SME Talent Programme – Joanne Foo

Creative Eateries had the opportunity to groom talented youths though the SME Talent Programme. We’re lucky to have Joanne Foo join Creative Eateries as part of the programme and we’re beyond proud to share that she now helms the Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai team as a Restaurant Manager.

Graduated from Republic Polytechnic, Joanne joined the SME Talent Programme back in March 2014. After deciding to sign a scholarship bond with Creative Eateries for 2 years, she motivated herself to take up an internship programme with the company to better prepare herself for the upcoming bond. After which, Joanne raised to take up more responsibilities, undertaking a full-time position as a Supervisor in the restaurant.

Throughout the 4 years in Creative Eateries, Joanne has packed up ample experience and we had the kind opportunity to have a chat with her to better understand her learning and growth progress here with the Creative Eateries family.

Q: How long have you been with Creative Eateries? 

J: Four years since March 2014

Q: What is your role at Creative Eateries?

J: I started out as an intern at Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai, and was promoted to take on a Supervisor role during my bond. After my bond ended in two and a half years, I’m now a restaurant manager at Fremantle Seafood Market/Talay Thai. I am in charge in the whole operation in the restaurant and make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Q: Share with us your progress for the SME Talent Programme?

J: I started out as an intern in Creative Eateries and this was by choice. The reason is because I think that I would be able to prep myself better before I start out as a full time in Creative Eateries. During my bond I started out as a supervisor and after my bond ended, I was offered a full-time position and i gladly accepted as they have a great working environment with great bosses and colleagues. Therefore i have decided to continue my career with Creative Eateries and i hope to continue to learn and grow as the company continue to prosper.

Q: Are there more responsibilities that you take up, what are they?

J: I have more responsibilities such as people management, timetable management, handling complaint etc.

Q: What have you learnt in your time at Creative Eateries?

J: I had learned on my multitasking skills and how to manage a restaurant as well as managing my staffs.

Q: What’s your biggest takeaway from this SME Talent Programme?

J: Biggest takeaway from SME Talent Programme is the learning experience I gained from Creative Eateries which is I am not able to acquire from academic school.

Q: What inspires you to more forward?

J: What inspires me is the team spirit in Creative Eateries where everyone works hard and moves towards a common goal to achieve good results for a better Creative Eateries and better future.

Q: What is the most memorable experience in Creative Eateries?

J: I have a good teacher and mentor and her name is Raine and she made me understand how helpful a person can be. She taught me a lot of things that are not obvious and those of which I would not be able to learn in school or even in books. If it weren’t for her I would not be able to be where I am today. This is the most memorable experience I have in Creative Eateries.

Here at Creative Eateries, we believe that good staff are hard to come by and we work hard together to grow the Creative Eateries Family, to make sure everyone is happy, committed, passionate and equipped with the right skills to bring warm and delightful service. Once again, we’re blessed to have Joanne as part of the big family, and would like to thank her for taking the time to share with us her valuable experiences.

Bangkok Jam Media Tasting

Dishing out contemporary Thai cuisine since its inception in 2007, Bangkok Jam is proud to introduce a newly revamped menu to kick start the year! Taste the delectable medley of new and traditional flavours of the “City of Angels” with Bangkok Jam’s hot favourites like Fried Chicken Mid Joints with Thai Fish Sauce Marinade and Seafood Phad Thai, alongside jamming new creations such as Caramelised Pork Belly in Vinegar and Duck Breast in Red Curry.

Last month, we had the honour to host some of Singapore’s top notch influencers over a hearty meal at Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura, sharing more information about the new menu concept and design.

Let’s hear what some of them have to say:







We would like to thank everyone for coming down to join us! For more information on Bangkok Jam’s new menu and ongoing promotions, please visit

View Bangkok Jam_Press Release_March 2018

Till next time!

Documenting Creative Eateries’ Service Heroes Pt 3 – Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square

Our third rendition in documenting Creative Eateries’ Service Heroes features Monica, a full time staff at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. Despite the short 3.5 years with us, Monica’s excellent service is evident from her positive and willing-to-learn attitude towards her work. Throughout her time at Bangkok Jam Marina Square, she has touched the hearts of many diners’, who often expressed their gratitude by writing to the management to share their dining experience at the restaurant.

We also sat down with Monica to find out how she display one of the company’s core values – Upholding the Kampong Spirit.

