay Thai’s interpretation; Fresh Oysters with Thai Dressing, doing away with the oh-so-clichéplain old lemon and Tabasco, the Thai spices will bring out the flavour profile of the oysters like you have never tasted before. The brassy metallic undertone of the oyster tangos with the zesty yet spicy dressing. It is the ultimate dance-off right on your palette! For a boozy kick, sister of this dish is the Fresh Oyster with Trio Granita with kaffir limoncello, citrus grapefruit and yuzu vodka granita, you don’t have to be a daredevil to enjoy this.


Bringing you familiar flavours from our local streets is the Oven-roasted Stingray with Tamarind Relish, marinated with fish sauce it is without a doubt a delicious twist to your local Sambal Stingray. Delicately oven-roasted, taste the aromatized juicy stingray in its original glory or dip it with the homemade tamarind relish just for that extra kick. You will never look at the Sambal Stingray the same way again.


Another twist on a familiar favourite is the Crispy White Bait. Talay Thai injects Thainess into this dish by tossing these little golden crispy goodness in Tom Yum Powder. Executed to culinary perfection, be hooked on our Crispy White Bait with Tom Yum Powder, a dish that is beer appropriate. Locking the flavourful juice of the white bait is the crispy and fluffy batter, the pinch of Tom Yum Powder brings the dish together by offering a sharp juxtaposition of flavours which will awaken your taste bud and appetite!


Keeping it classic isn’t how Talay Thai is rolling into the market, going by the moniker as the “Atas Tom Yum Soup” the Tom Yum Lobster Bisque is a classyupgrade of your typical tom yum soup. This Tom Yum Lobster Bisquewill knock you out with its powerful flavour punch – thickened by the richness of traditional Thai spices that delicately accentuates the freshness of the prized crustacean juices, you can be sure this is the tastiest bowl of liquid gold you can find!

alcoholic-beverages_cocktails_thai-jito alcoholic-beverages_cocktails_summer-dragon

Located in the hottest wine and dine precinct in Singapore, an enticing beverage menu is in order. With 10 Thai-inspired cocktails to wow you, the star of it all is our Lychee Longan Cocktail Duo, a tropical take on the classic Mojito, there is no other cocktail more Instagram-able than our Lychee Longan Cocktail Duo! Served up in Tingkats, throwback to the older days where mum packs you lunch in these cute metal tins except this time, with a cheeky alcoholic concoction instead of your regular fried rice and eggs. Coming close to stealing the show is the Summer Dragon, a dragon fruit cocktail that will change the way you see the “Kaeo Mangkon” aka Dragon Crystal in Thai.


Located along the iconic Singapore River, in the heart of Clarke Quay,  Talay Thai is the place to be seen on your afterwork TGIFridays, chilling over exquisite tapas bites, sexy cocktails and enjoying the river breeze.

Brought to you by:


Blk 3E River Valley Road
#01-05 Traders’ Market
Singapore 179024
Tel: 6337 1838

Make a reservation here.

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Guide to the Trendiest Wedding Themes of 2016/2017

Photo credit: HerworldPlus, Vineyard at HortPark

Guide to the Trendiest Wedding Themes of 2016/2017

It is every young girl’s dream to be wedded in the fairytale ceremony with her prince charming. Celebrating the holy matrimony of two who found their soul mates, your once-in-a-lifetime wedding has got to leave you breathless. Spotting for you the latest wedding theme trends, take a look at our pick and get inspirations for your 10/10 wedding!


hoto credit: Vineyard at HortPark

Bask in the breath-taking creations of Mother Nature and take in the refreshing air you don’t get to enjoy in the bustling city. With the relaxing ambience and floral decorations, picture your wedding graced by the crimson sunset and your guests serenaded by a mini ensemble of gentle violins and mellow cello. A wedding out of your romance movies indeed!

Venue to consider: Vineyard at Hort Park
Nestled in the lush greenery of Hort Park, Vineyard at Hort Park gives you panoramic view of the scenic trek route of the Southern Ridges. Host your guests in the spacious outdoor deck that is surrounded by the luscious flora. Coupled with an acoustic band, great food and amazing wine, is there any better way of celebrating the unity of two who are so much in love?


Buffet Set Up Close_edited
Photo credit: Shiok Kitchen SK Catering, CHIJMES Caterer

Following the release of the Colors of the Year from Patone, it is no surprise that we start to see more pastel shades being used in venue decorations and wedding gowns. Rose Quartz and Serenity are here to stay! Or at least until the new Colors of the Year are released.

