Master Class with Nanyang Polytechnic

Creative Eateries have the opportunity to shake things up (pun-intended) for the students of Nanyang Polytechnic earlier this month!

Over the course of two Master Class sessions on 18 and 19 January, our Group’s executive chef, Chef Immanuel, held a cozy live demonstration for the group of student to prepare a Mint Yuzu Sphere Shooter.

After a detailed demonstration by Chef Immanuel, students are all set to make themselves a glass!

For a start, students are required to prepare the alginate bath for the spherification, followed by the yuzu liquid. After which, we are ready to create the sphere!

The intricate process of making the sphere involves the careful mixture of the alginate bath and yuzu liquid, before setting it to rest.

Last but not least, it’s time to shake things up by preparing the mint mocktail concoction!

And voila! Everyone is happy with their very own Mint Yuzu Sphere Mocktail!

Despite the challenging process, it has been an informative lesson filled with fun and laughter. We are definitely looking forward to another exciting learning journey in the near future!

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