Kampong Spirit: A sense of social cohesion in a community where there is understanding and compromise among neighbours, even as preferences differ from household to household.

Q: What do you think is the most important element of customer service?
M: Patience

Q: Why do you think customers enjoy your service?
M: I always put on a smile whenever I serve my customers and always take the time to understand their needs, and how I can do my best to provide them with an enjoyable dining experience.

Q: Do you have a memorable customer service experience that you remember?
M: Nothing in particular that I can remember of. But each customer whom I’ve served, I always remind myself to be patient and friendly to help (diners) however I can.

Q: How do you feel when customers are happy with your service?
M: I definitely feel good about myself and it’s a good reminder for me to continue working hard and providing quality customer service!

Q: Any tip to help other employees?
M: Always make an effort to understand your customers well and always be patient to help however you can. When you offer a personalised service, your customers feel appreciated and this is also in line with the company’s purpose to spread joy and delight to everyone’s taste buds.


Let’s hear what some of our diners have to say towards Monica’s exceptional customer service:


“We will like to praise Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square for her absolute service. I was back in Singapore to gather with my old friends on 16 March 2018 (Friday). Monica definitely went beyond our expectations and we were absolutely pleased. We were served with wrong orders from other helpers but she was kind to guide her colleagues.” – Terrence


“I’d like to commend Monica, your service staff at Bangkok Jam @Marina Square. It was the second time we’d eaten at this restaurant and it was great to see Monica again. It was the busy dinner hour on a Friday night but she went over and beyond the call of duty to make our children feel special and welcome. She’s really a gem!” – Reuben


“I dined at Bangkok Jam at Marina Square 22 March and your staff Monica was really helpful. She was patient with us on the menu, explained clearly, and delivered excellent service. Keep it up!” Derrel


“I would just like to affirm Monica for being a very exemplary waitress! I have enjoyed all my experiences, and she has been very nice and patient :)” – Qing Qing


“We will like to compliment your staff, Monica, for her excellent services. She is very attentive to our request. Her positive and bubbly character made us feel very welcome at your restaurant. Thank you for making our lunch enjoyable!” – Angeline


“I am writing to express my gratitude and delight for the service rendered by Monica from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. She went the extra mile to recommend applying for the membership card, and going out of her way to make our time there enjoyable. I will most definitely return to this outlet for more food, as the service far exceeded what I usually experience in eateries.” – Melissa


I’m writing this email to express my satisfaction with your staff at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. I came here on a Thursday night with my friends for dinner and was specially taken care of by Monica. She took the effort to make sure that our food was okay, chatted with us and constantly looking out for us on even small details (ie. extra bowls for our extra small bowl of soup etc). Being stressed out from a day of work, it’s always nice have someone care about your wellbeing, let alone a stranger. Thank you Monica for making us extra special on this very normal day!” – Wan Xin


“I am writing to compliment one of your staff, Monica at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. She makes us feel at home with her hospitality. We were here this evening to celebrate our friend’s birthday and she pleasantly surprised her with a red ruby! That was a really kind gesture!” – Yan Ting


“Thanks for the exceptional service from Monica and her team. They were very cheerful and full of happiness while serving. Despite the late hours of operation, they can still bring a smile to the faces of the customers at the restaurant!” – Daryle


“I would like to commend on Monica’s excellent service at Bangkok Jam Marina Square branch. She was warm and friendly and was also extremely patient in explaining what’s on offer. Kudos to the great service!” – Gary

Once again, we would like to thank Monica for taking time to share with us her experiences and for her efforts to provide remarkable customer service!



Christian was very helpful on our Wedding Day at Vineyard at HortPark. He was quick to act on any feedback or changes necessary and worked very well with the rest of his team to ensure the event ran smoothly. We felt very at ease with Christian running the restaurant and event, as we focused on enjoying ourselves and mingled with our guests. Big kudos to Christian and his team!

– Angeline and Kian


Celebrated my nephew’s great decision to be engaged at Vineyard. We had a lovely time discussing heart matters in a lovely ambience, good service but it is the food that crowns the visit. Delicate presentation of the two set lunches was not compromised when we ordere Manzo. The chocolate tart with the chamomile tea plus hot chocolate made the strawberry dessert a wanton desire. Vineyard remains a notch above others.