Venue to consider: CHIJMES
Complementing the ornate vintage glasses and elegant white interior of CHIJMES, the gentle contrast will bring out the warm and sweet pastel tones, exuding sentiments of bliss and happiness. Walked down the aisle with your significant other and have your hearts brimming with tender affection and affirmation for each other.


Gardenasia Bridestory
hoto credit: Gardenasia

Not your Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen wedding but imagine a poetic wedding in the garden, with the warm shadows casted by waning crowns of the beautiful trees and the subtle scent of blooming flowerets. This year, weddings at the twilight hour are going to sweep you off your feet.

Venues to consider: Gardenasia
Immerse your guests in the ultimate sensory experience; gentle breeze in the spacious park, delightful scent of nature, delectable savories and desserts reception, and the unparalleled view of the abundant and vivacious flora and fauna surrounding the wedding!


hoto credit: Bobby Kiran

For those who love the beauty in all things retro and rustic, Vintage-themed weddings are to die for. Tables lined with time-washed silverware and china, decorations radiating the warm tones of sentimental memorabilia from a shared generation,  take your guests on a time travel journey back to the good ol’ times where things were simple, earthy and close to the heart.

Venue to consider: Kombi rocks
With the vintage Das Volkswagen as a backdrop to your wedding, nothing can beat the vibes at Kombi Rocks for the perfect Vintage inspired wedding! And the bonus? You get to drive around in those hipster vans and turn heads down the road.  Talk about a show-stopper!


beach wedding
hoto credit: Pinterest

If lace, beads and neutral hues are your thing, then look no further than a bohemian themed wedding.  Decorate your wedding with tassels and autumn’s flower, and you have the most picturesque bohemian wedding any girl can dream of. P.S don’t forget your dream catchers because this themed wedding is what dreams are made of.

Venue to consider: Beach Venue
What can be more bohemian than tassels, the beach and most importantly, the sunset? Feel your weightless gown caress against your legs as they are lifted by the gentle sea breeze. Have the setting sun witness your matrimony as you recite your vows and say “I Do”.


hoto Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Who says it doesn’t snow in Singapore? Trending in the wedding scene this year, Fairytale inspired wedding themes. Think snow-hugged trees and glittering snow aisle. Looks like your childhood dream of being a princess can come true! Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and more!  It’s your big day and you can be WHICHEVER princess you want to be.  Except Elsa. Elsa is a queen.

Venue to consider: Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay
With a capacity of up to 1100 guests and a view fit for royalty, receive your whole kingdom of friends and relatives amidst the stunning view of the Flower Field on one side and the Marina Bay Skyline on the other.


Congratulations to those who have found their significant other and are ready to embark on this new chapter together! Have a blast planning your dream wedding and without a doubt, these loving memories will bring a smile to your face and perhaps a warm sensation brimming your eyes.


Creative Eateries Internship Programme

Hello there! Most of you might not know me but you would have read my pieces if you follow this space closely!  I interned here at Creative Eateries, otherwise endearingly known as The Hipster. Why the hipster? Well I guess its because I tend to immerse myself in all things subculture and this hipster spirit is weaved into my writings! I also do part time modelling *coughs* for the company. Here I am, modelling for our Bangkok Jam event


And another one


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  YAY to no more morning traffic but NAY because no more legitimized food tasting and food photography ):  Nonetheless, here are some of the highlights of my internship


1. When a company event turns out to be paid entertainment


My lovely marketing team

I remember the Karaoke Warriors night at Rocku where my entire department went down to our outlet at Bugis+ to help hype up the event! Originally thought it should have been more aptly titled Saikang Warrior (from my perspective that is.. OOPS!), that night turned out to be a blast! In house entertainment from the live band and the exciting competitions going on kept the night light hearted.  Talk about having fun at the job!


2. When the opportunities arises for food testing

  1. did-someone-say-free-food

Please bring me along, please bring my along *FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED*

I secretly chant this prayer below my breath every time anyone from my department goes for a food tasting or a photoshoot because that means FREE FOOD! The obvious perks aside, it is actually really interesting to watch the behind-the-scenes of a blogpost. From the arrangement of the flat lay, to the mood and lighting of the photoshoot, every little detail has to be taken into consideration to make every reader salivate. Guess who is now an aspiring food blogger HAHA!


