Outlet of the Month

I visited Suki-Ya Heartland Mall and would like to commend Ms Jerrine and the staff on the great job that they have done. I appreciate them for being so attentive and I will surely come back again! Keep it up!

Lee Lian


I would like to compliment Auntie Lily & crew for their excellent services rendered at Suki-Ya Heartland Mall. They are friendly, passionate, helpful, hardworking, caring, family-oriented, knowledgeable & attentive to us at all times. The restaurant is also clean, pleasant and cozy. I will definitely dine again & recommend it to my friends!

Melvin Lee


I visited Suki-Ya at Heartland Mall. The restaurant was clean, and most importantly, the food was fresh and the presentation was good. The meats were all finely sliced to perfection and the service was superb. I like to particularly commend Auntie Lily who looked after us well; her warmth and smile made us feel as if we were part of the family.

– Wing Mun Tan 


I want to commend Lily from Suki-Ya, Heartland Mall. We have been regulars of this outlet and have always been attended to by Lily. She remembers us and never fails to warmly welcome us. The food also comes instantly after we order and she makes us feel like we’re greatly appreciated when we dine at this outlet.



I visited Heartland Mall‘s Suki-Ya and was served by Lily. She was very enthusiastic, friendly and constantly ensured that we were comfortable during our meal. She even chatted with us and we had a laugh and a good time altogether.



I would like to give my compliments to your staff, Lily from Suki-Ya at Heartland Mall. She is a very friendly, helpful and courteous staff. We will definitely come back again!



We have been going to Suki-Ya at Heartland Mall for the past 3 to 4 years and I especially love the service provided by Auntie Lily. She carries a warm smile whenever she serves her customers, making us feel comfortable. She also constantly checks on us to ensure that all of our needs are met. Hence, we love coming back to this Suki-Ya because of the excellent service that we receive from her!

Tan Wing Tak


We would like to commend Lily from Suki-Ya, Heartland Mall for her excellent work. She is very passionate, friendly and helpful! Her hospitality made us feel comfortable and we truly enjoyed our dining experience at Suki-Ya. Thank you, Lily!

Bernard Pang


I had a lovely experience at Suki-Ya Heartland Mall, with great service from Lily. Love the soup and food, and the wonderful environment. I would definitely come again!

Yu Wei

Staff of the Month


My family and I visited Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. We were very impressed by the hospitality shown by the manager, Ken. He is professional in his job and very patient with us even when the restaurant was very crowded. He is an excellent role model of the service industry, and we definitely will come back again!



It was my first time dining at Eat at Taipei at Kallang Wave Mall and I would like to commend Ken for being extremely patient with us! I love his food recommendations!

Hui Lin


My family and I are regular customers of Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. I would like to compliment Ken Tan for his wonderful service. He was very helpful and went the extra mile to assist me with my special requests. I enjoy going to the restaurant frequently!



I had an amazing dining experience at Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. I was assisted by Ken, a very tolerable and patient person. He answered all my queries professionally and his smile never left his face, making us feel very welcomed. The food items which he had recommended were also excellent!

– Nabilah Omar 


I would like to commend Ken and his colleagues from Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. Ken was steady and focused with each task, taking care of the needs of his customers. He was also responsive to orders and paid attention to the customers’ requests. I would recommend my friends to dine at Eat at Taipei in the future.

April Tam


I visited Eat at Taipei at Kallang Wave Mall, and was served by Ken! He was very patient and nice, making sure that I was comfortable throughout my meal. I am very impressed, thank you Ken!

– Teckson Ng


We would like to thank your staff, Ken for the lovely service when we were dining at Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. He is so attentive and always tries his best to fulfill our requirements. We will definitely come back again in the future!

– Sui Yun Ning 


I would like to commend Ken from Eat at Taipei, Kallang Wave Mall. Despite it being the peak hour, he tried his best to fulfill all of our requests, allowing us to have a very pleasant dinner. We will definitely return in the future and keep it up Ken!

Amelia Cheong


We visited Hot Stones at Clarke Quay and had the loveliest time! Service from Aika was great as she was very accommodating, and it was easy to communicate with her.

Parayno family


We had a good experience eating at Hot Stones at Clarke Quay. Aika was a very accommodating server, and the overall service was great!



We visited Hot Stones at Clarke Quay and would like to give positive feedback on our service staff, Tama. She was very friendly, very service orientated and we were absolutely satisfied with her service!

Karin Geithner


I had dinner at Tongkang Riverboat Dining at Clarke Quay. The food and beer recommended by Ms. Eeva Desingh was wonderful. Thank you for the good service!

Kuniyuki Tashiro


I had a superb meal at Tongkang Riverboat Dining at Clarke Quay. Marc was exceptionally welcoming and ensured that we were comfortable throughout our meal. It was a wonderful experience!