– Carolin 


Vineyard is an excellent place for young couples with kids. They have cartoons on screen and bouncy castle to make the small one happy and parents to enjoy the meal.

– Amelia


The service at Vineyard was really good and the atmosphere was very calm and peaceful too. The food was great too!

– Spenser




I would like to commend on Monica’s excellent service at Bangkok Jam Marina Square branch. She was warm and friendly and was also extremely patient in explaining what’s on offer. Kudos to great service!

– Gary


I would like to express a positive feedback to one of your employee, Monica at Bangkok Jam Marina Square. She remembers me, despite not patronising bangkok jam Marina Square outlet for some months. That made me feel special and added a personal touch to her customer service! She paid attention to ensure the orders are properly delivered and even made good recommendations. Please let her know that she has been a great contribution to the good name of your firm. Thanks!

– Jacob


I would like to commend one of your staff, Monica, from Bangkok Jam Marina Square. My family had lunch at that branch today and we received really great service from her. She showed plenty of initiative, giving us children cutlery and water without our asking, and she was attentive and very friendly. She knows your new menu well and helped us find suitable food from the menu, especially for our young children. When she saw we couldn’t finish our food she initiated packing it up for us to take home as well.

All in all, our experience today was very pleasant, largely because of her good service. Please commend her on our behalf and let her know we appreciated her attentiveness to our needs.

– Samantha


I will like to express my gratitude to Monica from Bangkok Jam who rendered excellent services during the course of dinner. She is very attentive on my request, friendly and approachable. I enjoyed having my dinner with her bubbly presence. Keep it up to the good work and all the best.
– Prima




We would like to commend Yan Hong from Suki-Ya Marina Square as he had not dropped his smile for a second while serving everyone. He had made our dining experience very pleasant and we left the store very happy and satisfied.



I was at Suki-ya Bukit Panjang Plaza having my lunch with my family. Staff there was great, especially Suk Chen and. Cindy, they are very friendly! Food was awesome too, lots of variety to choose from!

Jia Jun


I take pleasure to offer my Compliments to the Management & Staff of Suki-Ya Kovan. My party of 15 paxs truly enjoyed the Food and Services.

Your Service staff were prompt, helpful and attentive to details and your Management staff shown good leadership and Customer services. My extended family had a memorable festive reunion that evening. We would extend our Compliments to Jerrine, Kim, Lily, Nancy and not forgetting the Backroom staff.



I was at Suki-Ya at I12 Katong having dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday. It was a good and pleasant experience despite the busy dinner crowd the store is facing. Manager and Staffs such as Vincent, Biao Kai, Joyce and Jing Ning are very helpful in terms of helping me passing a Birthday Cake to my dad and also their usual service. Please do help me convey my commendation to them as my dad was very happy with the celebration catered for him.

Yong Xun


I’m writing in to express my heartfelt for the excellent service rendered by your staffs.

I came to Suki-Ya at Plaza Singapura today and I was having my late dinner with my one friend and I must say, I’m really impressed by your staffs. They had the brightest smile when I asked for some request!

Please convey my heartfelt to them, for a outstanding job done! And keep up the good work, and never let those cranky customers bring your smiles down!

Nata Neo


We Just ate at Eat @ Taipei  Tampines Mall. Would like to praise your waiter Mun Kit, we eat out very often and have not encountered such proactive service – he runs around to ensure people get their food quickly. And he was so apologetic when our food was slightly delayed, which wasn’t even an issue with us. We think he’s an asset as good wait staff are hard to come by!

Shulin Lee


Visited Eat at Taipei Kallang Wave Mall on a weekday and the food service very fast. Good service and nice food.

Seet Keng Zee


This place has a live band, so definitely the vibe tends to be livelier even on quieter weekday nights. Along with the meat, there’s are a salad bar with fruits, carbs and dessert.  My friends had the 100 minute beer and BBQ dinner buffet which is really worth it. The free flow of beer and meat helps as well.

– Eugene


I visited Shabuya & Shochu Bar on 13th Jan, 8.30pm and was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm greeting from your staff, Emelyn. She welcomed us and showed us to our seats while maintaining a very pleasant vibe. I noticed that throughout the hectic evening with customers seeking assistance one after another, Emelyn remained very pleasant, and I would even go to the extent to describe her service attitude as enthusiastic. No matter how many times a customer called her, she was consistently attentive and carried an unwavering smile.