3. The Forever-After- 1:30pm- Lunch breaks (bunch of hard workin’ folks)


Slightly irrelevant to my job scope but definitely a highlight of my intern life.  I remember my growling stomach every time the clock strikes 1:30pm – that means another half an hour more to lunch *sobs* Lunch was the only time I got to hang out with my department and get to know my team a little more every day, beyond mentors and mentee, but as friends to keep, and the greatest takeaway from my internship.

Before my internship journey ends, this is the last piece of work I will leave behind. I’m truly humbled by this experience and I will always remember the friendships forged, the sense of pride and ownership in every piece of work I have put up. Thank you for the opportunity to learn the ropes, Creative Eateries.

Until then, see you lovelies around in this space again! Happy TGIF!


Your one and only hipster,



Bangkok Jam Introduces Dishes That Will Blow Your Taste Buds Away

It has been an exciting year at Bangkok Jam, after launching a new desserts and drinks menu, and opening a new outlet at Tiong Bahru Plaza! Dishing up authentic and mouth-watering Thai cuisine since its inception, Bangkok Jam has done it once again, this time introducing five hot new savouries to their menu. On top of their signature favourites like the Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade and Fish Head in Tom Yum Curry,Bangkok Jam is bringing the heat up with the newest creations from our Thai Iron Chef Thanintorn Chantrawan, or more affectionately known as Chef Noom.


Introducing the dish that serves up a good punch and strong kick, the Stir-fried Kway Teow with Sriracha Sauce, Cuttlefish & Pork or Chicken will keep you coming back for more. Drawing the best culinary flavours from the East and the West, the Sriracha Sauce is cleverly introduced into our newest creation to take the classic Stir-fried Kway Teow to the next level. Prepared with cuttlefish for a unique texture, chicken or pork for that heartiness of the dish and the subtle crunch from the pickled turnip (or better known as “chai po”) makes our Sriracha Kway Teow is a must-try dish – think a hint of sweetness, a punch of umami, a tinge of sour and a splash of heat!


For the meat lovers, our Grilled Iberico Pork Belly with Lettuce Wrap will sweep you off your feet. Slow-grilled over charcoal open fire,the greasy layer of fats is roasted off the meat, leaving the melt-in-your-mouth lean fats,aromatized by the earthy fragrance of the charcoal.  Eaten together with the lettuce, special Thai chilli sauce, the flavour of the crispy yet tender Iberico Pork belly is elevated with a squeeze of lime, onions and peanut garnishes. It is no surprise that the Moo Yang Song Krueng is a popular dish in Thailand!


Not forgetting the goodness from the sea, try out Bangkok Jam’s newest seafood creation, the Deep-fried Calamari with Tom Yum Chilli Powder & Spicy Mayonnaise. We bring sincerity to the table by using only fresh calamari rings, coated in a light and crisp batter, deep-fried to golden perfection. Dip it in our house Tom Yum Mayonnaise or simply eat it in its original glory!  It is accentuated by the ingenious sprinkle of Chilli Powder that will serve as a powerful contrast to the natural sweetness of the baby squid. Next time you visit Bangkok Jam, don’t forget to order our Pla Muek Tod Tom Yum!

Tempting? Quit salivating and head over to Bangkok Jam to try out all our new dishes and signature favourites! Our challenge to you: Can you take the heat?



The Co-Founder of Lunch Actually needs no introduction as they are well-known in the offline and online dating space for matchmaking professionals and executives. Having with us the CEO and Co-Founder of Asia’s First and Largest Dating Agency, we are honored to have hosted Violet Lim, the brains behind Lunch Actually, at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine. Check out our interview to find out more about her job and her stories. Psst! Heads up on the tip on how to score some brownie points with Cupid and find the right one! 

Tell us something that is less known about yourself. If it is something food-related, then the last meal I have cooked for my husband was about 15 years ago. That is why I always tell people my husband obviously did not marry me for my cooking skills. The first and only meal I have ever cooked for him, which he still remembers was soy sauce chicken. My husband said my soy sauce chicken cheated him but he actually enjoys cooking more than I do but we are both busy with work nowadays so we don’t usually cook. Also, we live with my in-laws so the helpers will manage all our meals.

As founder of Asia’s Leading Dating Agency, what is a typical day like for you at Lunch Actually? I think today could be a typical day. I started the day with a conference call with an associate and came here to meet you guys after. I am not as involved in the day-to-day operations nowadays so I mainly deal with one-on-one meetings with my team members. One of my roles as the CEO and founder is also to be the brand ambassador for the company and attend interviews.

