Would like to highly praise Shidan and Gilbert at Suki-Suki Thai Khatib for their excellent service and professional attitude during our dinner at the premises.

– Kelviin Tay


I would like to give my compliments to all your staffs at Suki-Suki Thai, especially to Shidah and Joshua. The food is superb and the staffs are very attentive and friendly. We will be back for sure! Happy to have such nice halal hotpot nearby our house!

– Fadlina & family


I made my reservation to have my dinner with my mum. As a first timer diner at Suki-Suki Thai, i am very impressed with the exceptional service rendered. We were greeted with warm welcome & served like royals by crew members. Special thanks to Shidah & Harizz for making an incomparable experience at Suki Suki Thai. They deserve a pat on their back! Definitely will recommended & will be a returning customer soon. Good Job Suki Suki Thai!

– Tasha Jaslim


Professional service by Shidah, Gilbert & Harriz. Plentiful meat and great environment. Will definitely come back again.
– Raikhan rosli

When we entered the restaurant at Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot, your staff Joshua and Shidah have made a very good impression with their greeting and smiles. Shidah then continue to bring us to the table allocated and she even made the effort to inform me that the table is easier to access from one side instead of the other.

Our entire experience there was made enjoyable with the friendly engagement made by Shidah and the prompt service by Joshua. At around 8pm, the restaurant got busier and even so, Shidah did not flustered but remain poised while attending to us. She apologised multiple times for the delays even though it is understandable with the limited staff.

I am very impressed by both Shidah and Joshua. I believe both of them are of great assets to the company and hope they can be treasured and groomed well in the future. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to both of them.

– Mickey


I would like to commend your staff Catherine Navarro for her outstanding service today @ Siam Kitchen HomeTeamNS Khatib. She was very helpful in providing us with food recommendations and has been very attentive to us despite the evening crowd. She also handled the situation well when the payment terminal was faulty and managed to resolve the issue for us. All in all me and my friends really appreciate her service.

– Zhen Wei


I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent services your staffs (esp. Ms Shidah) provided when I brought my son, with my niece & nephew to lunch today. Their attention to little details, great skills and smiles made our lunch a very nice and enjoyable one indeed. Will definitely recommend your restaurant to my relatives & friends. Keep up the good work!

– Agnes K H Teo

My husband & I went to Siam Kitchen Khatib for dinner recently and the ambience was cosy, beautiful & clean! Joshua & Cathy were very friendly & helpful, they made us feel
just like VVIP. Keep up the good work!

– Candy


This is 2nd time patronize this restaurant. Especially the manager , Mr Gilbert, he is very helpful. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, he has to consider safe distancing and ensure all customers is safe. Given us good services and well attended to. Food is good and price reasonable.


My family of 5 visited Siam Kitchen @ Hometeam Khatib yesterday for lunch. We were being served by Ms Catherine Navrro and Mr Hilmi.  Both the service staff were pro-active, courteous and pleasant in their ways.  Thumbs up for their good service! The lunch spread was good and value for money.   Will be a return customer soon.

– Mok San


Had thai hotpot for lunch buffet with my hubby. Foods was fresh and steamboat soup was nice, the thai milk tea (hubby fav) and ice lemon tea (my fav), desserts and dipping sauces was very nice too! The staffs Hilmi, Cathy and Fern are super efficient, pro-active and very friendly. They have the patience to explain the different sauces, as we don’t eat spicy. Awesome experience will come again



This is the 1st time we tried eating at Siam Kitchen Khatib. The food is good with good service  especially from the staff Catherine Navarro. She is always attentive to our requests for assistance. A patient and friendly Asst Mgr!

– Tony, Boon Chin & Kevin


Words From Our Diners

Good day to you. I am a loyal fan and customer of Creative Eateries. My favourite outlet is Bangkok Jam Marina Square because of the good service provided by You Chee and Aika. After You Chee and Aika got transferred to other outlets, Robert continues to take very good care of us. He makes very excellent Green With Envy dessert. We are very in love with Chef Jutamad‘s amazing culinary skills to always be consistent with the food taste and quality. We are very attached to Bangkok Jam Marina Square that we come here to have our meals 5 to 6 days weekly. We sincerely hope our email can help them get recognised for their hardwork and dedication to provide the best for Creative Eateries customers.


