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The Cookbook features 223 recipes spanning 75 countries from 11 regions across the world.

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Meet Michelle Pilarcyzk

Introducing the Founder of International Cooking Club Singapore (ICCS) as well as the hands and brains behind The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook – Michelle Pilarczyk

Our team first met Michelle at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine for a lunch get-together and she absolutely enjoyed herself. Read on to find out more about Michelle and her recommendations for Patara.

Michelle Pilarczyk, an American by original nationality, moved to London in 2000 where she lived with her German husband and had two children. Their physical home is still is in London to this day, and her kids and herself are also British citizens. In 2009 they moved to Dubai and in 2012 to Singapore. Of the all the countries they have lived, representing four continents in total, Michelle expressed that Singapore is by far their favourite and they hope to stay for many years to come.

Her favourite hobby is cooking and she has a great hunger to learn new cuisines from all corners of the globe. In 2015, she set out to meet other women living in Singapore – both Singaporean and women from all over the globe – to cook with her and teach each other cuisines from our countries or our favourite international dishes, not knowing that her idea to meet 9 women would very quickly turn into an organisation; International Cooking Club Singapore Ltd (ICCS). With a background in management consulting and project management,  the initial concept was relatively easy to scale and for her to include hundreds of women, with the help of  volunteers whom helped lead each of the cooking and baking groups and others to run the organisation.

The cookbook was meant to be the sole way to fund ICCS, a non-profit organisation as their participants do not pay to join. Once they got their core cookbook team formed, with Michelle, two graphic designers, two main photographers, an editor, a culinary consultant and an illustrator, the project took off and became it’s own new life. Everyone involved were so passionate about their part, and each one very much a perfectionist! We were supported with the volunteers of so many other women in the organisation in so many functions, including testing recipes out and cooking them in the kitchen of my home where all food photography took place on the balcony. Aside from being the editor-in-chief and self-publisher along with her husband, what Michelle is most proud of in her role of this cookbook production was the food styling. With tremendous passion she loved to figure out how to style each dish with nice settings to mirror the authenticity of the cuisine and country. She was delighted to go through the photos each night and select “the one” that would make it into the book, then plan out the next day, to wake up at 5 a.m. and go visit multiple grocery stores around Singapore to prepare for the next day of cooking and photography. Following the intense 6 months or so of food photography, came months and months of reiteration and editing and graphic design work to pull the book together. Making this book was an experience of a lifetime that I will cherish forever, as much as holding this book in my hand  as often as I do.

Hear from Michelle

My Favourite Dish at Patara

It so difficult to say which is my favourite dish as everything I have tried there is simply amazing.  If I had to choose though, I would say the roasted duck breast in red curry served with tropical fruits and Thai herbs was my favourite.  What an incredible dish with beautiful homemade curry flavours. It has incredible depth of flavours – sweet curry sauce highlighted with the gorgeous herbs and wonderful tender slices of duck, fresh tomatoes and Thai aubergines. I found it paired very well with a side of roasted coconut rice with smoked coconut water, complementary in both taste and texture

What I Love About Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

I love the ambience and attention to detail, for example the dishes the food is served on is hand painted traditional and very beautiful Thai dishes. Makes for stunning food presentation and a feast of the eyes (food and plate together). Service was amazing, waiters and other staff very attention. And the restaurant location could not be more convenient being at the heart of Singapore / Orchard are in Tanglin Mall.

THE RED DOT MELTING POT COOKBOOKProduced by the ladies at International Cooking Club Singapore, The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook is is a testament to the power that food carries to bring people together and opening minds regardless of culture, religion, nationality and race.

The book is a result of the amazing work of the ICCS community: their wonderful recipes, valuable time and immeasurable talents made this all happen. What was initially a small collection of recipes, has exploded into this wonderful celebration and sharing of food: 223 dishes from 75 countries across the world.

The cookbook is fondly named after Singapore’s nickname “The Red Dot” (also known as “The Little Red Dot”) which refers to how the country is often depicted in maps. Singaporeans have adopted this nickname with pride because of their nation’s success, despite its limited geographical size. Singapore is a unique melting pot.

The Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook combines a selection of the best recipes the participants have made, shared and enjoyed. Many dishes are contest winners of their “pan ICCS” lunches and coffee events that they have hosted. The book is divided into 11 regions of the world, with family recipes and personal adaptations from distinctive country dishes. Individual quotes and reflections from each contributor explain why that recipe is significant to them or provides some background on the dish or the key ingredients that go into it. Whatever your culinary ability, the book has easy to follow instructions, measurements, photos of ingredients, as well as suggestions on where to buy particular items in Singapore. In addition, the colour coded index enables easy identification of recipes by country of origin and other classifications such as whether they are vegetarian, vegan or gluten free.