– Brandon


Just want to compliment on one of your employees, Emelyn at Tajimaya VivoCity. She is very customer-centric and provided fantastic fast and personal service during our lunches there on Sundays.

– Sharon


I would like to praise your staff – Emelyn from Shabuya Vivo City for her excellent service. She’s always smiling and never fails to greet me whenever I visit. She would always check if everything is fine with the order and would personally walk up to thank me whenever she sees me leaving.

– Pauline


I visited Barossa and was truly impressed by LC who served use promptly despite the crowd. It was a great experience, great food great service!

– Deanna


Emelyn at Shabuya always makes my visit a pleasant one with her constant smile and efficient service. On one of my visits, we had arrived almost close to the last order and whilst most restaurants would have turned us away, she was kind enough to accommodate us and quickly got us a table and took our orders. The food came quickly and she constantly popped by to check if we needed more before the kitchen closed for the afternoon. Every order made through her was not missed or forgotten. At previous visits, although other staff served us, she never fails to always say hi and acknowledge us. Such small gestures really do go a long way in making us feel at home and important.



Thank you Bangkok Jam dining at Marina Square for the cozy, friendly and efficient experience. It was my first visit at Bangkok Jam Marina Square and I am satisfied to dine here. The senior and staffs were all smily at the entrance. Every individual was cheerful and attentive. They took pride in what they have to do, from the kitchen to the frontline. After we were seated, water were served before we even noticed it. Food was served fast and hot and ingredients were fresh. I’d like to compliment the crew by the name Zhi Ming, was pretty self-driven & helpful young man. He was patient and calm to recommend the best sellers on the menu, shared promo for birthday months, members’ privileges to my guest and myself at the end of bill check. He made tiny effort and it meant a lot to us, I believe he benefits the company for good and as a team-player in many ways. My guest were pleased and I enjoyed the evening. Definitely will recommend to others and return.

– Doris


It’s our first time dining at Bangkok Jam Plaza Singapura, my husband and I were hesitant about the menu but the staff by the name of Wella helped us a lot. She is friendly and comfortable to talk to, and the service was fast. The food was fantastic, I’m happy and satisfied when leaving the restaurant. I would like to compliment Wella for her good attitude and excellent customer service.
– Marie

I would like to bring out that you guys have excellent employees over at Bangkok Jam in Plaza SingapuraMarilyn and Wella has been a great help during my visit last weekend. My friends and I really enjoyed our dinner and will be back again.

– Edmund


I was absolutely delighted by the attentive, enthusiastic and cheerful service manifested by your staff Anita, Nancy and Kevin at your Bangkok Jam Wheelock Place. Such a standard of service is so rare these days. What gems in your culinary repertoire!


Creative Eateries New Year Party

Creative Eateries started 2018 with a bang! We hosted two separate parties at RockU Yakiniku and Tong Kang Riverboat Dining restaurant. Despite the different restaurant settings, people and activities, there were a few things in common – laughter, a lot of alcohol and even more singing.

Put together by our operations team themselves, from food preparation to setting up of the restaurants to hosting the party and even cleaning up after the party, everyone had a part to make the party a success.

Here’s what went down at the party, hear what we have to say:

Asian Division Party

“Our team and I enjoyed the division party. The most enjoyable part was to cheer for your division when one of the them is sent for the beer contest. It was nice to see everyone together as team for an event apart from work. Although everyone look tired after work but everyone was happy. I hope to have more of such events in the future.” – Suki-ya Tampiness Mall Team 💪

“I enjoyed all of the activities during the division party. But what I enjoyed the most is the get together of all the management staff, the chefs and as well as Top Management. It’s nice to see everyone together for an event apart from work. Looking forward for more fun and entertaining events!!!” – Raf

“It is important to celebrate a great and a successful year with great people, good food and enjoyable scenes. I enjoyed that night together with such wonderful people which i consider as friends. Looking forward for another great and successful year ahead. Aja!” – Jerrine

“Year end party is the best time to celebrate to end the year right, but of course it is a must to enjoy! We get to develop great camaraderie with co-colleagues.” – Viet

“Division party was a great night, it’s great to see everyone who work hard together spend time having a fun night. We are thankful to those who prepared the buffet foods and free flow beers, and all the people involved to make It so successful.” – Chin