– Meiyan


Service of Chia Li Li at Typhoon Cafe Plaza Singapura is commendable. She is friendly, attentive and prompt in service. I would give her a rating 5 out of 5.


– Janet Lim


We would like to bring to your attention on the excellent and attentive service of You Chee and Chef Jutamad. Please kindly recognise their fantastic effort for giving their customers the best experience at Bangkok Jam Marina Square.

– Dex Ng


Me, my wife and my son had our dinner @ Bangkok Jam  Marina Square today. We were served by Melody and Robert. We were very pleased by their helpful and pleasant service.

– William Tan


This is our first visit to Bangkok Jam Marina Square.  My hubby and I are very happy with the dinner we have tonight. You serve great and tasty authentic Thai Foods. We want to tell you that we are very impressed with your dessert Berry Perky. Our experience are further elevated with the great service provided by your staff, Melody and Robert. They are very friendly, helpful and patience. The dining experience is fantastic and we want to thank you for a great evening tonight.

– Stephanie


Our client, Mr. Xuan Xiong De, is pleased with the service Mr. Shawn has provided to him and went the extra mile to ensure that he and his guests had an enjoyable meal at the Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura outlet. Thank you!

– Emmilia


We visited Bangkok Jam Great World and enjoyed both the food and service, provided by Melody and her team. Melody was attentive, helpful and knowledgeable so she was able to make some recommendations. The food was good, and the atmosphere was relaxed. Compliments to Melody & her team!

– Ong


I would like to feedback on the positive attitude of your staff Shidah from Siam Kitchen Khatib. She served with a smile and was very friendly.

– Alice


My mother and I visited the restaurant Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura on Saturday. We were in the restaurant for about half an hour from 2-2.30. We ordered a phad thai, a caramelised pork belly and an iced tea. We enjoyed the food and we thought the service was excellent all-round. As we waited to be shown to our seat, the server who saw us immediately came to attend to us when she saw that we were waiting. When we were ready to order, another server came to us as soon as he finished the task he had on hand. When I told the server that we were sharing the food and for her to place it in the middle of the table, she went to get sharing plates without us asking. I thought I wanted to highlight to you the attention to details your staff had even though the restaurant was getting more crowded.

– Shirley


I was at Siam Kitchen Khatib outlet today for lunch and was delighted to be served
and attended to by Ms Cathy. Appreciate much her attentiveness and impeccable service rendered to me and my guest while we lunched there. She even went the extra mile to offer me plastic bags when she noticed my torn bag. She is an asset to the organization. Thank you Siam Kitchen for the delicious food, welcoming ambience and the great staff that is Ms Cathy!

– Sek Liang


I am writing in to compliment the excellent service received from an elderly staff at Typhoon Cafe. Her name is Anita. It’s a refreshing change to have the warm service by someone when nowadays we tend to see young staff who don’t really care. Anita had such a positive attitude towards her job and the food she recommended was really nice too. We had a short conversation with her and she seems so proud of the company she works for and reminded us to check out the other restaurants under the same company. That’s how I found Creative Eateries and the many other restaurants!

– Tricia


I would like to give my compliment to Kall and Ah Xiang from Suki-Ya Tampines Mall. Me and my family felt that both of them have qualities of patience, smiles, and generosity to consumers. May the management praise both of them and this gives encouragement to your staff for the passion for this job.


– Shaye Ng


My wife and I had our dinner at Eat @ Taipei (Safra Toa Payoh) around 7.30pm.  It’s the first time that we’ve dined in this restaurant and we just wish to express our appreciation to your staff Ashwanii and Hock Seng. Services were excellent throughout the quiet evening and the food was great. We particularly enjoyed the cleanliness of the restaurant and will definitely return to this place again. Kudos to both of your staff and do express our appreciation to them.

