Songkran Celebration 2018

Other than offering one of the world’s beloved cuisine, Thailand is a country of fascinating cultures and traditions. One of the key traditions that Thais celebrate is Songkran Festival, otherwise known as the Thai Traditional New Year. Songkran is a water festival that represents new beginnings, love, gratefulness and compassion.

In celebration for the tradition, we round up the Asian division and hosted our annual Songkran celebration. It was definitely a night filled with laughter, alcohol and of course, precious moments to remember!

(Below) Our Thai Chefs belting it out in a karaoke battle with our CEO, Mr Anthony Wong.

You can’t have a party without some gifts – here’s our CEO giving out prizes to the lucky draw winners.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Here’s to new beginnings and a wonderful new year ahead! สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์!

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