Outlet of the Month

I want to share the positive feedback on Eddie and his team at Tajimaya Yakiniku VivoCity. His attentive service certainly enhance the dining experience.

– Choong

Me and my Wife had a dinner at Tajimaya Yakiniku VivoCity. And I would like to take this chance to give a compliment to your staffs Mr Eddie and Mr Rajan. They had give us a wonderful dining experience. Very friendly, Kind and patient. Very professional customer service. Well done Tajimaya!!

– Jeremy 

I would like to share my pleasant experience & especially like to comment on the exceptional service of your staff Eddie from Tajimaya Yakiniku Vivocity. He was proactive & attentive despite a busy Friday evening.

– Lionel

My wife and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to your service crew at Tajimaya Yakiniku VivoCity for its hospitality. We were impressed by the efficiency, despite the restaurant being packed. Each employee was busy, shuttling between tables, and making sure everything ran smoothly. Every request by the diner was delivered promptly and politely. We truly applaud the service-minded attitude of our server, Eddie.  He epitomises the notion “service with a smile”.

It was our virgin experience at Tajimaya Yakiniku, and we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience.

– Al

I am writing in to compliment your service staff, Mr Eddie from Tajimaya Yakiniku VivoCity. I brought my family of 3 to your prestigious restaurant. It has brought another great dining experience when this day, Eddie serves the customers, including our family, with a warm welcome and “attentiveness” despite the busy continuous order request on the floor. It makes us feel dining at a familiar place with another “family member” with such a friendly approach.

Before we end our meal with dessert, knowing that I have a sensitive stomach to mint chocolate cake, Eddie suggested he can check if another type of cake is available with the kitchen, raspberry cake. It impressed us even more when a service staff is into such detail, instead of telling us “Sorry, there is only this choice of dessert available”. This is the extra mile of service he had provided! My family would like to thank him for his great service to bring us the unforgettable dining experience with Tajimaya Yakiniku.

– Desmen 

Would like to commend your staff Emelyn from Tajimaya Yaikiniku VivoCity for always being friendly and accommodating.

– Shazy

Staff of the Month

Last evening, my wife and I have had a wonderful dinner at JÙN Restaurant at Capri China Square. In addition to a nice meals, we also had a delightful Server, named Jem who served us well throughout the whole evening there. He really has the right balance of friendliness and efficiency in providing an excellent service to us. Jem has always made certain that we had an enjoyable dining at JÙN.

– Michael and Wife

I am writing in to express my appreciation of the great service rendered by Jem and his staff at JÙN Restaurant when my friends and I dined there. Although the overall ambience created by the staff was stellar, I would like to specifically mention Jem for his particularly high level of service and for making me feel very comfortable and happy throughout the entire meal.

His demeanour was kind, understanding and friendly and he made me feel right at home, in the restaurant. He was also very polite and did everything with sincerity of heart and a smile.

Jem was also good at suitably engaging me in conversation at appropriate junctures in the meal to liven the mood.

I would definitely recommend my friends and relatives to come to JÙN Restaurant. Food was excellent and so was the service. Great job!

– Terrence 

My friends and I were at JÙN Restaurant, China Square. Would like to compliment you guys on the good food n great service, especially the great service from Jem. Thank you for making our time there extra enjoyable.

– Skylar

Let’s hear more from what other customers have to say.

Geli from Hot Stones Clarke Quay was extremely customer-centric ! Keep it up!

– Vinodh

I visited KURO Izakaya with my family for lunch today (11 Aug), and had a great experience. I would like to compliment Jerome and Geli in particular, as they provided excellent service. They paid attention to all our needs (bringing small plates etc) and also explained the different ways to enjoy certain dishes. Thanks to them, our meal was truly an enjoyable one, and I hope the service will be as exceptional on future visits!

– Hui Min

I had a great dinner tonight served your staff Geli at Hot Stones Clarke Quay. I  loved the food which was cooked my present by this nice n lovely girl. This is the type of food that I was looking for in this wonderful Singapore. Thanks once again to Geli and the management.

