PROJECT WE CARE – Solar Toy Workshop


Project We Care Stay Well @ Admiralty – Solar Toy Workshop

Once again on 27 May 2017, Saturday, Creative Eateries had our third Corporate Social Responsibility event together with the ACE (Admiralty Community’s Experience) The Place Community Club under the People’s Association’s Project We Care, this time around, with Fei Yue Community Services.

That bright Saturday morning brought our Accounts, Human Resources department and Corporate Affairs department together for the sake of befriending some of the younger residents in Admiralty CC, assisting Republic Polytechnic students in helping the children with building their Solar Toy robots.

Interacting and guiding our young friends in building their robots, was a chance for our volunteers to get to know the beneficiaries from ACE The Place CC better. It offered a casual and fun opportunity for our team to work together with the kids, as well as lend them a guiding hand with the trickier parts of the project and encouraging them to stay patient, and remain calm under pressure.

The children were excited to build their own robots, most were able to catch on to the manual guide fast, some even faster than  the adult facilitators! The project was definitely a confidence booster and an achievement for many.

After the completion of their robots, there was a friendly robot race match, after which the workshop came to a close. As it was the start of Ramadan that day, Creative Eateries prepared care packages consisting of a variety of fruits, breads, drinks and of course not forgetting 1 box of dates for each family household to bring it home, accordingly to their culture, three dates are eaten to break the fast in emulation of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.


 Check out here what our volunteers have got to share!

“This is the 2nd Project We Care involvement that I have been involved since our 1st engagement in 2016. Being able to spend time with them allow me to think about how fortunate we are, and it makes me happy when we can bring happiness to them through such simple ways. I always believe in “a simple act of kindness goes a long way”.

 – Hans

“This was the first time experiencing building electronic toys in my life! Through this session I’m able to witness what aspiring determination mindsets the children have, never giving up and continue trying to build their masterpiece. I hope more activities can be organise for them in future and we can contribute our time in joining them to make their weekends an amazing one.”

– Angie

“Helping out in this event has gained me a few rewarding experiences –

  • Waking up early on a Saturday is one of them
  • Another one would be fixing a space mech (never done one in my life!)
  • Interacting with a 11 year old child is challenging too
  • Trying to keep him focused and encouraging him not to give up despite meeting obstacles”

– Stephanie


“This program is a meaningful one for me as I got to interact with the public, especially young children with creative minds.

I helped a young boy named Sunny who is 8 years old with the construction of a robot shuttle toy and Sunny has a lot of patience in crafting the many small parts of the object.

The patience shown by Sunny helped me learn a small lesson in patience myself as I think I would have given up on building if I were Sunny’s age.”

– Yang Jun


The overall event, though small is an enriching one for those who have attended – both volunteers and participants.

It shows that creative Eateries can help support the community not just by the usual monetary donations but to support by interacting directly with the community.

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