Here’s a sneak peek of 2 seasonal recipes perfect to share with you family & friends  this Christmas – Belgium Speculoos Tiramisu, Caramelised Apples and Cinnamon & Swedish Buns.

Photo by Claudia Anzur

Photos by Tatyana Kildisheva  Photo by Vanesa Lazcano

Cant’ wait to lay your hands on the amazing Red Dot Melting Pot Cookbook? Get you copy at




5 stars for this wonderful place, Vineyard at HortPark. Food was exquisitely good. Staffs were very helpful especially Christian, the manager, who attended to all our queries and gave us a great service. Will definitely be back to taste their other menu.

– Earl

The ambiance at Vineyard at HortPark is very nice! The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. The manager named Christian is very accommodating and all the staff, they were smiling all the time. Will surely recommend this to all my friends. will come back for more!

– Lucia 

Scrumptious food at Vineyard at HortPark! Special mention to the manager Mr. Christian, very accommodating and attentive to all the customers. Indeed great service and food!👍🏻

– Sara

We had a great time at Vineyard at HortPark. Special thanks the manager Christian for being accommodating and hospitable. The place is so relaxing and the food is superb! Definitely we will come back!

– Joselle

Vineyard at HortPark is one of the best restaurant I’ve been to in Singapore. The food are superb and the service of their chef and crew exceeded our expectations. Worthy of your money. Recommendable to everyone. Shout out to Mr. Christian Magcalas for granting our request.

– Maria




Just a quick note of THANKS for assisting us with the Alumni Reception at the CMR two Thursdays ago.  We truly appreciate that YOU and your Team at Creative Eateries was able to make everything go smoothly.  Also, a shout-out to “NICK,” who was working at the Alumni Reception at CMR, and at an earlier YSEALI Alumni Reception, at the Red Box. He was very professional, accommodating, and helpful.  It was a delight working with him.  You must be very proud to have him on your Team!

Again, THANK YOU for helping us make our events successful. 

– Ian Yip


Creative Eateries help has brought us great success to this memorable event.  We got compliments on the good food and decorations on the buffet table. All these would not be possible without you and team who helped us during the event.

– Chab Team


Every week I treat myself to one lunch at Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, as I really enjoy the lunch sets- especially the mango sticky rice dessert that comes with it. I’m 4 months pregnant and its one of the few cravings I have. Recently the lunch set dessert changed and I was really sad. I tried the new dessert but I didn’t like it so much. I told Kim the mango sticky rice is my weekly treat that I look forward to so much and she went out of her way to replace the dessert for my usual. Now every time I go to Patara for lunch she makes sure I have the mango sticky rice, which I’m super thankful for.

Other than that, she always has a smile at the ready, is genuinely interested in her customers and understands and exemplifies the importance of excellent customer service. I just wanted to take some time out to recognise Kim for this.

– Larissa 

I would like to express my great experience when I dined with my husband at the Tajimaya Yakiniku at Vivo City.  Your food quality, especially the wagyu beef was superb! Also, I would like to express my appreciation to your staff who were pleasant and polite when serving us.  Our only dismay was the slow service when more customers were streaming in.  However, your bus captain, Miss Emelyn have gained our admiration when we saw her personally helping 2 elderly diners with their food.  She has spent considerable amount of time with the senior citizens and we thought that we would not mind waiting a bit longer for service in that case.  The world is a better place with people like her.

– Mdm Gena

KURO Izakaya is a great place to dine and chill out! I have been there numerous times with my colleagues/customers, usually for beers and bites on weekdays after work. Last Sunday, was there with my family for dinner and we all enjoyed it. Great ambience and yummy food.

Was served by Ms Ting Hoey, excellent service not only from her but most times, the service staff has been extremely attentive and great!

– Francis


Had a great time with my family yesterday. It was a different and good experience for us. Would definitely suggest my friends in Singapore to visit Bangkok Jam Marina Square. The ambience was cool and the service was great. Mr. Joseph in particular, is a humble & polite staff. Would visit again soon!

– Dhanush


I was impressed by the impeccable customer service of Monica at Bangkok Jam Marina
Square outlet. She provided great food recommendations and also recommended us to sign up for the membership. I was glad that I signed up for the membership as there were many participating outlets that I could utilise my rebates on. Thanks again and I hope she gets rewarded for her passion and hard work displayed!

– Nick


I would like to highlight the extraordinary custome service from Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. As some of us have certain allergies and unsure what are the signatures to order, she gave us a detailed rundown of the various dishes and recommended us a few selections so that I can enjoy the dinner with my family. She also came back to check on us constantly to ensure we are enjoying our meal.

– Wee


I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Monica for the excellent service she provided me today.Ms Mocina is very friendly and polite and have a great smile while serving me and my Friend during my dining at Bangkok Jam, Marina Square.