“I had a great night and enjoy every moment of it, especially the get together of all the staff. I appreciate all the effort the management staff put together in preparing the party. I am definitely looking forward to another get together with all the management staff and our bosses.” – Irene

“I enjoyed all the games during the party and it was really nice to see the whole team so united.” – Vincent

“I enjoy this party very much as I got to chat and have dinner with my colleagues, the most important thing was that everyone wanted to get a prize during the lucky draw.” – Steven

“It was a great and funny year end party in 2018. We celebrated the company’s success and got to know everyone since all the management were also present. The bosses were very supportive and kind with the event, we even sang with them, which makes everyone feel comfortable. There were games like drinking beer and exchanging presents. I look forward for more and more success events like this.” – Rowena

“The party was a blast and I had a lot of fun together with the management, staffs and chefs. It was a great bonding session.” – Samuel


Western Division New Year Party

“Its my first time attending a year end party with Creative Eateries and it was fantastic. It was a night of celebration and laughter. Staff were incredible, and the food was all delicious!” – Christian

“It was really nice to see everyone come together after a long day of work. Even though everyone noticeably tired, it was still a hell of a night since everyone enthusiastically participated in the activities planned out. It was a great opportunity to get together to know your colleagues.” – Gabrielle

“The year end party was great, well planned and fun. Emcees did a great job at organising the crowd and creating joy.” – Tom Phoon

“There was a great spread of food, and we had lots of fun drinking, playing games and spending time outside work with our colleagues!” – Chef Luis

“It was a good opportunity for people from the office to mingle with operations team, it was life changing!” – Jia Lin

“The division party was so much more than what I expected it to be as it was my first, but I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I look forward to spending another great year with everyone again!” – Enseilia

“It’s really admirable how we always see projects through from conception to completion. Having you guys on the team makes a huge difference because we always find a way to get it done and done well.” – Chris

“It was a wonderful night and we all had so much fun, I especially enjoyed the attractive lucky draw prizes.” – Tu Rui

Here’s to another year of joy and happiness. On behalf from all of us here at Creative Eateries, we wish everyone a Blessed New Year!


SHARE as One

Since December 2016, Creative Eateries have been engaging the SHARE as One initiative with Community Chest, supporting our adopted cause, HELP Family Service Centre.

It has been a meaningful journey to contribute alongside our staff, by donating dollar for dollar, the total collection from all Creative Eateries staff.

We aim to grow the culture of caring and sharing within our organisation, and will be committing all our new hires to be part of the SHARE as One campaign.

At Creative Eateries, we believe that a little can go a long way, and we are embracing this opportunity that lets us mirror the generosity of our staff. We hope that hand in hand, our company can be a platform for social good.


Organised by the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS), the Excellent Service Award or “EXSA” is an annual national award to recognise individuals who have delivered constant quality of service and have shown themselves to be a great examples of “Service Heroes” in their organization.

The award ceremony this year was held at the NTUC Auditorium on 5th October 2017, and was graced by Guest-of-Honour Ms Sim Ann, the Senior Minister of State. A total of 74 companies participated and 2641 awards were given out.

This year, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded with 8 Star, 23 Gold & 30 Silver Award, which sums up to a total of 61 Awards! It’s an improvement from last year whereby Creative Eateries was awarded a total of 56 Award, which consist of 7 Star & 49 Silver Award, and we hope to do even better in the future!

Last but not least, the Management Team would like to congratulate and thank all 61 awardees of our company for their dedicated service. Keep up the good work!

An Evening @ The Art With Chef Kelvin Loke

Thank you The ART for having us!

Over the weekend, our chefs at Creative Eateries worked with the students from the Assumption Pathway School and threw a 3 course dinner in their house restaurant. It’s a great way for the students to prepare themselves for the work place and gain some confidence and our passionate chefs enjoyed this guiding experience as well~


Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Inaugural Participation in World Gourmet Summit 2017


17th March 2017 – Patara Fine Thai Cuisine always sought to bring diners the finest Thai culinary experience, since its opening in Singapore 23 years ago. Our menus are specially curated by award winning Thai chefs to present our diners the finest quality, flavours and history of Thai cuisine.

This March, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine will be inaugural participating in the World Gourmet Summit (WGS). In lieu of the much anticipated culinary month, we are not only launching our new Set Dinner and Set Lunch Menu, we are kicking off gastronomic affair with our celebrity chef curated World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Degustation Dinner Menu.

