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Boston Seafood Shack, Vevien Ong Blogger, 1 Jun 2014

For a starter, we ordered the soft shell crab. I love soft shell crab and this was one of the highlights of the appetiser department! Paired with lobster bisque (one of my favourite soups), it complimented well with the crispy and fragrant crab :> I ordered the Boston Lobstah roll which tasted as good as it looks and sounds haha.. chockfull of lobster chunks paired with yummy fries. Click here to read more.

Barossa: Beef Buffet, Lepakwithyaops blog, 18 May 2014, Barossa Holland Village

On top of that, Barossa has 2 dining spots, Esplanade and Holland Village. Thinking that Esplanade can boasts a view of Marina Bay Sands while we enjoy our al fresco dinner on a Sunday night, unfortunately they were fully booked, thus Holland Village it is. Thankfully, we were given the outdoor seats as I enjoy that outdoor and casual feeling. Click here to read full blog

Sukiya Dinner Steamboat Buffet, Faithjoyhope Blogger, 21 April 2014, Suki-Ya Bugis+

Have been wanting to try Suki-Ya for the longest time and finally had the chance to dine in at their Bugis+ brunch on a weekday night for dinner. … Super excited at the All-you-can-eat Buffet style and all ready to charge!! Plenty of selections from veggies, to seafood, carbs like rice and noodles too. Click here to read more.

Food Galore at Bedok Point, Nicole Wong Blogger, 15 Apr 2014, Suki-Ya

Singaporeans are no strangers to food.

Thus, there is no surprise when there is an entire mall showcasing different cuisines of food to spoil our tastebuds silly. Bedok Point is turning 3, and constantly seeks to revamp itself by bringing in new F&B offerings.

Shall not bore you with text, and let the photos do all that talking.

First up, Suki-Ya (eat all you can sukiyaki & shabu shabu)!Tried the new soups on the menu, and the above photo featured the following pairings: Laksa & Butauiku (Pork based soup) and Kimchi & Touyu Miso. My personal favourite would be both the Kimchi and Touyu Miso.

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Bedok Point Food Trail – A look at Suki-Ya, The Smart Local Blogger, 13 Apr 2014

Suki-ya aims to serve heart-warming comfort food in the form of an all-you-can-eat hot pot. On the menu is premium beef, Wagyu beef, chicken or pork, all of which are thinly sliced such that they are no thicker than paper, allowing for the meat to be cooked swiftly with a few swishes in the hot pot.

To ensure a balanced meal, both on the palate and on the food pyramid, the Suki-ya Healthy Bar offers a wide selection of vegetables and fruits.

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