– Fu

I had lunch at Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza recently and I would like to commend on the wonderful service rendered. Staff Jun Kit was polite and courteous in his interaction with us, and was extremely helpful in serving us food. It was an enjoyable and joyous experience dining there and I would definitely patronise again.

– Bai Quan

I am writing to compliment the service render by Ms Shuping during today lunch at Vivo City Shabuya restaurant. Her attentiveness and service make my lunch appointment with customer a memorable one.

– Stan

I d like to just extend a big thanks to your manager Francis Ng at Bangkok Jam Bugis+. We were there this evening and was really well service by him. There was an entertainer app miscommunication and he handled it really well, then proceeded to serve us himself the whole time made us feel very comfortable and turn it all around.

It s really rare to have people like Francis around and it was such a privilege to have him during our visit.

– Erik

I would like to compliment the service staff Samuel. This is my first time to visit Typhoon Cafe. He serve with smiling face and recommended nice food to us, specially the dessert chocolate chip waffles very nice, my two kids very like it. Thank you so much, we will come back again.

– Shin Yih

I visited to Bangkok Jam Marina Square. The food and service were quite up to my expectations. I came across Mr. Joseph who was serving to us. He was gentle and polite and seemed hard working. What awestruck me was his memory of the menu. He knows each and every item in the exact order. Quite impressed with your staff Bangkok Jam.

– Swee Wong

I would like to take the time to commend one of your staff for his excellent service at Great World City Bangkok Jam. I was served by Mr Yi Khoon and he demonstrated great patience & understanding when it came to taking my orders despite me having additional special requests. He introduced me to a couple of dishes suitable to my palate and what more to say? The service was prompt and the timing is impeccable. I would like thank this particular staff for putting in every effort to making my dining experience a pleasant one. Will definitely recommend this outlet to my friends and family.

– Sumith

I would like to give a 2 thumbs up for the food and staff of Flaming Don Bugis+. It is always cozy for me everytime I visit the restaurant. Special mention to Raffy who is very polite and attentive in attending to customers.

– Delmanalo

I would like to compliment your employee, Chee Ying from Rocku Yakiniku at Bugis+. We were eating at your restaurant for the first time and did not know the best way to grill the food with your Japanese charcoal grill style.

Chee Ying was extremely patient and kind and when above and beyond what we would expect from a service staff. She went in depth to explain to us how we should grill each food item, how to tell if each one is cooked and ready, and proceeded to also help us to grill some of our food to demonstrate and guide us.

Besides this, as my phone battery was running very low, she kindly helped me source for a charger for me to charge my phone for a while in order for me to have enough battery to get home safely after the meal. Chee Ying is truly a gem and helped make our dining experience especially wonderful. We will definitely return to eat at your restaurant, soley due to the wonderful service we received from her.

– Marcus

I like to compliment your staff Kelvin Er On from Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant for his outstanding & patience service throughout our dining. We have a group of 26, celebrating our friend birthday. Attending to a big group, Kelvin & his team of crew was very patience throughout

The hot stone turn cold after awhile and Kelvin was very patient to offer the changes quickly! He was very accommodating & gave us various option for our drinks. We had a great evening & because of the great excellent service by Kelvin & the team of crew serving our table (I love to compliment the crew too, but I don’t have their name).

We actually stayed longer than usual, I will highly recommend your restaurant & Kelvin excellence service.

– Amy


I would like to compliment the services of Monica, Francis and Charming at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. They have rendered excellent services beyond what was required of them even when we entered the outlet late. They have definitely made our visit welcoming and we will surely return due to their outstanding services.

– Ken 

We recently ate at Shabuya at VivoCity and would like to compliment and thank your staff Rajan for his attentiveness, helpful and cheerful nature.

– Samantha

I visited your Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall with a friend. We were pleasantly greeted by your staff, Wan Fong, and she efficiently guided us to our seat, and even though she was evidently busy, she took the time to make sure we are comfortable before bustling away.

On ordering, she made appropriate recommendations and appreciable banter, making us feel at home, and assisted us in gauging the amount we would eat (it was near last order time) so that we would have enough, but not waste. Throughout our meal, we could see her service being appreciated by other guests in the restaurant, and her positive energy set a great atmosphere in the restaurant. I would like to commend her for her exceptional service, and then even going above and beyond that, to put smiles on the customers’ faces.

– Yishan

I am writing in to express my gratitude to Mr Joseph @ Bangkok Jam Marina Square. He has shown a very professional attitude towards his dining customers, and I am very pleased with my visit due to his service.

– Scarlette

My friends and I had an enjoyable dinner at Bangkok Jam Marina Square today, and would like to express our appreciation to the staff on duty. The staff on duty, particularly Apple and Monica, were helpful and friendly. Special mentions to Monica, who provided impeccable service. Monica was attentive and prompt in her service. We tried the appetizer buffet which she had recommended, and were pleased with the food.