– Edmund


I would like to comment on your staff Sharon working at Eat at Taipei SAFRA Toa Payoh. She knows her job well & take the initiative to see & look after her customers. She even bother to observe & ask if anyone of us would like fork & spoon instead of chopsticks. I very impressed. She knows the menu well & gives suggestions. I’m happy that she really takes pride in her job and serve with a happy heart. We enjoyed our lunch there and she even offer to take a picture of my family. She will occasionally ask if everything was ok. We even joked. She is a good employee & I’m very  happy with her service & looking forward to dine there again.

– Mdm Caroline Lau


I visited Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh and was served by Hock Seng and Ashwanii. They were extremely friendly and willing to help. Good customer service. Made our experience pleasant


– Pi Rey


I would like to commend the Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall team Verna and Thipa, please send my thank you to them for giving us the very nice service during our lunch, we will definitely come back to Suki-Ya Stadium.

– Ralph Tan


I visited Flaming Don at Bugis+ on 6 Sep 2020 and was served by James. In general, I would say I had a pleasant experience as the food was good and I could tell James was really passionate about his work through his service.  I ordered gyuniku cheese don and it was really delicious but the portion was a little too big and I wasn’t able to finish it. But overall, I had a good time and I would definitely visit again 🙂

– Gigi


Hi, I visited Flaming Don at Bugis+ today on 6 September. I was served by James today and also previously when I visited here. He was very friendly and provided good service. The food is very good as well. Keep up the good work!

– Macaron


We had our dinner at Flaming Don Bugis+ last sunday with my family and we would like to commend the good service of the two gentlemen wearing black, James and Kevin.  Assisted us all the way from ordering and to serving of food. We saw good team work and polite manners while serving at our table. Food is nice too and definitely will come back again.

– Ashle


My husband and I dined at Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh for lunch on 8 Sept. We would like to compliment your staff Hock Seng for his great service and warm personality despite the restaurant being short-handed with the peak lunch crowd. He was also detailed in explaining the promotions available and prompt in delivering our orders. Please convey our appreciation to him. Thank you.

– Cheryl


We have done a booking from Eatigo for two pax at Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh branch. We early arrived and willing to wait for them to open which is on time. When we were there, there are only two staffs named Sharon and Hock Seng who served us and other customers politely and efficiently without dragging the time. Although is morning and less customers, they react quick service (no wasting time, ask for soup drinks and serve food within a minute) . This is exceed my overall experience, we would come back again for their such excellent service. Good job guys!


– Jeffery Ng


I would like to compliment two of your staff from Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh and would like to thank them for the services rendered on the 3rd of September 2020. As we all know due to the Covid situation that the self help counter for food were closed for patrons to self service for food and condiments. The only way to get more food is to request through the staff working at Suki-Ya. I believe this results in additional work load for the staff working at Suki-Ya on top of the endless crowd during lunch hour. I was very glad that even though under such grueling conditions, Hock Seng and Dashane was very helpful in attending to my countless request. They were pleasantly and patiently attending to me every single time that I request for the different condiments and additional request of food from the buffet list. It was their cheerful and helpful spirit that brought delight to my dinning experience. Really grateful and thank them for the wonderful experience.


I would like to especially compliment Hock Seng in his professionalism and patient in serving me and his display of dedication to his work had exceeded my expectations from him or any customer service in general.

– Jordan Ong


I am sending this email to compliments the crew of their good work, excellent and attentive service provided to me and my friends’ visit on 17/9/2020 at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall. My friend and I was served by Thipa and Verna. They are very friendly and patient on answering every each of our queries about the menu and condiments. Keep up the good work!

– Kang Yi Lew


I visited your branch last week for my birthday celebration. Though its difficult because of quarantine. I would like to send a feedback with your very friendly and approachable staff Jerrine she was exemplary in her own way, she made extra time to make a a sauce and it was a nice experience. Will come back again…her service is great! Hope you will have more of her. She smiles with a service even if she is wearing mask. Hope she knows how we appreciate her. Have a great day! Jia you!