– Navin

A group of us went to your restaurant, Hot Stones Clarke Quay for a birthday celebration. It is our 1st visit and the experience was great.  What makes it even more fabulous was the the service of your staffs particularly Marc.  He is very joyful and serve us with always a smile on him. He is also very responsive and polite to our requests. In short. He is a fabulous guy! 👍😊

– Joy

Marc at Hot Stones Clarke Quay served us so excellently.  He took care of my wine, cooked my food on the hot stones. Such an excellent and dedicated staff, very hard to find Singapore! Thank you Marc.

– Angie Lim

I am a frequent patron of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine for all my family and client dining occasions. My circle of people have enjoyed the good food, ambience and excellent service. I want to compliment Mary personally for her warmth, pleasant temperament, quick wit and acumen in service. Kudos to your organisation for recognizing a valued staff.

– Anita

I would like to compliment Marc for his exceptional service during my dinner at Hot Stones Clarke Quay. He had helped to grill our meat to our preference and during the process of cooking, made us feel assured that everything was in order. When we were done with the meat, he also asked for feedback. As my boyfriend was redeeming his birthday voucher for that meal, Marc noticed that it was his actual birthday that day and surprised us with a complimentary slice of cake for him.

Really great service from start to end of our meal!! We will never forget this dinner! 🙂

– Rachel

Emelyn from Suki-Ya KIN assisted us very well! Good customer service! kudos! keep it up 😊

– Sheryl

My partner and I received fantastic customer service from Marc at Hot Stones Clarke Quay. He was very friendly and extremely helpful by providing us with some advice and recommendations on what to do during our holiday in Singapore.

Thank you Marc for taking great care of us!

– Emily

We were served by Marc at Hot Stones Clarke Quay. He provided us with excellent customer service and was very friendly. He gave us some tips about the local area and made excellent conversation. We wouldn’t definitely visit again and recommend that our friends do the same.

– Chris

Visited JÙN Restaurant for the very first time and the experience was really good. Great foods and ambience. Was well taken care by the staffs. Thanks for the excellent services from the manager, Ray and his staff Fish, thanks for happily refill our water 👍. Awesome!

– Brandon

We had a great time at Barossa Esplanade.  The food was good, Bryan Yeo was very helpful and the ambience was great! I’ll bring my family here the next time.

– Jeslene

Shannon from Fremantle Seafood Market is professional and good and kind.

– Giovanna

We had a meal last night and were served by Chris from Fremantle Seafood Market. May I just point out that he was attentive and helpful and went beyond the basic requirements of service. His service improved the experience of our meal – thank you Chris.

– Tim

It was my good fortune and privilege to meet Andrew when I hosted a lunch at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine. Andrew is professional and diligent in providing a friendly and helpful service when we arrived at our table. From ordering of food to the settlement of payment, Andrew together with his colleagues, Josh and Nava, were attentive to our all our needs.

 – Jennifer Heng

My wife and I ate at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine – the food was superb and the service from Nava and her colleagues was excellent. We look forward to our next visit!

– Philip

I had dinner there with my friend at KURO Izakaya. Overall, we had a great time at KURO Izakaya. Jerome and Kian were friendly and attentive, and the food was delicious. The atmosphere was also nice and we took our time to catch up with each other and enjoy the food.

– Rachel

Was at KURO Izakaya and being served by Ting Hoey for dinner. Her service was excellent, coupled with her sunshine personality and knowledge about food and sake. Overall it made our experience very pleasant. Would 10/10 visit again.

– Sean

I would like to commend Ashwanii and the Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura team for the delightful and pleasant service! They were prompt and highly attentive to our requests and have made accommodations! The food was excellent and the overall experience was enjoyable!


I am writing to give positive feedback for Bangkok Jam at Marina Square. My friend and I had an enjoyable dining experience. We received excellent service from the staff who were serving us, namely Monica and Edward. In particular, Monica was very friendly and warm, at the same time patiently accommodating our requests to the best of her abilities.

– Celine

I would like to thank Marilyn for surprising me with a birthday cake which
was a highlight to my dinner celebration in Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapore! I
was there there again for dinner because of the good service of Marilyn.