– Cuiqin

I visited your outlet in Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall for the first time with my girlfriend. We are both in the F&B line since many years now, I’ve been managing a couple of high end restaurants in town and in Asia as well.  I want to congratulate for your concept and the quality of the food, at this price range (convenient) you are doing miracles. I want to say thanks to Ms Wan Fong for the fantastic service she gave us. I will be back for sure, even just to see her and her great attitude with the guests. I want to say thanks to Ms Verna, i guess the manager of the outlet: we felt very welcome, she is so professional and kind.

– Michele

The food at Bangkok Jam Bugis+ were hot and tasty. It was out of our bewildment, or as a matter of fact, I was taken aback on the fine fusion Thai food that I was always negative about. It was delectable! The icing on the cake were the desserts that we had at the end. Sumptuous indeed! The food and the service are what made my experience and perspective on Thai fusion literally changed overnight. And this is made possible by your chefs and Reyna at Bangkok Jam Bugis+. In that immediate week, I returned 2 more times. And as usual, greeted by the ever smiling Reyna and constantly qualified food.

Well done and kudos for converting me to be a fan of Bangkok Jam.

– James Tang

I was very happy and satisfied to be served by Suk Chen from Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza. She was very attentive and cheerful when she is serving although having a full house with queue, queueing outside the restaurant. I would definitely rate her 11 out of 10.

– Shilong

I just want to commend Christian at Barossa for being awesome! He was polite and gave us an exceptional customer service experience. The food was great and our money was worth it. I will definitely recommend Barossa to my friends. 🙂

– Gailynn

Would like to feedback that the staff at Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place  were super friendly and welcoming. We had a pleasant time dining there. Anita and Klose took the initiative to recommend dishes to us too! Thanks to Nancy for the superb service too 🙂

– Marabeth

I would like to compliment Anita for her warm and friendly service during our dinner at Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place. She was very cheerful and recommended dishes to us which we enjoyed a lot. Additionally, she constantly came to check up on us and was delighted to hear that we liked her drinks which was something I appreciated. I can tell that she was truly passionate about her service and that made my dining experience very pleasurable. Thank you for your service Anita!!

– Ethel

Wan Fong at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall was extremely helpful by arranging for a party of 5 and helping us out while waiting for our last companion to arrive. She also directed me to the restroom in the mall which was out of the way. As she was explaining the directions, she realized that it was difficult to memorize and chose to walk me there instead. The service level she provided was beyond my expectations. Her level of service makes me want to dine there again.

– Janz

I would like to compliment your staff Yan Hong at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall. He is a friendly and observant staff. He explains to my friend and I patiently about how the buffet dinner works. When I was about to open my ice cream and having difficulty, he came up to me and helped me with it out of his own initiative. Your company is blessed to have such a staff and looking forward to the next meal at Suki-Ya again soon.

– Camilla

The buffet at ROCKU Yakinuku is great and the staff was warm and polite especially the girl who called Wei Sin. We reach the restaurant overtime that we had reserved but they still help us to reserved a nice corner seat as our request before even the restaurant was quite busy on that time. My girlfriend and i had a wonderful experience at this restaurant and sure we will visit there again. Thanks

– Hanson

I would like to make a commendation for Ms Verna of Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall. She has been very helpful and accommodating when we, me and my friends, dinned in to the restaurant. She is polite and gives a warm smile not only to us but to other customers as well. More power to Suki-ya for having polite and accommodating employees.

– Lily/Jai

Raffy at Flaming Don Bugis+ was approachable and greeted us warmly and guide us through their menu. The food is awesome and the price is very affordable compared to the other nearby restaurant. I had the spicy kimchi seafood ramen and chicken kaarage which is my highly recommend and must try. I will not hesitate to go back again to Flaming Don. Salute to the Flaming Don crews. Cheers!

– Zyrex

Great authentic Thai fare at Bangkok Jam Bugis+. Simple dishes, reasonably priced and deliciously cooked. Ingredients are fresh. Restaurant is clean, service prompt and staff attentive. Reyna who served me was helpful, explaining benefits of membership for future visits. She was also patiently explaining and recommending to a Caucasian couple seated next to my table some Thai dishes.

– Freddy

We were served by 2 attentive and super helpful staff at Bangkok Jam Marina Square; Apple and Monica. They went to the extra mile to make sure that we enjoyed our meal and even gave me a surprise desert for my birthday month. I will definitely recommend my friend to visit your outlet!

– Jenn

I dined at Suki-Ya Bukit Panjang Plaza with my family. Staff there was great, especially Suk Chen, she was very friendly! Food was awesome too, lots of variety to choose from! I love the laksa soup base too! Will definitely go back again.

– Jiajun




Waiter and waitresses at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall were helpful and proactive to our dining needs. Thank you for the good service

– Celeste


Compliment for staff at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave Mall. The service was nice, especially Zhang Shuang Amy. She helped us to change table to a bigger one upon the arrival of our friend who was late. Also, she offered to cut the fruit for us. Well done!

