SME Talent Programme – Joanne Foo

Creative Eateries had the opportunity to groom talented youths though the SME Talent Programme. We’re lucky to have Joanne Foo join Creative Eateries as part of the programme and we’re beyond proud to share that she now helms the Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai team as a Restaurant Manager.

Graduated from Republic Polytechnic, Joanne joined the SME Talent Programme back in March 2014. After deciding to sign a scholarship bond with Creative Eateries for 2 years, she motivated herself to take up an internship programme with the company to better prepare herself for the upcoming bond. After which, Joanne raised to take up more responsibilities, undertaking a full-time position as a Supervisor in the restaurant.

Throughout the 4 years in Creative Eateries, Joanne has packed up ample experience and we had the kind opportunity to have a chat with her to better understand her learning and growth progress here with the Creative Eateries family.

Q: How long have you been with Creative Eateries? 

J: Four years since March 2014

Q: What is your role at Creative Eateries?

J: I started out as an intern at Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai, and was promoted to take on a Supervisor role during my bond. After my bond ended in two and a half years, I’m now a restaurant manager at Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai. I am in charge in the whole operation in the restaurant and make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Q: Share with us your progress for the SME Talent Programme?

J: I started out as an intern in Creative Eateries and this was by choice. The reason is because I think that I would be able to prep myself better before I start out as a full time in Creative Eateries. During my bond I started out as a supervisor and after my bond ended, I was offered a full-time position and i gladly accepted as they have a great working environment with great bosses and colleagues. Therefore i have decided to continue my career with Creative Eateries and i hope to continue to learn and grow as the company continue to prosper.

Q: Are there more responsibilities that you take up, what are they?

J: I have more responsibilities such as people management, timetable management, handling complaint etc.

Q: What have you learnt in your time at Creative Eateries?

J: I had learned on my multitasking skills and how to manage a restaurant as well as managing my staffs.

Q: What’s your biggest takeaway from this SME Talent Programme?

J: Biggest takeaway from SME Talent Programme is the learning experience I gained from Creative Eateries which is I am not able to acquire from academic school.

Q: What inspires you to more forward?

J: What inspires me is the team spirit in Creative Eateries where everyone works hard and moves towards a common goal to achieve good results for a better Creative Eateries and better future.

Q: What is the most memorable experience in Creative Eateries?

J: I have a good teacher and mentor and her name is Raine and she made me understand how helpful a person can be. She taught me a lot of things that are not obvious and those of which I would not be able to learn in school or even in books. If it weren’t for her I would not be able to be where I am today. This is the most memorable experience I have in Creative Eateries.

Here at Creative Eateries, we believe that good staff are hard to come by and we work hard together to grow the Creative Eateries Family, to make sure everyone is happy, committed, passionate and equipped with the right skills to bring warm and delightful service. Once again, we’re blessed to have Joanne as part of the big family, and would like to thank her for taking the time to share with us her valuable experiences.

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