– Vannas

I would like to bring to your attention on an outstanding staff, Tan Shu Jun from your Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura branch. Since I stepped in to the restaurant, she was diligently working non stop, servicing with a smile to every customer including my friend and I. It was a busy evening, but she was absolutely sincere and energetic taking attention to detail in all aspect of her work. I would like to highly commend her excellent service as she is truly a gem star. A staff like Tan Shu Jun who posses great attitude and personality, as well as great performance in her work is hard to come by. I would highly recommend your esteemed organisation to recognise her dedication to bring out a remarkable Bangkok Jam experience.

– Shane

Let me start by saying that the food at your restaurant is amazing. It is truly an authentic Thai restaurant. I dine with my friend so I order in advance to save time. As my friend arrives she told me she’s in a hurry. The restaurant is quite packed due to the lunch hour. I spoke with Christian, and request if we can have our food expedite because we need to leave by 1:30 pm. He happily response that he will check what he can do. After 5 minutes he came back to our table and inform me that they are already doing our table.

And in a couple of minutes, our food starts on getting on our table. He keeps on checking each table, as he checks on ours, we informed him that the soup is quite warm, he offered to change it to the new one but we opted not since we are in a hurry. He keeps on apologizing about the soup, but I told him nothing to worry about since we enjoyed the meal and we will definitely come back. We love the food and especially the service he provides.

Here in Singapore having quality food and top-notch service is very rare to find. With the food serve in Bangkok Jam it just proves that you already have a good foundation and quality service to add on it. Shout out with your Team in Bangkok Jam Great World City for a job well done.

– Bob

Very friendly servers specially Monica and Edward, food was nice and warm! 🙂 it was a pleasant experience at Bangkok Jam Marina Square!
– Crystal

I’m writing to convey my compliments on the good service of branch manager Marilyn at the Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura outlet.

Marilyn was friendly and personable at all times, always willing to answer our questions about the menu and making sure our food/desserts were served now or later as we preferred. She was also mindful of dietary requests on orders and made sure they came as we ordered. We also noticed her friendly personality toward other staff members, which is a fine quality in a good team leader.

– Sher-May

My mother and I patronised the Bangkok Jam outlet at Bugis+  and were delighted to be served by Tan Shu Jun who provided a very friendly service. The food was delicious and we were spoilt for choice. The ambience and decorations of the outlet made our experience very enjoyable, perfect for a nice and chill chat.

– Pei Xuan

I would like to give excellent feedback on all fronts for Monica and Edward from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. Monica is a lovely waitress, helpful and knowledgable about the food and various discounts and benefits for customers. As was Edward. They certainly deserve special commendation, do pass on this email to them with all our thanks for the pleasant meal!

– Jared

Food is delicious. Excellent service especially from Monica and her manager Edward. Will definitely recommend Bangkok Jam Marina Square to those who got craving for Thai food while you are in the area.
– Paul

My family and I will love to give special compliments with gratitude to Nancy from Bangkok Jam Great World City, for taking good care of us during our visit. We were very welcomed by her passionate attitude towards customers and her cheerful personality brought vibrancy to Bangkok Jam. We had a very happy experience and we are looking forward to more wonderful experiences together with Nancy. I’ve also recommended my friends to visit Bangkok Jam too.

– Mrs Ng

I am writing in to pen down my first dining experience and I’m really glad that I have visited Bangkok Jam Bugis+ outlet. I was greeted with the clean and tidy outlook of the place when i stepped into the restaurant and we got a pretty cosy and private seats for me and my partner.  This is the first time I am trying Bangkok Jam and I was served by Ms Shu Jun who was patient to go through with me the T&C of the Entertainer app so that i do not get misunderstood by the app by ordering items not covered by Entertainer.

My partner ordered the Aussie Ribeye Steak and I had the Pork Ribs. We did not regret our orders! Really thankful to Ms Shu Jun who recommended me to try the items as I wanted something flavourful and tender for the night. It was a nice eating experience at Bugis+ Bangkok Jam! Keep up the good work!

– Danielle

We had our dinner at your Bangkok Jam Bugis+ and was impressed by the good service of your staff especially Dale and Shu Jun. They are very patience with all customers!