– Menchie


We’d like to compliment one of your employees, Hock Seng, for the excellent service he provided at the Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh. While the quality of food served was outstanding, what impressed even more was simply the personable service we received during our meal. As it was our first time at Suki-Ya, Hock Seng patiently explained all we needed to know about the soup bases, ordering system and answered our questions with ease. Despite the dinner crowd, he took a genuine interest in our satisfaction and made sure that we were enjoying our meal.  We are planning on returning to Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh, and have already recommended it to our friends.

– Gemma Tay


Dear Tajimaya, I visited your outlet at vivo at 25/09/2020 with my wife for buffet. I would like to compliment one of your staff name Eddie. He is a very professional guy who’s always very alert each time I requested for him. Very cheerful and helpful too. Because of him, me and my wife will always be Tajimaya No 1 supporters. THANK YOU EDDIE AND TAJIMAYA.

– Jeremy Yeo


Visited Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh for few times, just want to feedback about two of your staffs. Very good and prompt service by Sharon and Hock Seng they never failed to do their best customers service wherever we are there! Keep it up! 🙂 And kudos to both of them and the team!

– Nicole Yong


I would like to express my appreciation to Tajimaya and manager Eddie, in particular for the wonderful dining experience on 27 September 2020. Food was very delectable and quality was ensured. Eddie’s service was also meticulous and attentive to our needs. Really appreciate his good service. Will definitely patronize this place again.

– Lena


We celebrated the birthday of my friend in Flaming Don Bugis+ last saturday and all of us would like to thank the good and very friendly service from your staff James. Craving satisfied with the Salmon Mentaiko so yummy…will come back again.


– Chad Lim


Thank you for very nice service and great food hotpot at Suki-Ya Tampines Mall outlet. Despite of busy Sunday lunch they still managed to smile (regardless they wear those masks) all the time and help us with our needs. And special mention to Raffy for guiding the team and personally took good care with us.

– Ms. Chen


We had a meal at 吃在台北 Eat at Taipei Kallang Wave Mall yesterday (27 Sept), and would like to take this opportunity to leave a quick compliment for your staff, Ashleigh. She is polite and was very attentive to our needs. Good work! We will definitely patronize the restaurant again when we are at Kallang Wave Mall.

– Sarah


My hubby and I visited the Suki-Ya SAFRA TPY branch on 28/9/20 at about 8.35pm. We were mainly served by Dashane and Jov. Though we were using the Eatigo promotion and were one of the last few customers that night, Jov served us patiently. We also got the orders that we asked for promptly. The place is also clean and pleasant. It also our favourite Suki-ya branch. I would like to commend the team at Suki-Ya SAFRA TPY  for such a great job. The food is also fresh and definitely a value for money!

– Michelle


I would like to commend Eddie from Tajimaya. I consider myself as quite a frequent customer to VivoCity Tajimaya, going at least once a month. The food there is great and its an amazing place to dine with friends, colleagues and family. I frequently visits the establishment with loved ones to enjoy the food and atmosphere it brings. Everytime, Eddie is always there to serve us to his fullest and it never fails to put a smile on our faces. It makes everyone of us always happy and wanting to go back for more. I always choose Tajimaya as a place to catch up with close ones and we often spend quite some time there. It results in us exceeding the time limit set. Eddie however, noting that there are still empty tables around and assure us that we can still enjoy our time there. Its a small gesture but it meant a lot to us. He often checks on us every now and then to make sure our food is good, if we need any refills or new orders. Every time we visits the place, its a real delight to see him there. Just seeing him gives us the assurance that we are going to have a great time. Thank you, Tajimaya. Thank you, Eddie!

– Shao Quan Chew


I had a very pleasant dining experience in your branch today in Suki-Ya Bugis+, served by Jerrine & Kho. Nice food and good service. I will definitely come back again!