For 2017 WGS installment, Patara present’s a two-day exclusive WGS Degustation Dinner Menu specially created by Thailand’s Iron Chef, Thanintorn Chantrawan (Chef Noom) and Patara’s Head Chef, Chimkit Khamphuang (Chef Lisa). The co-created exclusive menu by the two great minds of the culinary world guarantees to excite one’s palates, delivering the ultimate dining experience.

From 28th to 29th March, pamper yourself with extravagant delicacies from land and sea. Using only the freshest produce, the 6-Course WGS Degustation Menu features the Choo Chee Lobster Curry and Grilled Lamb Rack with special blend of Thai herbs. To complement your meal, opt for the wine pairing option with a selection of hand-picked wines from from Italy, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand.


Patara also launches a new WGS Set Dinner and WGS Set Lunch Menu; both offshoots of the WGS Degustation Menu which is similarly co-created by Chef Noom and Chef Lisa. Also part of the World Gourmet Summit 2017, both set menus will be available from now till 30th April.

Expect to feast on the authentic flavours of ancient Thailand in the WGS Set Dinner Menu with dishes like Stir-fried King Prawns with Thai Garlic, Asparagus & Shiitake Mushroom, and Grilled Sirloin Beef with Jaew sauce. The Grilled Sirloin Beef is first marinated with fish sauce then grilled carefully on slow fire and later, paired with housemade Jaew sauce. If one is feeling for some seafood, try the Snow Crab in Red Curry & Betel Nut Leaf. Cooked to perfection, this dish encompassesthe essence of Thai cuisine with ingredients like coconut milk, fish sauce and betel nut leaf delivering an authentic Thai culinary experience.

For a decadent afternoon affair, Patara’s all-new WGS Set Lunch menus features the Drunken Duck, marinated with chilli and lemongrass, as well as the Classic Spicy & Spicy Tom Yum Goong. To further spice up your meal is Patara’s ever popular Thai Taco with Chicken and Prawns – stir-fried with garlic, white pepper and coriander root, this Chefs’ creation present to bring your dining experience to a whole new level.

About Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Nestled in the cozy enclave of Tanglin, Patara Fine Thai Cuisine exudes the easy elegance of a world-class restaurant that remains humble despite its achievement in the culinary world. Noted for its classic Thai dishes made from premium ingredients, the restaurant stays relevant in changing times by constantly innovating to fit diners’ evolving tastes without straying too far from the heart and soul of the original dishes. And this is one of the reasons why Patara Fine Thai has stood strong for 23 years and counting, in the demanding world of fine dining. The story of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine’s success is about the restaurant’s belief in simplicity, and in delivering food, service and ambience of the highest quality. Ultimately, what Patara Fine Thai is sharing, is Thailand at its best.

About Creative Eateries
Creative Eateries started in 1992 and has since gone from strength to strength, expanding to encompass four restaurant divisions with over 30 outlets and two catering divisions in Singapore. The group now has footprints in 5 regions, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and China. Uniting all our brands is our commitment to providing food of the highest quality and top of the line service.

About the Chefs
Chef Noom spent 14 years in the UK, where he acquired his Master Degree while working and learning European cooking techniques at renowned restaurants such as Princi, Lapetite Maison, and Hestal Blummetal. He later participated in Thailand’s “Iron Chef” television programme, and successfully won himself an accolade in modern Thai Cuisine. In recent years, Chef Noom went on to share his culinary expertise through cooking lessons, and culinary events. In 2015, Chef Noom joined the renowned Patara Group as an Executive Chef, delivering a phenomenal culinary experience at every Patara restaurants in the world.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine also houses Chef Lisa who hailed from Yasothon Province in Thailand. Chef Lisa has spearheaded the kitchen of Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Singapore for 19 years. Cooking was her first career, and her passion as a culinarian has propelled her for the last 27 years till present day. Not only having truly authentic Thai specialities under her belt, Chef Lisa also often observes the latest food trends online, to find out how she can better blend Thai ingredients with modern cooking techniques.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, #03-14, Singapore 247933
Tel: 6737 0818
For more information on Patara Fine Thai Cuisine, please visit or contact Creative Eateries Pte Ltd at 6411 4992.