Creative Eateries x Community Chest – SHARE as One

Starting from December 2016, Creative Eateries will be on board the SHARE as One initiative with Community Chest to cultivate the culture of caring and sharing within our organisation.


SHARE as One is a hassle-free monthly giving programme spearheaded by Community Chest. For every dollar donated by a company, the Singapore Government will match it. These donations will be a continuous source of funds to provide support to a wide range of worthy social service organisations.


In order to choose which cause to support, we have reached out to all through a survey to gather response from our staff. Many heartfelt responses poured in and HELP Family Service Centre has been selected as the cause that Creative Eateries will support.


Here are the recipients who have so generously shared their hearts and who have been awarded a token of appreciation for supporting this project:





“Personally I hope that our company will support the HELP Family Service Centre. As a single mother, I understand the needs and the challenges they face. Firstly, a single parent shoulders all financial burden which include bills, rental, necessities expenses and education fees of the child. With financial support, a child can receive much better education, thus a better future. Secondly, by providing legal advice to them, they will have a better understanding of their legal rights pertaining to alimony, child custody and support. Through providing affordable childcare services, HELP allows parents to continue working with peace of mind, knowing that their children are well taken care of. I sincerely hope that our company can help them.” – Mary Jane




“Dementia is a scary disease. It is painful enough not to be able to remember daily things, but to have a hard time remembering your loved ones is heart breaking. The elderly around us have been through so much hard time, to bring their children up, they deserve to remember and realise what a great job they have done. However unfortunately, some are unlucky to have dementia. Hopefully, there will be a solution or cure to dementia.” – Wye Feng




“Family is the backbone of everyone’s life. It’s like when you are a shark, you need the ocean to survive. They always provide you with strength when you are down, they always tell you to keep yourself up, pump and ready for any challenge!! They are always an inspiration to us, supporting us behind our back. I believe we should all understand how important our family meant to all of us!” – Wei Hao


Congratulations to all the recipients and a big thank you to all of the participants for taking part in the survey. We encourage all Creative Eateries staff to donate generously  as the company will also provide dollar for dollar matching of the total collection to raise the total contributions from Creative Eateries.


Together as a company, we can do our part to make a difference.


More details on Community Chest can be found here:

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