Great taste, good place for friends/family gatherings, polite staff here at Siam Kitchen Lot 1!
– Suraj
Food was great at Siam Kitchen Lot 1! Really want to comment that the service staff that day was so caring and patient as we were there with our big family and rowdy children. My toddler threw the spoon a few times on the floor but they were willing to change for us. Kudos!
– Nor Aishah
Value-for-money food, delicious and worth it. Service was exceptional too. Would definitely visit Siam Kitchen East Point Mall again!
– Amanda
Greeted with smile from Edward and Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. I sprained my neck and then Edward even took care of me and gave me a free bottled drink. We ordered many dishes with eatigo app 40% but the service from both of them are awesome and inspiring! The way they serve you and introduce the dishes is so good!!
– Water C
It was awesome dinner together with friends, all thanks to Monica and Edward for their warm hospitality and interaction at Bangkok Jam Marina Square!
– Amanda Ang

1st dining experience with Eat@Taipei at Kallang Wave after recommended by a friend of mine. Worth the value and indeed wow my expectations. Kudos to Ken for being extremely patience with us despite we asking all sorts of explanations on the menu. Good recommendation on the Braised Pork Belly Noodle. Love it so much.

– HL

This is my first time dining here with good service of the staffs at Suki-Ya Bugis+. I feel very happy. Especially Chee Ying and Kitty, they are very kindly and helpful. Hopefully you can continue and i will bring my friend come back to having dinner again.

– Rex

Hi everyone. I came and visit Suki-Ya Heartland Mall yesterday and I would like to commend for their good service and good quality of food. I can feel the warm and attention that they giving us from the managers to the staff also.

They work so hard as I can see. Keep it up guys!

Sure we”ll come back again..

– Shine

My family and I frequently patronises both of your Suki-Ya Marina Square outlet and also your Vivo-City outlet.
At Suki-Ya Marina Square branch, your staff Mr. Raf Gutierrez is a great floor manager.
In our observations, Mr. Raf is very thoughtful, observant and attentive to our needs and also the needs of other guests as well. Despite the heavy guests flow at times, still he knows exactly what is missing and what needs to be done.In addition, Mr. Raf also has a great service attitude and he presents himself well at all times. He is able to constantly channel his floor and service challenges which he is facing every time into a great service energy, always smiling from within. Keep up the great work and this is the way to go in any service business models.

We sincerely wish Mr. Raf Gutierrez and all of your restaurants with greater success ahead.

– Kamen Tan

I would like to share my dinner experience at Suki-Ya Heartland Mall.

it was a great and satisfying experience for me and from my friends. We were serve such wonderful managers and staff. The food was great also and we really enjoyed it. We will come back next time.

– Divine

This is my 2nd visit to Flaming Don and this time with my office mate. At first, I ordered the signature beef dice and honestly its just average for me. I was just surprised when Mr. James told me to try-out the Beef Dice coz as he explained that their is a  difference to this dish compared it before. And thanks to James for the good recommendation. The Beef itself is so tender, juicy and taste is really had improvement. Good job to your Chef and to the good service as always of Mr. James.

Sure will comeback again..

– Kwan

My very first dinning experience with Eat@Taipei at Kallang Wave. One of
your staff very friendly and patient. He explained to me the recommendations
and patiently waiting for us to decide.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks him, Ken. Your company
should train all crew like him.

Once again, I really appreciated your service. Good Work!!!

– David Kwan

I would like to commend Ms Verna from Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall for the superb customer service she has given us during our dinner last night. She was very proactive and she made sure our needs were attended to. She’s courteous and  is very accommodating.

Thank you for providing such wonderful customer service and experience for us!

– Denyll Parel

I would like to compliment Michelle from Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza for her excellent service and patience despite the restaurant being very crowded.

– Celeste

I had a positive dining experience at Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza today. The manager on duty is Suk Chen. She possess crowd control ability and maintain her composure despite the long queue customer pool. The food was great and has a variety of spread. It was replenish efficiently by the friendly staff on duty. I would definitely recommend and dine again in the weeks to come.

– Wilson

I would like to share my recent encounter about Jov from Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh.

She was warm in serving us, making us feel at ease during our dining experience.  She also provided the services promptly, mindful of the younger children when serving food.