– Leow Ching


On 12 June 2018, I was having a nice dinner at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave with my friends. We were given an exceptional service from one of your waitress. Her name was Zhang Shuang. She was always very attentive and assisted us in every request we asked.

– Derek


I would like to compliment Zhang Shuang, for her exemplary service, giving us the best recommendations for the soup, for the desserts, and the sauces. She helped us to change a table without any complains. I enjoyed my first dining experience at Suki-Ya Kallang Wave. Will recommend my friends here as well.

– Brandon




Would like to say I received excellent feedback from Ting Hoei from KURO Izakaya at Suntec City. Food was prompt, obliging, great service.

– Reema


I came to KURO izakaya with my wife 3 weeks ago and was very impressed with the food and service. I was served by Ting Hoei and she was very patient in explaining to us the menu and answer many of the questions we have raised. After the visit, I shared with my friends and we came back to patronize KURO izakaya. And was pleasantly surprised to be served by Ting Hoei again. As we did not make bookings before hand, she arranged for us to sit first and thereafter organize a larger space for us. Her service was exemplary. Thank you. Will be back again.

– Vincent


This is just a little compliment for Ms Ting Hoei from Kuro Izakaya. She was very polite and attentive and our dining experience was certainly made much better because of her.

– Laura


Would like to submit feedback for the staff(s), Ting Hoei and colleague, who served us at Kuro Izakaya during lunch. Staff were polite when conversing with us, and detailed in their explanation. Prompt service in refilling our drinks. Would commend them for attentive dining service.

– Joyce




I dine at Suki-Ya Tampines Mall on 29 Jun evening and I wish to compliment Ms Zar Zar for her warm service and professionalism. As we have 2 relatives arriving later but my kids already hungry, she allowed us to dine first while trying her best to make sure my 2 relatives were seated near to us (on the basis that the place is not full house).

I also mistakenly mentioned to her that I have 1 voucher (mistaken that it was 1 voucher for 4 pax instead of 2 voucher for 2 pax which was correct) and cause some inconvenience to her as she has to void and rekey our bill. Yet she gladly rectify my mistake with a smile.

A staff like her is a true asset to your company, and make diners come back again.

– Cecilia 


Wanted to send my compliments to your staff – Anna. I dined at Suki-Ya Kovan with my family (3pax) about 7, left the outlet at 8.20pm. When we wanted to add the premium meat, Anna went to the kitchen to check first before keying in the charges. She then come out to inform us that there may not be enough Wagyu this we may wish to reconsider (so that we don t spend extra money). After preparing the soup and the standard stuff for us, she went to the kitchen to check again, probably also counted the number of plates left for the Wagyu then came out to inform us that it should be enough for us.

Compliments to this lady for serving above and beyond, and for thinking of her customers 🙂

– Pei San


I was in Fremantle seafood market for Birthday dinner, it was a perfect choice. Food is good and service given by Jerome and fish is excellent. I would bring my colleagues in this lovely place.

– Ivan


Would like to compliment Joseph from Marina Square Bangkok Jam was such a pleasant and professional waiter. He made recommendations that we totally enjoyed.

– Brindha


I had a good evening last night at Kuro Izakaya Suntec. The food was nice especially your garlic fried rice and beef don. I would like also to recommend the whole team in Suntec especially Ethel for doing a good service to us. She’s all smiles the whole night.

We will be back for sure. Thank you!

– Rae K. 


I would like to feedback on the excellent services that Rowena and her crew had provided us during our dinner on 22nd June. They were extremely patience with us as we dine in at 9pm at Suki-Ya Marina Square. Me and my friends were very satisfied with their services as it was our first time dining there. Thank you very much for the experience. We would definitely visit again soon.

– Galvin




It was an absolute pleasure at Fremantle Seafood Market, what with the delicious crab cakes and lemon-tinged ice water. But what made the experience better than very good was the excellent service rendered by Jerome and his crew. Polite and attentive from start to finish. We’ll drop by again soon.

– Josh & Grace


I would like to compliment a staff named  Kelvin from Siam Kitchen Eastpoint Mall for his excellence customer service 🙂 I had dine in on the 30th June 2018 and had use my uniqgift voucher that day. He had took time out to patiently explained on the items that the voucher could be used on and had helpfully assisted with my billing process at the end of my meal. It was a great dining experience 🙂

– Derek


We visited Barossa to chill by the Esplanade. Really warm service and great staff, thank you to Christian who keeps on checking on us. And exceeded our expectations. We visited again just because they were real great. I like the baby back ribs! Recommended!

