Written by: Jia Lin (Marketing)


As our 5th Corporate Social Responsibility event, Creative Eateries had the honour to be part of another Project We Care initiative, “Jalan with your Buddy”, last Saturday at Toa Payoh East Community Club! A fun-filled day with sweat & laughter, the Creative Eateries team had a meaningful day giving back to various beneficiaries.


Organised by Project We Care, this initiative offers an opportunity for residents from different beneficiaries to shop for items that they do not have extra cash for, while enhancing the social well-being of these residents at the same time. The Creative Eateries team was divided into Shopping Buddies and Shopping Assistant for this event. Working hand-in-hand, shopping buddies will go on a shopping trip with residents whilst shopping assistant help with the checking out and packing of their purchase.


Words from our volunteers – 


“It was a fruitful experience gained from participating in the CSR on 25th November 2017, Project We Care Jalan with your Buddy. We were divided into two groups, shopping buddy and shopping assistance. I was part of the shopping buddy group where I shop with my buddies from different beneficiaries. Each family was given a budget of $200 to shop for the items that they need.

It was fun and exciting to plan what items to get without exceeding the budget, before we actually went into the booth station to get the items. During the planning stage, we also get to interact with the beneficiaries by chatting with them, and it was then that we are able to understand that there are many families who actually need more assistance than others. This was my 2nd CSR with Creative Eateries, and I am looking forward to more.” – Ling Yan (HR Department)



“The CSR event on 25 Nov 2017 gave me an insight on the needs of families which are less financially well-off. Simple items such as mattresses and fans might be a luxury to them who can only afford them after spending on necessities and having money remaining. 

Therefore, it is great to be able to help these families be a little happy with some gifts and to assist them with the transportation of items. Singapore may be one of the wealthiest countries in the world but that does not mean poverty does not exist and that we as a community should not chose to ignore it.” – Yang Jun (Corporate Affairs Executive)



“This is the 4th CSR activity that I had been a part of since Creative Eateries started CSR engagement activities. Despite the need to wake up earlier than usual, to be onsite for the activity, all the volunteers are smiling while engaging the beneficiaries during the activity. It makes me believe more in “it is more blessed to give than to receive”, and this always reminds me why I still volunteer for CSR activities.” – Hans (HR Department)



“It was a day well spent and a very fulfilling experience to give back to the people in need, especially so when we do it together as a group. It feels like we made a much greater impact when we do good together and we managed to help a lot more people.

This CSR activity also gave me an opportunity to look at things from another perspective, which I wouldn’t otherwise understand, if not for the CSR activity. It allows me to know that we can offer help to people in need in various ways other than monetary means, and by setting aside a little time & effort, it goes a long way for these people.” – Jia Lin (Marketing Executive)



“Having attended my very first CSR, it opened my eyes as to how much those in need benefits from us with the smallest acts of kindness. Even a simple conversation can brighten up their day tremendously.

For my second buddy of the day, I was paired up with a single mother of 5 and she was telling me how hard it was that one of her daughter doesn’t even have a mattress to sleep on. And even though she was there for them, none of her children wanted to go down to the event. She kept saying how grateful she was that we were there to assist and help in whatever way we could for them. This gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that whatever little I could do for them helped anyway.

Although it was 6 hours on a Saturday spent down at the event, it was also 6 hours well spent as the smile on their faces is a reward that no money can buy!” – Enseilia (Marketing Executive)



“Through my position in the HR department at Creative Eateries, I have met a lot of people from different levels. This round of CSR allow me to connect with a family with 5 kids as well as a 75 years old single senior citizen. Through the CSR initiative, I found out how much they need our help. By assisting them in their “shopping” trip, I hear their interesting stories and I’m very thankful that they are willing to share it with me.” – Liu Yang (HR Department)



“We had a really refreshing and fulfilling Saturday morning, interacting and helping the beneficiaries move their happy buys around. Being able to help out in ways that we can and knowing that our small gestures has helped to brighten someone’s day made us feel warm and happy.

The beneficiaries were also very friendly and very ready to chat & take photos with us. We felt really appreciated and were rewarded by their gratitude and smiles. It was altogether a refreshing and satisfying experience out of the office, moving and hustling about on our feet to do what we can to help them!” – Gabrielle (Marketing Executive)



“After registration, the beneficiaries had some time to browse through the catalogue to decide which items they most needed. My job was to ensure that they do not exceed the given $200 budget. Before heading into the hall, I was constantly reminding the residents, as well as giving feedback to help them have a better idea what exactly are the items that they needed the most.

In the hall, I accompanied my buddies and did my part in whatever small way possible to ensure that everyone enjoy their shopping. This includes helping to push the trolley, ensuring the items purchased are endorsed by the booth assistants and also carrying the more bulky items. The whole process is organized, efficient and very pleasant. All my buddies were happy and I’m also glad that I participated in this CSR.” – Stephanie (Accounts Manager)



“This is my 2nd time volunteering for this CSR Programme. This programme made me realised as someone who has been blessed with so much, it is important and crucial that I contribute back to the society, especially to those who are in need. The event that day was really meaningful, as I see smiles on faces of beneficiaries after they purchase the items they are in need of.

Volunteers like myself were there to assist them in carrying their stuff to the storage area and aboard the bus. As they were going home, seeing them happy and thankful really warms up my heart.” – Keng Wee (HR Department)


Creative Eateries’s journey in Corporate Social Responsibility thus far, has been a fruitful one, filled with laughter, sweat and utmost gratefulness. We’ll be looking forward to more such events in the future! 

“To move forward, you have to give back.” – Oprah Winfrey

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