– Eng Khim

I went toSuki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza for dinner with my family. I would like to compliment the service staff name of Ms Michelle, she was very friendly and her service is great. My family and I liked her service attitude very much. She was very polite and intimate, and thoughtful service.Good and efficient service. My family and I will often go there to eat, food also delicious

– Kah Soon

After the meal, we wanted to go for ice cream asides from the dessert and fruits. We are not aware that the ice cream was only meant for dinner serving.

We then approached Ms Qris for such enquiry. She has patiently explained in details to us.

Not to disappoint us, she gave us each an ice cream as a complimentary instead. Her little action, brings the happiness and laughter to our family. We sincerely Thanks her for her kindness!

We like to highlight to your attention that your staff has shown a Total Satisfaction Guaranteed to customers. A big applause to Ms Qris and your company.

– Dona

I would like to compliment your staff by the name Jov  from Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh.

She is very polite and proactive. She served us with her heart and very passion in her work. Never fail to attend to us every time we need assistant. She even slowly explain each soup base to my husband, as his first time to the restaurant. Appreciate her excellent service , I have a very pleasant experience . In fact  this is my second time here , both time she served me . So I am proud of Suki-Ya, have such a good staff that bring good impression to the company.

– Mr Chan & Mrs Chan

Visited Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh, the restaurant was packed due to Youth Day. The Staff Jov remember us from our last visit and greet us with a big smile! Jov is super friendly and joyous, she was very fast to respond to customer needs and moving around refilling soups, meats and clearing tables.

– Hoon and Family

First of all , I like to thank Jov from Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh for her attentiveness and always ensure our soup are refilled. Secondly also thanks to the service staff For clearing up the mess my Son have made . We enjoy our meal a lot and we will be back often .

– Geraldine

I would like to shared my fantastic experience with one of your employee
name Yan at the outlet Eat at Taipei Toa Payoh Safra. She been very patient
and keep her smile on whenever we called her and very good in recommending
and I had a very pleasant dinner with my family at your restaurant.

I hope this compliment can help shared and motivation other service members.
Im sure will be visit your store soon 🙂

– Pauline

Recently, I visited Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh and was served by your staff member, Jov. She was very pleasant and helpful throughout our dining experience. She was able to fulfil our requests despite the crowd and would check on us regularly for our needs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her and the team for the wonderful dining experience.

– Yangi

My friends and I appreciated the good service by Raymond and Jov for our dinner in Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh branch. We will definitely come back again!

– Eric

I’m writing to give the good comment with the good services of the staff at Suki-Ya Bugis+. I would be very satisfied with the service, especially Kitty, she is very friendly and helpful. I will bring my friend come to having the dinner next time. And hope they can continue with themselves.

– Yu Yuan

I am writing this feedback for Jov of Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh. She was friendly and explained to us the different pricing. She also made small talk with us to make us feel more comfortable. We enjoyed our meal, thank you for the hospitality.

– SY

I wiriting this in to compliment the staff at ROCKU Yakiniku Bugis+ outlet. They were swift and professional in serving dishes out to us. I can see that they are quite short handed as the shop was filled by more then half which was on school holiday youth day. The guy in the red shirt i didnt get his name but he was very well trained in handling the topping up of charcoal and changing it. Kudos to creative. Keep it up.

– Seah

My family and i patronize Eat@Taipei Safra Toa Payoh quite often, almost every week.

Among your service n floor staff, i hav deep awe for Ms Sharon. No matter how busy the restaurant is, she will always have a greeting and very friendly to everyone.

In addition, for regular customers whom she recognizes, she makes an effort to even remember our usual drinks order n side preferences (for me, its always extra chill)

Her wonderful attitude and service skills is really rare in the F&B industry. Her personal touch will definitely keep loyal customers coming back. She is definitely an asset to your organization and the service industry in SG

– Raphael Lim

Im writing this feedback to take the opportunity to thank one of your manager name Kitty from Suki-Ya Bugis+ for her professional good service to me and to my gf, she is very alert and fast when serving upon request of our needs. She also explain the type of meat they are serving, me and my gf enjoyed our dining here with the good service of your manager, definitely will be  back again. Thank you for the good service.

– Andy

Thank you so much for pleasant and warmed accommodation that we had experienced at Suki-Ya Marina Square. We reserved a table for 10 pax but last minute we increase to 15 pax. But still they don’t have hiccups in our reservations, despite it’s a busy Friday night.