– Keena


Christian of Barossa esplanade is very pleasant and attentive to details, nice to us when serving. Kudos with the crew

– Jason Ladrido


Had dinner with my family at Barossa. My daughter love her mushroom soup and truffle fries. The menu is perfect, something for everyone. Me and my wife tried the Baby back ribs, the meat was not overcooked, it is not tough as well. The flavour of every bone and meat was just very tasty. Service was awesome, they are very accommodating. They made certain that we had everything we need. Well done Guys…

– Prince


I would like to compliment Kelly from Shabuya and Shochu Bar. She’s very attentive and serve the guests with a sincere smile.

– Shuyu


Patara Fine Thai Cuisine is an excellent restaurant located in the Tanglin Mall. The interior is authentic & cozy. Food is very tasty and delicious and covers a variety of traditional and modernly interpreted Thai dishes. The three course lunch sets are recommendable and come at a very reasonable price. The service is outstanding: the staff is friendly, courteous and very attentive.

– Sven



My family and I are big fans of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine! We love their food and we come here very often. The dishes were very tasty and delicious! Kim provided very good service to us and she was very sweet and friendly. Keep it up! Two thumbs up!!!

– Mei Yan


I am very pleased to give a feedback to one of the staff by the name of Monica at Bangkok Jam Marina Square for her great service and well-versed with the product in Bangkok jam. She is polite and genuine in her service. Indeed a pleasant experience dining here. Food is great and service is well. Really appreciate her thought and kindness towards us. Thank you very much!

– John Tan



I would like to commend one of your staff who’s name is Kelly . During the meal at Shabuya & Shochu Bar she is friendly attentive and swift in assisting us in our needs. We dine on 17/06/2018. We hope to visit again and will share this buffet food outlet to our friends.

– Vincent


I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by your Bangkok Jam staff for my little one’s first year birthday party.

As a matter of fact, I was somewhat concerned on holding my daughter’s birthday party at Bangkok Jam as little reviews were found on social media but I was delighted that we made the right choice of selecting said venue. First and foremost, we would like to thank Mr Tom for his utmost guidance throughout the booking process, attending to our numerous queries, last minute requests as well as reassuring us that the event will be in good order under his supervision.

On top of that, we want to take the time to show our gratitude towards Mr Ramesh and Barnabas for facilitating us as first time hosts and ensuring no hiccups and complaints in addition to timely requests from the guests. I was pretty convinced that cake cutting was not part of the package and we deeply treasured such value added services from your good staff. We would like to thank your staff for the wonderful experience as we and our guests enjoyed the food and ambience!

– Charissa


Dined with my mother at Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura where your staff, Wella, have asked us to sign up for creative eateries membership. Little did we know that even Sukiya and Barossa where we have visited before were under same company. She told us the perks of having your membership and delighted to know that it something that we shouldn’t miss out. Now I am a Creative Eateries member and excited to hop in to your different concepts of restaurants when we have gatherings and especial occasions. We extend our thanks as well to the whole crew for the good service and of course good food!

– Christian


We sincerely would like to provide our feedbacks on your 2 dedicated staff at Typhoon Café (Plaza Singapura). We have 2 dinners there and were very pleased with their friendly and approachable attitudes that make our dinner so enjoyable.

Ken Tan– Very approachable and able to proactively providing good recommendation of the food offered by Typhoon Café.

Pei Ying– Young sweet girl who is so dedicated and committed to her job. Always serve the customers with a sweet smile.

– Helen


I have had a good experience at Bangkok Jam Marina SquareMonica was a pleasant and helpful staff tending to our needs. Even when the crowd started to come in and she was the only one serving, she was patient and had a charming smile. Since I work around the area, it’s good to find a place with good food and most importantly, great service to return to. Thanks Monica!

– Jaslyn


My friends and I visited Bangkok Jam Marina Square yesterday and had a splendid dinner experience, all thanks to your conscientious and friendly staff, Monica. She constantly took care of our needs and made the entire dining experience a pleasure. Not only was she friendly, she also paid special attention to our table and we would definitely be back to see Monica again. Keep up the good work as Monica is an excellent service staff. Thank you.

– Christopher


Had dinner at Bangkok Jam, Marina Square last night and was greeted and served by your staff, Monica. She was very warm and hospitable. She also took the initiative to share with us recommendations and popular food items. Monica is also attentive to our needs. The group was very happy dining under the care of Monica. We will return again!

– Michelle


I went for dinner at Bangkok Jam at Plaza Singapura and was served by Hooi Fern. Since that was the first time I went there, I was not sure of what to order.  She asked if I like spicy food.  When I said no, she recommended some dishes to me. Later, I decided on Beef Noodles Soup and Fresh Green Papaya Spring Rolls with Zesty Som Tum Dressing. I liked both the dishes and the friendly service provided by Hooi Fern.  Thanks to the chef and Hooi Fern for making my dinner time so enjoyable at Bangkok Jam.

– Ms Khong


Had our lunch at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. All the servers provided good services and are able to skilfully recommend food and drinks, with both food and drinks served within short time frame. Monica was especially helpful and attentive. We will definitely visit again!

