Documenting Creative Eateries’ Service Heroes Pt 3 – Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square

Our third rendition in documenting Creative Eateries’ Service Heroes features Monica, a full time staff at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. Despite the short 3.5 years with us, Monica’s excellent service is evident from her positive and willing-to-learn attitude towards her work. Throughout her time at Bangkok Jam Marina Square, she has touched the hearts of many diners’, who often expressed their gratitude by writing to the management to share their dining experience at the restaurant.

We also sat down with Monica to find out how she display one of the company’s core values – Upholding the Kampong Spirit.

Kampong Spirit: A sense of social cohesion in a community where there is understanding and compromise among neighbours, even as preferences differ from household to household.

Q: What do you think is the most important element of customer service?
M: Patience

Q: Why do you think customers enjoy your service?
M: I always put on a smile whenever I serve my customers and always take the time to understand their needs, and how I can do my best to provide them with an enjoyable dining experience.

Q: Do you have a memorable customer service experience that you remember?
M: Nothing in particular that I can remember of. But each customer whom I’ve served, I always remind myself to be patient and friendly to help (diners) however I can.

Q: How do you feel when customers are happy with your service?
M: I definitely feel good about myself and it’s a good reminder for me to continue working hard and providing quality customer service!

Q: Any tip to help other employees?
M: Always make an effort to understand your customers well and always be patient to help however you can. When you offer a personalised service, your customers feel appreciated and this is also in line with the company’s purpose to spread joy and delight to everyone’s taste buds.


Let’s hear what some of our diners have to say towards Monica’s exceptional customer service:


“We will like to praise Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square for her absolute service. I was back in Singapore to gather with my old friends on 16 March 2018 (Friday). Monica definitely went beyond our expectations and we were absolutely pleased. We were served with wrong orders from other helpers but she was kind to guide her colleagues.” – Terrence


“I’d like to commend Monica, your service staff at Bangkok Jam @Marina Square. It was the second time we’d eaten at this restaurant and it was great to see Monica again. It was the busy dinner hour on a Friday night but she went over and beyond the call of duty to make our children feel special and welcome. She’s really a gem!” – Reuben


“I dined at Bangkok Jam at Marina Square 22 March and your staff Monica was really helpful. She was patient with us on the menu, explained clearly, and delivered excellent service. Keep it up!” Derrel


“I would just like to affirm Monica for being a very exemplary waitress! I have enjoyed all my experiences, and she has been very nice and patient :)” – Qing Qing


“We will like to compliment your staff, Monica, for her excellent services. She is very attentive to our request. Her positive and bubbly character made us feel very welcome at your restaurant. Thank you for making our lunch enjoyable!” – Angeline


“I am writing to express my gratitude and delight for the service rendered by Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. She went the extra mile to recommend applying for the membership card, and going out of her way to make our time there enjoyable. I will most definitely return to this outlet for more food, as the service far exceeded what I usually experience in eateries.” – Melissa


I’m writing this email to express my satisfaction with your staff at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. I came here on a Thursday night with my friends for dinner and was specially taken care of by Monica. She took the effort to make sure that our food was okay, chatted with us and constantly looking out for us on even small details (ie. extra bowls for our extra small bowl of soup etc). Being stressed out from a day of work, it’s always nice have someone care about your wellbeing, let alone a stranger. Thank you Monica for making us extra special on this very normal day!” – Wan Xin


“I am writing to compliment one of your staff, Monica at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. She makes us feel at home with her hospitality. We were here this evening to celebrate our friend’s birthday and she pleasantly surprised her with a red ruby! That was a really kind gesture!” – Yan Ting


“Thanks for the exceptional service from Monica and her team. They were very cheerful and full of happiness while serving. Despite the late hours of operation, they can still bring a smile to the faces of the customers at the restaurant!” – Daryle


“I would like to commend on Monica’s excellent service at Bangkok Jam Marina Square branch. She was warm and friendly and was also extremely patient in explaining what’s on offer. Kudos to the great service!” – Gary

Once again, we would like to thank Monica for taking time to share with us her experiences and for her efforts to provide remarkable customer service!

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