We wanted to seat together but since we we’re big groups our request couldn’t be possible. The food was delicious and many to choose from the buffet bar. What makes us more delighted was the service that we had experienced. They helped us every time we needed them, and they we’re all smiling.

Keep it up guys! We will definitely be back!!!

– John Tey

I’m writing in this email to extend my gratitude to the team at ROCKU Yakiniku @ Bugis+ outlet.

The dining experience was great as the team was very attentive. Mr Samuel Loh was very helpful showing me and family around the buffet area. Food was delicious and will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Thank you Mr Samuel Loh and team for the experience.

– Isz Valentino

I would like to place on record the value-for-money good food and very commendable service provided by Qris at Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh.

– Chan Poh Meng

Just drop by Flaming Don Bugis+, i tried their food here its awesome. I also wanted to commend the staff on duty Mr James for accommodating us and helping us to choose and explain their food. Hope for other variety of food soon.

– Mr. Tan

I had a good experience at Suki-Ya Bugis+ with the great and fresh food, served by the friendly staffs, especially Kitty , she is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely return again to enjoy the food and hospitality.

Thanks for the great experience.

– Khim Shen

Went to Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza for dinner last Monday. I would like to mention your branch manager Ms Lu Suk Chen, I think she is really very capable and well organise.

– Danny Ang

I would like to give my fondest feedback on my dinning experience with your establishment ROCKU Yakiniku Bugis+.

Samuel, the manager at duty were attentive to our needs, polite and professional.

We felt very happy and satisfied with his performance and wish to complement him on his detail to attention to always ensure we are comfortable and were having a good time.

– Daryl

I am writing this email to say that I am very happy with the service of Miss Mickee and staffs in Suki-Ya Tampines Mall. I am with my family having our lunch yesterday,  and as I noticed they we’re friendly and nice and helpful. I make sure we can go there again. Thank you

– Neljun

We would like to acknowledge the great service provided to us by two of your staff, Siew Moi and Michelle, at Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza when we dined there last Sunday.

Though there were not many staff around, they were on the ball and attentive to all the customers and did so with a smile on their faces despite numerous requests and having to run up and down the kitchen several times.

We even witnessed them assisting a customer whose kid had made a mess at the table, and they did so without hesitation and complaint, even going as far as telling the customer not to worry.

It is rare to find good customer service in Singapore, and your organisation should be proud to have two stellar examples at your BPP branch.

– Pravin Pandey Arvyta

We visited this Flaming Don Bugis+ with my few friends for dinner. we actually 10 person in total a bit impossible to accommodate right a way in a busy time period for dinner. Were just surprised that even this place had a few vacant table, Mr. James manage to step up and right away he talked to other table if possible to take and combined and its fortunate that in a short period of waiting James action manage to accommodate us.

Also to other staff for helping us explained about the menu and helping us to brought some food to our table even thought both of them are busy and for the fact this place is a self service concept.

Our group salute to your staff for the attentiveness and good service. We saw a good Team Work to them. We will come back again for sure.. Taste of food is good!

– Cathy

I’m writing to compliment Ms Jov for her excellent service. My family and I had dinner at Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh. She was extremely friendly to us and catered to our needs in the shortest time.

We had a pleasant time and will share our experience with our friends. Looking forward to dining again at Suki-Ya!

– Rishon Ho

I would to express my gratitude for the great service of your employee, Jov Tan who works at Safra Toa Payoh outlet. She is helpful and fast when handing out our dishes. She goes out of her way to engage in conversations with fellow customers while still ensuring quality service as her top priority. I really enjoyed my meal and I hope that she will be rewarded accordingly.

– Mitchell Ho

Just to give my feedback on my good yummy experience; with nice cosy warmth environment given, fresh yummy dishes that my family like and greatly enjoy and most of all your constant friendly helpful staff who has been attending n attentive to my twins boy needs and welfare. That I am appreciate and thankful as having meals with kids can be hassle.

Will return to Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh again as my favourite soup is always & has been Sukiyaki 🙂

– Wei Beng

You done a good job, Sharon Ng. Me with my girlfriend visited Eat@Taipei Safra Toa Payoh recently.