– Cassandra


It was a pleasure being at Bangkok Jam at Wheelock Place and being served by Anita. She is pleasant, helpful and sweet. And makes a positive eatery experience.

– Sucheta

Would like to write in to commend Anita at Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place for her really good service during dinner. When we started off with looking at the new revamped menu, she gladly took the initiative to recommend dishes which she thought were good. And when we gave our feedback that some dishes were not so suitable, she immediately changed her recommendations based on the feedback she received and went on to find more suitable ones for us. Even one which she remembered that could be changed slightly from the menu to suit our preferences, she checked with the kitchen if we could do that.

All the dishes turned out very well and we enjoyed her recommendations as well. She was also very friendly and share her personal experiences with us on how much she loves food and her passion for being in f&b. It was an enjoyable dinner experience. Other than that, Nancy who was there also had good service. Will definitely be back!

– Michele

My friends and I really enjoyed Anita‘s service throughout our dining experience at Bangkok Jam Wheelock place. Her outgoing and friendly personality warmed us up. It was a pleasure dining here thanks to her service.

– Raelyn

Would love to commend Anita who served us at the Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place! Loved all the recommendations for food especially the desserts! She was friendly and hospitable to us throughout even though we were using an eatigo discount. Would definitely recommend my friends to come to this particular outlet because of Anita!!

– Gabi

Just to drop a note to compliment the wonderful services from Ms Nancy and Ms Anita. They are very attentive and friendly, always with with a big smile. Great dining experience at Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place and will definitely come back again.

– Daniel

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Media Tasting at Bangkok Jam Bugis+

Following the banging launch of our new outlet at Bugis+ (#04-08), Bangkok Jam is honoured to also host some of Singapore’s beloved food experts over a hearty dinner at the spanking new outlet. Check out all the delish deets that went down that day!






It seems like our Green With Envy Snow Ice is the crowd pleaser for the night (pssst, we’ve got other exciting flavours too! Check them out at Bugis+!) This outlet marks a whole new venture that Bangkok Jam is beyond excited to embark on. Get the latest updates on Bangkok Jam through:

W: | FB:
T: 6369 0897 | A: 201 Victoria Street #04-08, Singapore 188067

We would like to thank everyone for taking time to join us. For more information on Bangkok Jam’s new menu and ongoing promotions, please visit

Till next time!

Bangkok Jam’s Banging New Outlet at Bugis+

Lighting up Bugis+ with a spanking new look

June 2018 – Bangkok Jam, one of the best known household name for Thai food has been filling bellies for 11 years. After a successful launch for the new menu earlier in March, Bangkok Jam is thrilled to finally unveil the banging new outlet at Bangkok Jam Bugis+! Coupled with bright lights and luscious flowers, the revamped Bugis+ outlet showcases a bold and modern interior that transport one to the trendy cafes that filled the streets of Bangkok. The new chic Bugis+ outlet possesses an atmosphere perfect to relax and unwind; definitely no chip of the old block – what further set it apart from other outlets is the menu.

The Bugis+ revamped menu presents an extensive selection of decadent desserts and refreshing beverages. Other than the modern Thai fare that Bangkok Jam is known for, the Bugis+ outlet also features a brand new dessert bar that display specially handcrafted Thai sweet treats. From scrumptious crepe cakes to the appetising jar desserts, this new dessert menu will be a perfect treat for your sweet tooth.

A notable addition to the enhanced dessert section is the Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake – a classic delight that is layered with Thai Milk Tea cream and topped with sweet red beans. Daredevils can look forward to the Chilli Chocolate Cake – a moist and dense chocolate delight that is generously coated with rich chocolate ganache that’s packed a slight fiery punch at the end of every bite.

For the foodies who fancy a refreshing treat, the new snow ice selection is definitely not-to-be-missed! Perfect for sharing amongst large groups, the new icy delight has plenty of tasty surprises hidden within it. A definite crowd pleaser goes to Green with Envy; a Green Milk Tea flavoured snow ice that is drenched with sweet red bean sauce, Azuki beans, crushed peanuts and vanilla ice cream. Just as the name suggest, onlookers will be green with food envy as they watch you and your friends indulge.

A key highlight also includes the pimped up beverage selection. Beat the Singapore heat and sip up refreshing goodness with the new smoothie selection, from berry-favourites like the Berry Delight; strawberry smoothie with zesty berry cubes and whipped cream, to the local-favourite Thorny Affair, a thick smoothie made with the king of fruits and topped off with sweet vanilla ice cream. Refreshing teas are also a must-try, a house specialty includes the Home-brewed Lemongrass Tea, now with a kiss of floral notes from Rose, calming Lavender or oriental Osmanthus, all served hot or iced.