– Quintus Deken


I am writing this email to commend on one of your staff called Kang Mei Lian from Rocku Yakiniku at Bugis Plus. I am very satisfied with her service as she maintained excellence throughout in serving us. She was very friendly, very courteous and very professional in serving us and we really had a very pleasant experience eating here. Even though it was the peak period, she was very calm and very friendly throughout her service and i am very impress with how she serves us. I hope you will really reward her generously because her performance has really made my dining experience here a very enjoyable one. Thank you for your service Mei Lian!

– Shiying


It’s my first visit here at Rocku Yakiniku and it was an enjoyable experience as we were served by a staff named Kang Mei Lian. She was enthusiastic, friendly and approachable. She was quick to assist to our needs and occasionally joked with us. We enjoyed her service thoroughly. It feels like another “hai di lao” experience by her excellent service. Overall, it was a great experience and the food was good! Someone please raise this staff, because she deserve it!

– Marcus


Great service by Kenny and Peggy. Great quality food serve fresh and delicious for high quality. Amazing place if you going to visit it, you will definitely be back for more.
– Ben Liu


My friend and I had dinner yesterday night at Rocku Yakiniku Bugis Plus and we felt that your staff Ke Heng Kai gave a good service. He also very friendly when we request something every time.

– Whan


I was served by Rowena from Suki-Ya @ Heartland Mall Kovan. She was very helpful, courteous and professional with her work. I saw her standing alone at the corner diligently cleaning and sanitizing the baby chair with passion and great effort. She is indeed a valuable asset to your company. Well done Rowena.



– Dennis Hoo


First time visited the Suki-Ya Marina Square outlet on 6 Oct 20. Kevin attended to us with professionalism. He is very bubbly, pleasant and enthusiastic. Service was very prompt and attentive despite being short handed. Highly motivated crew. Will visit your outlet in the near future due to the excellent service and reasonable good food.

– S L Chua


I would like to commend a remarkably good attitude of the staff named Hock Seng, whom I encountered during my visit to your outlet Eat At Taipei SAFRA Toa Payoh branch this afternoon 7 Oct 2020 at about 12.30pm. He displayed good service and was polite and friendly making our visit a really pleasant one. We look forward to visiting again.

– Ms Ho


My friends and I would like to express our appreciation for a pleasant dining experience at the Suki-Ya Marina Square on Tuesday Oct 6, served by Mr. Kevin. Kevin was polite, professional and prompt in serving us. In this special and difficult time, it is nice to know of people like Kevin who is motivated and upbeat. We thank you and will visit your establishment often.

– Ng Wah Chiung


I am writing this email with regards to my visit at your Bugis Plus Flaming Don outlet this evening. Often, the ambiance and staff makes me feel relaxed and I can take my time to eat at your restaurant, I don’t feel rushed or pressured to finish my meal quickly. This evening was no different. Kevin was very attentive when I looked around trying to find a seat. He turned around and asked if he could help me, and as I came alone, I wanted to secure a table in the crowded diner. With a smile(behind the mask), he gestured that I could pick any table I’d like.


As I was making payment at the self service ordering kiosk, James came up to me and helped me with the receipt. Having noticed I ordered green tea, he immediately asked if I would like it hot or iced. It was something that he did not have to do, but he chose to help me. It is the small gestures that add up. Kevin followed up with serving it, and as I sat on a two pax table, he pulled the other chair beside me and asked if I would like to place my bag on it so that I could sit comfortably. How thoughtful! They are constantly on their feet, hard at work and doing it all with a positive attitude.


In my opinion, they are valued employees and an asset to your company. I would also like to mention that your kitchen staff are always so efficient in preparing the food, and I never have to wait long!


– Zara


Dylan was my server at Suki-Ya Heartland Mall Kovan, he was diligent and efficient in serving my table throughout the meal. He always had a smile and was very polite, I had a pleasant experience because of him. The food was great too, and I appreciate that during COVID everything was more hygienic. Dylan took the time to serve us and explain to us how to order and what were available.