I received very good service from Anne from Fremantle Seafood Market!



I visited Fremantle Seafood Market at Clarke Quay and felt that Anne‘s service was very good! She is very pleasant, attentive and courteous.



We visited Barossa at Esplanade Mall and were served by the restaurant manager, Jacqueline. She served us with utmost sincerity and earnestness, making us feel very welcomed. She also patiently answered all our requests and her food recommendations were all very good! She left an indelible impression on us and I would surely return!



It was our first time at Barossa at Esplanade Mall. Our service staff, Bryan Yeo was patient in explaining the menu options to us and taking our orders. He provided sound recommendations for the choices of beef and main course. Great job Bryan!

Sara Chia


We have dined twice at Vineyard at HortPark and both times, we were served by Puvan. We are very happy with his good service as he even took the time to introduce the nice food to us. Thank you Puvan, please continue to share this positive vibe and service to other patrons!

Martin Ong


I visited Vineyard at HortPark and would like to commend Michelle for being a fantastic host. She did a wonderful job! Furthermore, the food was excellent. Well done!

Robin Philp


We celebrated our friend’s wedding anniversary at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine at Tanglin Mall and would like to commend Andrew and Eric for helping to bring this celebration to a success! They were very helpful during the planning process and also offered very attentive and professional service throughout the whole event. The food was also very delicious and tasteful, especially the Boston Lobster and curries recommended by the team. We had a memorable time and we hope to return again soon!

Valerie Lim


The crew and service provided at Rocku Yakiniku, Bugis+ was top notched, as we saw the servers tirelessly replenish the hot burning charcoal. The food is value for money and my friends and I enjoyed it very much.

Joshua Sim


We visited Rocku Yakiniku at Bugis+ and I must say that the service is fantastic! The staff were all very friendly and also assisted us whenever we required help. We really appreciate it and will come back again soon!



We are regulars of Suki-Ya for almost 2 years now and I often visit the branch at Tampines Mall. I love how the food items are always fresh and constantly replenished. I never had to worry about the cleanliness of the place unlike most other restaurants. All staff members are friendly and never fail to attend to every customer’s needs. My overall experience with Suki-Ya has been great and I will continue to support this restaurant in the long run.

Jessica Neo


I visited Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh outlet and was served by two of your staffs, Raymond and Joy. They are very friendly and even gave me a Suki-Ya bottle as a birthday gift! They were all smiles and it was a real pleasure to be dining with such amazing staffs.



i would like to compliment Qris and the team at Suki-Ya‘s SAFRA Toa Payoh. The service was excellent and we enjoyed our meal there.

Linda Wong


We visited Suki-Ya at SAFRA Toa Payoh and the experience was great! The staff were very polite, particularly Qris who is very prompt in her service and constantly ensures that we are comfortable during our meal. We would certainly come back soon and would recommend this place to our friends and colleagues!



We visited Suki-Ya, SAFRA Toa Payoh and would like to thank Ms Qris and Ms Kahli for great customer service. They were cheerful and very efficient, despite having to handle the large crowd. Keep up the good work, Ms Qris and Ms Kahli!

Sylvia Ng


We dined at Suki-Ya SAFRA Toa Payoh and would like to commend Qris for her service. She was polite and constantly ensured that we were served enough meat for the buffet. She also took the time to prepare 2 slices of cake for my colleagues as we were celebrating their birthdays! We truly appreciate her efforts!

Jia Wen


I visited Suki-Ya at SAFRA Toa Payoh and would like to commend Jov for doing a very wonderful job in serving us. She is very friendly and never fails to serve us promptly.

Wendy Yue 


We visited Suki-Ya at Bugis+ and would like to commend Kallpana on her service and dedication to her customers. She ensured that we were comfortable throughout the meal and also encouraged us to join as members. Kallpana is a great staff and I would like to thank her for the service.

Daniel Chan


I visited Suki-Ya at Bugis+ and was served by Evangeline, who provided excellent service. She constantly ensures that we have enough meat and works fast to ensure that our dinner goes smoothly. We enjoyed our dinner there and would definitely go back soon again!



We visited Suki-Ya at I12 Katong. The staff members were very attentive, constantly ensuring that we were comfortable throughout our meal. The spread is very fresh as well and we will be back to support soon!



We dined at Suki-Ya at Kallang Wave Mall and would like to commend the service from Yan Hong and Navinya. The service provided was excellent and they were courteous, informative and efficient.



We had a good time at Suki-Ya, Kallang Wave Mall. The meat was good and the vegetables were fresh. Navinya is also very helpful and friendly. We will definitely come again!