What is the toughest and most fulfilling part about being Asia’s top matchmaker? I think one of the toughest parts about this job or industry is subjective and dynamic nature of the service we are providing. Client could be heading out for dates we arranged and when we get the feedback, it could be a surprising polar opposite from both parties. We would never be able to find out where or what went wrong and there is no guarantee. Inevitably, we get feedback or complaints and as the third party making the match, we are often blamed for the date not working out. In our earlier days, we would have clients calling the office to scold our consultants until they cry. I am sure it is the same in every industry but maybe more pertinent in ours because we are dealing with the matters of the heart. Tying in to the most fulfilling part of my job, I would say it is of course watching our clients finding happiness through us, getting married and having kids. I truly believe that there are not many jobs or professions in the world where you can contribute to someone else’s life happiness as much as we do.

Does having a common interest in food play a significant role in the compatibility of couples? Is there a specific trend or even cuisine that has a higher success rate? We match our clients based on compatibility of values. In our questionnaire, we do ask them about their food preferences, interests and hobbies, which countries would they like to travel to etc. Those commonalities are a good to have, but not necessarily a must have. Ultimately, I don’t think it will make or break a relationship.  Both parties just got to reach the understanding that “We agree to disagree”. As for the second part of the question, we choose cuisines that the clients have common passion for. If both parties indicated that they like Thai food, then we would try to choose a Thai restaurant.


If you could master any dish, what would it be? I have been talking about it for years and I really want to learn this. I want to master my mum’s Luóhàn zhāi (Braised Mix Vegetables). It is a Chinese New Year dish with a lot of cabbages, fungus, and other ingredients like bean curds, abalones, mushrooms and fermented or dried ingredients. My mum is based in Kuala Lumpur and I see her once a month when my parents travel down to see the kids. So I really miss her cooking and this is one dish that I really craved for. I would want to learn to cook it so that it is something I can pass on to the next generation since I don’t cook.


Photo credit: Clubvivre

If you could match-make any 2 celebrities, who would they be and where would you recommend them to dine? Cheryl Wee and Vincent Ng. They looked compatible together, and I think I saw a previous interview with each of them where they talked about their ideal partner. She mentioned that she likes someone older who is mature and he likes someone who is determined and driven. Both of them are successful and they have their own business. They seem like a good match! If they were to have a date, I would recommend to try  ClubVivre! It’s a new dining concept where they can get private chefs to cook at home. 


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OX – Dine in The Dark 

What is the most adventurous dish you have ever eaten and would actually recommend couples to try on their date? I had puffer fish, which is known to be poisonous (if not handled properly by the chef) when I was in Japan! It was delicious! I would recommend couples to try NOX – Dine in The Dark. It’s a fun date activity that is unique and different than the normal movie and dinner. It’s also great to ‘break the ice’ between the couples as they would have a lot of things to talk about as they share this new experience together!

Below are 6 situations, name the first dish or cuisine that comes to your mind

Girl’s Night Out – I think Rocku Yakiniku would be quite a suitable place because the girls would love to go on stage and sing with the live band.

Date night – My hubby and I usually go to this place called Shashlik. We really like it there as it is very nostalgic for us and we would always order our favorite dish, the Basked Alaska.

Dining with the in-laws – Patara would be suitable because the ambience there is pretty upscale and food can be shared over the table like how a family would dine together over dishes cooked by mum.

TGIFriday – Any place with drinks and alcohol. When I was working in a bank and our office was in Suntec area, we would go to KPO because it is nearby.

Lunch Actually Party – Definitely feature durians. I love durians. We don’t have a specific place to eat though. We would just head out to random places to get our fix.

Family feast –  We would always go Ichiban Boshi. We hang out at United square a lot because we live very nearby so every week its either United Square or Novena Square.

If you could open any F&B business, what would you sell and what would you name it? I Personally, I would probably open something more casual like a dessert house or coffee and tea joint. Basically places for people to chill out to pass time like a café. Plus, my husband loves board games and has enough board games to fill up a few shelves, perhaps we would open a Board Game Café in the future. We will name it The BAP Café.