Bangkok Jam Bugis+ also launches a new 3-course Executive Set Lunch alongside the launch of the new outlet. Expect to taste the delectable medley of traditional and contemporary flavours of Bangkok with signature dishes like Red Tom Yum Soup and Signature Phad Thai. All set lunches are served with a small Mango Salad a refreshing Iced Lemon Tea. For a hearty meal, diners can further complete their meal with the add-on options of the new Crepe Cakes and Sago desserts.


We’re back with another epic members exclusive at….


*drum rolls*



We’re sure you’ve heard of this place before, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat. Enjoy the best of both worlds as you go glamping (glamorous camping) in a modern setting with Canopi’s luxurious safari themed tents. To top it off, you get 15% off their best room rates, just by being a Creative Eateries Member! All you have to do is enter “CE15 at their booking page and viola, that’s 15% you’ve saved. You’re welcome!


Booking Period: 01 July 2018 – 30 September 2018

Staying Period: 01 July 2018 – 31 October 2018


That’s not all! While you’re there, head on over to Treasure Bay Bintan’s very own Chill Cove and take a cruise along Crystal Lagoon which is 6.3 hectare big – a whopping 800m! Or test your skills at wakeboarding!

Whatever you choose to do at Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan, enter “CE15” at their booking page and get 15% off all activities!


Purchase from 01 July 2018 to 30 September 2018.

Validity is 3 months from the date of purchase.


Terms & Conditions

1. Only applicable to Creative Eateries Singapore Members only. Creative Eateries members must provide NRIC upon booking confirmation.

2. Not valid in conjunction with other discount programs; other promotions; membership/loyalty programs.

3. Creative Eateries members MUST present the NRIC at check-in/or activities centre for verification to redeem this offer. 

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5. Bookings made are strictly non-refundable. 

6. The Management reserves the right to amend the offer without prior notice. 

7. Prior reservations are required for The Canopi and rooms are subject to availability.

8. Standard Terms and Conditions of The Canopi and Chill Cove applies. 


For our fourth edition of our Creative Eateries’ Service, we interviewed Qris who is a full-time staff at ROCKU Yakiniku. 

Despite having only joined us for only half a year, she has already proved herself capable of handling even the toughest of situations very well, and will going out of her way just to put a smile on everyone’s faces. 


Today, we discussed what it means to have a Customer Centric Culture, and how it has played a significant role at Creative Eateries.

Customer Centric Culture: Providing top-notch service and an excellent experience for customers.



Q: What do you think helps to enhance customer’s dining experience with us?

A: Always ask if it’s their first time dining with us, as first time customers do not know what are the dos and don’ts when eating at ROCKU Yakiniku. If it’s their first, we will always make sure to guide them along their dinner to ensure they do not overcook the meat, giving them a better dining experience. 


Q: What does good customer service mean to you?

A: Being attentive to the customers needs. This helps us to be quick on out feet and attend to customers whenever they need us.


Q: What’s do you think is the most important thing when it comes to ensuring customers always have an enjoyable time?

A: Be very polite! No matter where you are or what you do, ensuring that we are respectful to the customers helps to make them feel more relaxed and more at home. 

Also, we must also be fast! *laughs*


Here are what our customers had to say of Qris’ outstanding customer service:


I would like to express my appreciation to one of your management trainee Qris from ROCKU Yakiniku. Thank you for her willingness to serve my table and fulfill our multiple requests and the nice dining experience in your restaurant.

– Lulu Chou


It is my pleasure to write my email to your restaurant, ROCKU Yakiniku. A management trainee named Qris, is a hardworking and polite staff in your company. She provides very good service and dedicated herself to work.  My family loves her service very much.

– Jenny Sin


The Japanese style charcoal grill buffet at ROCKU Yakiniku is super nice and highly recommended. The service provided was good especially a lady called Qris who is friendly and professional in her service.  Basically, we enjoy the food, service and environment there!

– Jessie


We always spend lunch n dinner over the weekend and we found out the bbq food at ROCKU Yakiniku is very good overall. The service from Qris is wonderful, informing us about the term and condition, the value add of having lunch with you guys.

– Fransciscus

Songkran Celebration 2018

Other than offering one of the world’s beloved cuisine, Thailand is a country of fascinating cultures and traditions. One of the key traditions that Thais celebrate is Songkran Festival, otherwise known as the Thai Traditional New Year. Songkran is a water festival that represents new beginnings, love, gratefulness and compassion.

In celebration for the tradition, we round up the Asian division and hosted our annual Songkran celebration. It was definitely a night filled with laughter, alcohol and of course, precious moments to remember!

(Below) Our Thai Chefs belting it out in a karaoke battle with our CEO, Mr Anthony Wong.

You can’t have a party without some gifts – here’s our CEO giving out prizes to the lucky draw winners.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Here’s to new beginnings and a wonderful new year ahead! สุขสันต์วันสงกรานต์!