Ali Chua


I would like to commend Verna from Suki-Ya located at Kallang Wave Mall. She is very polite and approachable. The food is also really nice and the shop is very presentable. Lunch at Suki-Ya was really FUN! A highly recommended place to eat and bond with your family, friends and colleagues!



I want to express my sincerest thanks to Verna from Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall, for her excellent service. I appreciate her kindness and willingness to help and assist us even when the shop was very busy. Thank you Verna and we will definitely come back soon, I also love the food as it is always fresh!



This is my first time at Suki-Ya and I would like to commend Raf and Kevin from the Marina Square outlet. They were very friendly and I enjoyed the taste of the food very much! My dining experience was awesome and I would recommend it to my friends and come back again!



We dined at Suki-Ya Marina Square over the weekend. Kudos to Yan Hong who gave very good recommendations and he was also very pro-active in his service as well. Thank you, Yan Hong!



I visited Suki-Ya Marina Square and would like to commend Yan Hong and Kevin‘s services. Both were very prompt in responding to our requests. Well done! 🙂

Yun Jing


I would like to compliment Yan Hong, Kevin and Raffy from Suki-Ya Marina Square for their great service. We will be happy to return again!



We enjoyed our meal at Suki-Ya, Bukit Panjang Plaza. Overall, the service was good and the staff members are friendly and helpful. We had a very pleasant dinner and would highly recommend it!

Sze Yi


My family and I had dinner at Suki-Ya, Bukit Panjang Plaza. The service is good and the food items are fresh and delicious. The staff members are also friendly, kind and helpful. I would definitely visit again!



I would like to compliment Doveca from Suki-Ya, Plaza Singapura for her great service. She always remembers my special requests and I have noticed that no matter how busy it gets, she’s always smiling and giving her best to every customer. Kudos to her service and I really appreciate staff like her!



I would like to commend Doveca from Suki-Ya Plaza Singapura for her service. My dining experience at Suki-Ya is always great because of her as she would politely greet us and is always very attentive to our needs. She also remains friendly and patient no matter how busy the restaurant gets.



I would like to take this opportunity to compliment an excellent staff by the name of Janice from Suki-Ya Plaza Singapura. She provides excellent service as she is so helpful and patient. Good job and thumbs up to Janice!

Jden Lim


I would like to thank the staff of Suki-Ya Plaza Singapura for their fantastic service, especially from Janice. She always ensures that we are well-taken care of and it feels good to be attended to with smiles and a cheery personality. Furthermore, the food is value for money and I will definitely come back with more friends and family!



I visited Suki-Ya at Plaza Singapura and would like to commend Irene for providing us with a pleasant experience. She has a friendly personality and is always ready to provide good service. She is also good at resolving issues at work and quick to attend to customers who need help. So, thumbs up to the service from Irene.

Cheong Xiao Min




I would like to compliment Mr Ramesh for the excellent service he has provided us with at Suki-Ya KIN, VivoCity. His attention to detail, charismatic character and smile made our experience at Suki-Ya KIN even better than I expected. His friendly disposition towards his customers instantly makes him very approachable and made us feel welcomed. His commitment to an excellent customer service is to be commended! Thank you for making our experience a pleasant one and we look forward to returning soon!



I would like to compliment Monica from Bangkok JamMarina Square for her warm service and attentiveness. We were pleased to be served by Monica and I would like to extend my appreciation to her for being so helpful.



It’s a pleasure dining at Bangkok Jam at Great World City, as there is a nice and cozy environment with great food and people! Marilyn and Irene have been very helpful and friendly, patiently serving and answering our questions. I would definitely come back again 🙂



We had a wonderful dinner at Bangkok Jam, Great World City. Both servers, Marilyn and Irene were friendly and attentive. The menu selection is perfect and the food is very delicious. Highly recommended!

Wendy Wong


I visited Bangkok Jam, Great World City. The food was delicious and authentic. Christian, who served us was attentive as well!

– Hwee Kee


It’s a pleasure to meet Christian during my visit to Bangkok Jam, Great World City. He greeted us warmly and patiently recommended the food to us. We really enjoyed the food and the environment here. It is heartwarming to see such great employees in Bangkok Jam who constantly provides excellent service to their customers, bravo!



I would like to compliment Christian from Bangkok Jam, Great World City. He recommended fantastic dishes to us and we were glad as they all tasted so good. He is really an excellent staff and I am so happy to be served by him.

Gary Lee


We had a great dining experience at Bangkok Jam, Great World City. Christian was very friendly and served us well. We love the Thai Fish Cake and Enoki Skewers very much. We will definitely come back again!

Ryan Lee


Your staff are really outstanding! However, Christian from Bangkok Jam, Great World City stands out the most, as he really provides his customers with the best service! I am very impressed by his dedication and passion towards his job, as he treats every customer like his true friend! I will definitely come back for the service and food!