What is the biggest piece of dating advice you could give to somebody? I think the most important thing when it comes to dating is definitely the mindset.  Some people just exited a very difficult or failed relationship. They are very hurt and might be unwilling to be vulnerable. If you are not willing to be vulnerable, it is very difficult to get into any relationship even though this match might be the right guy. Some ladies would say, “I only want to date a guy who is 1.75m.”  Whether he is 1.75m or not, what is the correlation to him being a good husband or good father? Would he wake up in the middle of the night and help you look after the kid when he/she is sick? You have to start off looking for things that will give you the outcome in the end. Look at if he is filial, if he is kind hearted, does he look after the people around him etc. Those are the qualities we should think of, rather than the physical aspect.

That is a really refreshing insight! Then how can we connect with you and know more about Lunch Actually? You can add me on Facebook or visit our website at

reworked dessert patara

Which dish at Patara did you enjoy the most and would recommend to everyone? I would recommend the Khao Niew Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)and also the Mor Kaeng Durian (Thai-Style Baked Durian Cake). Growing up, I was never the dessrt kind of person. Now that I am older, I am starting to really starting to develop a sweet tooth so for me, these 2 desserts are definitely the dishes for me.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

For most who don’t know about the Islam religion, Hari Raya would simply be another public holiday where they get to sleep in to the late noon and have lunch for breakfast. What we DON’T know, is the month long preparation that leads up to this day. Hari Raya is more than just a day of celebration after the month-long fasting period, Ramadan. It is also about seeking forgiveness and understanding from our loved ones especially our elderly, and to renew family ties through forgiveness. Let’s take a look at the typical Hari Raya routine!

selamat hari raya

Ramadan takes places on the 9th month of the Islamic calendar every year. Fasting is intended to educate the Muslim in spirituality, humility and patience. It is a time to cleanse the soul, focus attention on God, and put into practice selflessness.



dates iftar 3

Muslims have to wake up before the sun rises at dawn for their first meal of the date called Sahur and can only consume food after the sun sets at dusk for their meal known as Iftar.  Dates, milk and easily digestible food are consumed to kick start the day while families break fast over a full meal after the sunsets.

geylang serai bazaar

The month of Ramadan also gives them time to prepare for the celebration of the end of the fasting month, the Eid-al-Fitr. In the month of Ramadan, the Geylang Serai Bazaar comes alive where vendors sell everything you need for Hari Raya! Clothing, accessories, traditional kuehs and treats, decorations and the list goes on. You name it and you’d be sure to see it there! Despite the crazy crowd and heat radiation from the congregation of sweaty bodies, the Geylang Serai Bazaar is definitely a regular in the itinerary just to catch on the Hari Raya  vibes!

themed baju kurung

Although most would have the misconception that Hari Raya is the Islamic equivalent of the Lunar Chinese New Year, Hari Raya does share similar cultural preparatory practices. Families decorate their homes with decorative lightings and items and the house is thoroughly cleaned up to welcome their guests on Hari Raya itself. Kuehs and other snack, store-bought or home-made, are stocked up in anticipation of serving their guests. New clothes and accessories are bought and families typically dressed in themed colour schemes to signify unity.



Upon Hari Raya, Muslims go for house visiting, where the younger generation would visit their elders’ homes as a sign of respect. The youngsters greet their elderly by holding their hands and raising it to their forehead or kissing it to show their elders respect and sincerity. Families catch up over drinks and food and the giving of the green packet, Duit Raya is also a common practice as a gift from the elders to the young ones. On this day, children will ask their parents for their forgiveness for their wrongdoings and parents will seek understanding from their children for the times harsh words were used upon them and give them advices. Forgiveness is also exchanged amongst friends. This helps to renew family and communal bonds.


A major highlight of Hari Raya is the feasting of delicacies after the month-long fasting period. Dishes are usually prepared by the women of the family while the males head to the mosques for prayer sessions led by a spiritual leader, the Iman. Traditional dishes such as Ketupat (rice dumpling wrapped in coconut leaves), Lontong (rice and vegetable soup), Satay (grilled meat on a skewer), Sambal Sotong (chilly squid) and Beef Rendang (beef cooked with spices and coconut milk) are prepared and served to guests over a communal dining setting. Households hosting huge and multiple groups of guests tend to engage halal catering services to free up time to entertain their guests, such as Shiok! Kitchen SK Catering. They even have a Hari Raya Special menu curated for the convenience of clients.



Hari Raya is a significant festival for the Muslim community, both spiritually and physically. In this culturally diverse society, the different religious practices and celebration adds on to the vibrancy of this metropolis and enriches our cultural richness. We hope that through this article, we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the celebration of Hari Raya. Here’s wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and Assalamu Alaikum (May peace be unto you)