My girlfriend get choked by spicy beef noodles. Luckily, Miss Sharon Ng quickly poured a glass of water for her. I really feel appreciate for Miss Sharon because this action really gain my attention of your service. Nice 👍

– Chong

I am very glad that I experience dining at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall, I am a Vietnamese looking for a great food here in Singapore. Thankful with your staff specially Ms. Verna she is very helpful and cheerful person. Please send my thank you and regards to her for giving me the best dining experience at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall. A very pleasant and happy person indeed she is a great manager! Keep up the good work Ms. Verna see you again! The food also are very nice 😋

– Mr. Tam Nguyen


My family dined at Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh this Saturday evening and was attended by
Jov. As this was my first time to Suki-Ya, I needed more help in the soup selection and the add on for drinks, etc. Jov gave a very detailed explanation of the soup and the type of beef supplied. Am very happy to be served by Jov! Keep it up!

– Keh Mui

We were served by Jov at Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh. Brought us to our table. Show and explain the menu. Answered to our request promptly. Nice music at background and good ambient. Many varieties of food. We had enjoyable dinner there.

– Chun Lai

The staff there at ROCKU Yakiniku Bugis+ were very friendly and nice! They are
alert and their servicing is very good. Will definitely recommend!

– Xiao Yuan

Hi I would like to compliment 2 staffs that have served my friends and I on our birthday dinner celebration at Suki-Ya Toa Payoh Branch. They are Raymund and Jov.

They were really efficient and friendly since we stepped into the shop. I could feel the human touch from them and am really happy with their service. They quickly responded to all our requests very swiftly. Will definitely come back again!

– Ryan

I would like to share my experience last week when I went to Suki-Ya Bugis+. It was my first time to eat at Suki-Ya, as it was being recommended by a colleague.
First of all, the food was damn SHIOK man! Me and some of our staff really enjoyed it. Second, your staff named Kitty was very accommodating and I saw a high level of commitment and professionalism with her. Keep it up!
I will definitely go back again, this time together with my wife!
– Philip

Visited this place for many times and sent feedback as well every time i came here in Flaming Don Bugis+ with my friends. We had a quick dinner coz were rushing for the movie and i was surprised that you had added some new items on your menu specially on seafood and sides as well. We ordered the Salmon Mentaiko Don and Crayfish Ramen both are really good. Good job to your Chef.

Thanks also to James for his good service and assisting us every time we came to the place.

– Kwan

I would like to commend your staff, Qris, from Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh for her kind gesture. I casually mentioned about celebrating my birthday with my family and requested for a cake to go along, she came by with a nicely designed platter with mini cakes and some fruits on it after our meal and even got the team to sing a birthday song. She has also extended a little gift (Suki-Ya water bottle) as a birthday gift even when she did not have to. I am very appreciative of this thoughtfulness and readiness to respond to my casual request. Her service is tiptop and I am very pleased with my experience there.

– Yvonne

Jov from Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh service was good. She ask is the food quality good and always help us refill the soup. Thanks for being so helpful.

– Hok Meng

We went Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh, the food is value for money and the service from Ms Jov is good and friendly.

– Chung

I had a lunch dining experience at your Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh Branch  restaurant and I’m very pleased with the service that was rendered to me by Ms Jov.

I hope you will train your staff to be all like that such that it will be an enjoyable experience for all customers.

– Yvonne

This is our first time dining with Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh. Despite what looks like short handed, Jov attended to us with smile and took time to explained to us about the buffet offer. We are happy of her service. Thank you.

– Richard Yeoh


I am writing in to compliment one of your members of the staff working at Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Ms Suk Chen was a very patient and accommodating staff to us during dinner service. She tried her best to serve all diners that were in the restaurant. She had to juggle bringing in customers, waiting the customers as well as accepting payments at the cashier counter. I feel that even though work is work, it was still very admirable that she was able to handle everything at once and I have no doubt she will still be able to do so if the need arises.

I had a very positive experience here at this Suki-Ya outlet and I will surely come back again.

– Kan Huai Feng

We are 6 customers who visited Suki-Ya Safra Toa Payoh and we marvelled at Jov’s service and her kind and caring demeanour towards us.

We would appreciate if there’s any special consideration or rewards that can be given to her for her excellent service.

– Dadi Amoghraj

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