Bangkok Jam at Great World City has a nice ambience and great food quality! Accompanied with great and friendly staff like Christian, definitely made my day! We will  come back again, and special thanks to Christian for your recommendation, we truly love the foods here 🙂

Steven Lee


I had a great dinner at Bangkok Jam, Great World City with my friends tonight. We were greeted by the friendly staff, Nancy and Christian when we stepped into the restaurant. All the food items were very delicious and we enjoyed the meal very much. I will definitely recommend my friends to Bangkok Jam!

Wei Ding


I would like to commend Dale, from Bangkok JamBugis+. He served us with a great attitude and provided excellent customer service. He was patient with our orders and attentive to our needs. Thank you Dale!

Jena Neo


I would like to compliment Dale from Bangkok Jam, Bugis+ for his good service. Dale is very friendly and service oriented. He always meets his customers’ needs and provides excellent service.

Angelene Goh


I am visiting Singapore for the first time and went to Bangkok JamPlaza Singapura for a refreshment. The food and drinks were very good and we deeply appreciated them. The service from Melody was first class indeed. She was very helpful and informative, always wearing a happy smile on her face. It has been a pleasure to visit Bangkok Jam!

WD Blair


I would like to extend a big thank you to Ms Ashwanii and Ms Reyna from Bangkok Jam, Plaza Singapura. They accommodate to our special food requests and most importantly, they remained helpful and attentive throughout our dining session! I really appreciate their great service and would like to take this opportunity to compliment their professionalism! Thank you both for making my dining session pleasant and enjoyable!

Sylvia Tan


I want to commend Ashwanii from Bangkok Jam, Plaza Singapura. She was very patient with me and took time to explain the menu to me, recommending me some very nice dishes. I am very impressed with her helpfulness and patience! I will share my wonderful experience with my family and friends and strongly recommend them to try Bangkok Jam!

Selina Dauria


I would like to recommend Ms Sharon for her efficiency and good service during my meal at Eat at Taipei, SAFRA Toa Payoh.



I would like to give my compliments to your staff, Sharon and Raymond of Eat at Taipei and Suki-Ya at SAFRA Toa Payoh. They are always very caring and attentive towards my needs, and it’s always endearing to see such passionate service providers around. Cheers to these service champions!

Nata Neo


We would like to thank Ms Sharon for her pleasant service, every time we dine at Eat at Taipei, SAFRA Toa Payoh. She is always attentive to our needs and always accommodates to our food requests. Her pleasant attitude encourages us to come back often!

Doreen Yip


Eat at Taipei is a great place to dine with your loved ones! I dined at the outlet in Tampines Mall and my family enjoyed the food that was served, especially the Lu Rou rice. Every item I ordered was served warm unlike most restaurants I visit. The service was also excellent and everyone was very friendly. I would definitely recommend Eat at Taipei to my relatives and friends, thumbs up!

– Krystal Kng 



I visited Typhoon Cafe at Plaza Singapura and would like to commend our server. She was very friendly, patient and took time to recommend the food items to us. We enjoyed our meal and will definitely come back again soon!



I visited Flaming Don at Bugis+ and ordered the Chicken Combo Don, Salmon Don and Char Siew Ramen and they were awesome! I also would like to recommend the manager, James for taking the time to help us and making our meal a good one. I will be back again for sure!



We visited Flaming Don at Bugis+ to celebrate Father’s Day. Jolin recommended us to try the Chicken Combo, Pork Collar Don & Salmon Don and they all tasted really good. Jolin provided us with good service and was very attentive. We will definitely come back next time and bring our friends!



It is my first time visiting KURO Izakaya. The food was value for money and the staff members were very friendly. I will definitely be back for the Omakase!

Pauline Wong


KURO Izakaya‘s food is good and so is their service! Jerome served us well and William cooked the food really well too. I will definitely bring friends and family here more often!

Anne Gan


My family and I dined at Siam Kitchen, Eastpoint Mall. The ambience was good and the waiters were very welcoming. I am also very pleased with the service and quality of the food! The Fish Head Curry was very creamy and the Chendol was nice, satisfying my Thai food cravings!



I have utmost gratitude for the outstanding service that was shown to us by Ms Rose from Siam Kitchen, Lot 1. Rose greeted us with a friendly smile, and provided us with first class service even when the restaurant got extremely busy. She never got flustered and showed dedication and commitment, she also treats everyone with the same high standard of service. She fully epitomizes what a 5-star service is all about!

Don Loh


I visited Siam Kitchen at Lot 1 and enjoyed the food and service provided! The menu has a good variety and affordable pricing. In addition, service provided was prompt and the staff are courteous and approachable. Burhan even took the time to highlight and explain new items in the menu to me!

Angie Teo

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