– Alvin


I would like to thank the team @ Suki-Ya Heartland Mall for providing us with a positive dining experience despite the safety measures in place. They were patient in serving the condiments and the display board that shows on the different types of condiments available is an excellent idea. Good distancing measures were in place. I would also like to thank Dylon, one of the service attendants, for his service. He is a friendly and polite staff that takes time to listen to the customer’s requests. Thanks again for the positive dining experience!

– Pamela Chen


My wife and I was at Suki-Ya Tampines Mall today having lunch. Being a first timer to your setup, I was lost with all your offers available. Luckily for us, we were being served by Kall. She was very understanding and explained every inquiries from us. She had patience, diligence and served us through, letting us feel comfortable with her working attitude and pleasantries towards her job scope. As such we will definitely be back to enjoy our meal in this pleasant surroundings. Again thanks to Ms Kall, she made our Lunch memorable.

– Allan


We wish to take the opportunities to thank Peggy, Kho and the entire team for their warm hospitality extended to us during our luncheon at Rocku Yakiniku Bugis+ on 20th Oct. We really appreciated Peggy’s kind introduction on the touchpad ordering process to us, she had been most cordial and warm. Kudos to Creative Eateries for having such valued staff.


– Mr Peter Ng


We have an awesome dinner with friends at Flaming Don Bugis+ last saturday and as always we came back for how many times here because of the good service of James and the distinct flavor of food specially for the new items on your menu. Beef Salad was perfect to me with the sides of truffle dressing, my friend made his own salad with a lot of choices of the toppings.. good job for this new idea and recommend this to my friends.

– Mart


My friend and I ate at Suki-Ya Kovan today. We were so happy with the service rendered to us by Navinya. She was very friendly and very accommodating. She was very patient answering our questions regarding the food on the menu since we are not so familiar especially with the sauce and soup. Again, thank you Navinya and hope to see you again with our next visit in your restaurant.

– Gilda


I would like to give commendable feedback for service crew Josephine Low at Suki-Ya Tampines Mall for her proactive service in giving us good recommendation, prompt service with smiles making our lunch an enjoyable experience. Will recommend to Suki-Ya to my family and friends.

– Serena


I would like to compliment your staff at the Tajimaya Yakiniku, VivoCity. The manager, Eddie Leow manages his team well and the restaurant well. With the new normal dinning processes, Eddie ensured sufficient safe distancing measures were enforced. Despite the busy peak period crowd, Eddie and his team maintained their composure and attended to customers with a smile! Even with their mask on, you can sense their warmth! (not from the grill) With his management skill, I’m sure he is an asset to the Creative Eateries! Keep up the good work Eddie!

– Danyal


Eddie’s service to the diners was impeccable. I look forward to his service whenever I’m dining at Tajimaya Yakiniku, VivoCity. He is attentive and quick to the needs of the diners

– Wayne


The food and the service are both excellent. Hear hear to Samantha who served as well!👩‍🍳 Hot Stone is a highly recommended place for those who want to chill at night!
– Idyl Acompanado

I visited Fremantle Seafood Market, Clarke Quay for dinner and had an amazing time! My experience was very positive. Loved the fresh and generous servings of seafood, and the service by your waitress was great! Joanne was very polite and attentive.

Amazing dining experience with my kids. Lovely ambience, and fish and chips was better than what we get in Australia. Thank you especially to Anna that made our night truly lovely!
– Beverly

– Felicia

I would like to thank Isz from Barossa Gastrobar, Esplanade for making all the arrangements possible for the dinner with my friend. It is not an easy task to manage different requests, and the weather isn’t conducive for wearing mask. But Isz‘s professional and warm service made our night and we will continue to return for more meals.

– Lingzhi 


Went here with my girlfriends for dinner. Ms. Jo was our server and she was very accommodating. The food is amazing as always. I’ve been coming here for years and the quality and standard did not drop at all! I highly recommend the hazelnut dessert and duck pasta. Will come back soon!
-Ella Palacol Kroffte


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