Written by: Jia Lin (Marketing)


As our 5th Corporate Social Responsibility event, Creative Eateries had the honour to be part of another Project We Care initiative, “Jalan with your Buddy”, last Saturday at Toa Payoh East Community Club! A fun-filled day with sweat & laughter, the Creative Eateries team had a meaningful day giving back to various beneficiaries.


Organised by Project We Care, this initiative offers an opportunity for residents from different beneficiaries to shop for items that they do not have extra cash for, while enhancing the social well-being of these residents at the same time. The Creative Eateries team was divided into Shopping Buddies and Shopping Assistant for this event. Working hand-in-hand, shopping buddies will go on a shopping trip with residents whilst shopping assistant help with the checking out and packing of their purchase.


Words from our volunteers – 


“It was a fruitful experience gained from participating in the CSR on 25th November 2017, Project We Care Jalan with your Buddy. We were divided into two groups, shopping buddy and shopping assistance. I was part of the shopping buddy group where I shop with my buddies from different beneficiaries. Each family was given a budget of $200 to shop for the items that they need.

It was fun and exciting to plan what items to get without exceeding the budget, before we actually went into the booth station to get the items. During the planning stage, we also get to interact with the beneficiaries by chatting with them, and it was then that we are able to understand that there are many families who actually need more assistance than others. This was my 2nd CSR with Creative Eateries, and I am looking forward to more.” – Ling Yan (HR Department)



“The CSR event on 25 Nov 2017 gave me an insight on the needs of families which are less financially well-off. Simple items such as mattresses and fans might be a luxury to them who can only afford them after spending on necessities and having money remaining. 

Therefore, it is great to be able to help these families be a little happy with some gifts and to assist them with the transportation of items. Singapore may be one of the wealthiest countries in the world but that does not mean poverty does not exist and that we as a community should not chose to ignore it.” – Yang Jun (Corporate Affairs Executive)



“This is the 4th CSR activity that I had been a part of since Creative Eateries started CSR engagement activities. Despite the need to wake up earlier than usual, to be onsite for the activity, all the volunteers are smiling while engaging the beneficiaries during the activity. It makes me believe more in “it is more blessed to give than to receive”, and this always reminds me why I still volunteer for CSR activities.” – Hans (HR Department)



“It was a day well spent and a very fulfilling experience to give back to the people in need, especially so when we do it together as a group. It feels like we made a much greater impact when we do good together and we managed to help a lot more people.

This CSR activity also gave me an opportunity to look at things from another perspective, which I wouldn’t otherwise understand, if not for the CSR activity. It allows me to know that we can offer help to people in need in various ways other than monetary means, and by setting aside a little time & effort, it goes a long way for these people.” – Jia Lin (Marketing Executive)



“Having attended my very first CSR, it opened my eyes as to how much those in need benefits from us with the smallest acts of kindness. Even a simple conversation can brighten up their day tremendously.

For my second buddy of the day, I was paired up with a single mother of 5 and she was telling me how hard it was that one of her daughter doesn’t even have a mattress to sleep on. And even though she was there for them, none of her children wanted to go down to the event. She kept saying how grateful she was that we were there to assist and help in whatever way we could for them. This gave me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that whatever little I could do for them helped anyway.

Although it was 6 hours on a Saturday spent down at the event, it was also 6 hours well spent as the smile on their faces is a reward that no money can buy!” – Enseilia (Marketing Executive)



“Through my position in the HR department at Creative Eateries, I have met a lot of people from different levels. This round of CSR allow me to connect with a family with 5 kids as well as a 75 years old single senior citizen. Through the CSR initiative, I found out how much they need our help. By assisting them in their “shopping” trip, I hear their interesting stories and I’m very thankful that they are willing to share it with me.” – Liu Yang (HR Department)



“We had a really refreshing and fulfilling Saturday morning, interacting and helping the beneficiaries move their happy buys around. Being able to help out in ways that we can and knowing that our small gestures has helped to brighten someone’s day made us feel warm and happy.

The beneficiaries were also very friendly and very ready to chat & take photos with us. We felt really appreciated and were rewarded by their gratitude and smiles. It was altogether a refreshing and satisfying experience out of the office, moving and hustling about on our feet to do what we can to help them!” – Gabrielle (Marketing Executive)



“After registration, the beneficiaries had some time to browse through the catalogue to decide which items they most needed. My job was to ensure that they do not exceed the given $200 budget. Before heading into the hall, I was constantly reminding the residents, as well as giving feedback to help them have a better idea what exactly are the items that they needed the most.

In the hall, I accompanied my buddies and did my part in whatever small way possible to ensure that everyone enjoy their shopping. This includes helping to push the trolley, ensuring the items purchased are endorsed by the booth assistants and also carrying the more bulky items. The whole process is organized, efficient and very pleasant. All my buddies were happy and I’m also glad that I participated in this CSR.” – Stephanie (Accounts Manager)



“This is my 2nd time volunteering for this CSR Programme. This programme made me realised as someone who has been blessed with so much, it is important and crucial that I contribute back to the society, especially to those who are in need. The event that day was really meaningful, as I see smiles on faces of beneficiaries after they purchase the items they are in need of.

Volunteers like myself were there to assist them in carrying their stuff to the storage area and aboard the bus. As they were going home, seeing them happy and thankful really warms up my heart.” – Keng Wee (HR Department)


Creative Eateries’s journey in Corporate Social Responsibility thus far, has been a fruitful one, filled with laughter, sweat and utmost gratefulness. We’ll be looking forward to more such events in the future! 

“To move forward, you have to give back.” – Oprah Winfrey

PROJECT WE CARE – Stay Well with Friends

Article by: Christian Magcalas Manacup (Restaurant Manager – Western Division)

One of the most significant person who gave her life serving the community, Mother Teresa said, “At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by ‘I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was naked and you clothed me, I was homeless and you took me in.’ Hungry not only for bread — but hungry for love. Naked not only for clothing — but naked for human dignity and respect. Homeless not only for want of a room of bricks — but homeless because of rejection.”   

 For the 4th time Creative Eateries Corporate Social Responsibility event took place at ACE (Admiralty Community Experience) the Place Community Club under the People’s Association Project, We Care on 26th of August 2017.  Serving the needy in the Admiralty area, individuals from different divisions of Creative Eateries came together, represented by members of our Human Resources department, Chefs, Restaurant-in-Charge, Service Staff and our Management Team to provide a little kindness and happiness to the residents.

Many people live by the saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For our contribution, our volunteers served up a sumptuous meal for 300 residents. We also provided some fun and games alongside volunteers the Singapore Sports School.  Creative Eateries volunteers got the chance to assist the beneficiaries while the played at our game booth. We even battled with them and had much opportunity for interaction.


Hear what our volunteers have to say –

We as volunteers feel that such experiences show us how we are part of something bigger than ourselves. We can grow by supporting others and especially because we have been blessed with so much. In giving we have also  been rewarded with great smiles, the laughter and many high-fives from the residents that brightened our day!

I strongly believe in the beauty of spreading love and care. As love is received and reciprocated, it continues to grow.

Through this opportunity to do good with Creative Eateries, I have learnt that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to give something back to the society with gratitude.”

– Eduardo Yaneza,

Asst General Manager (Western Division)


“This recent outreach program made me realize that we can bring happiness to others, even with the simplest deeds. Someone’s day can be brightened and made meaningful, if we’re willing to contribute in our own little ways.”

 – Raine Colegado

Operation Manager (Western Division)


“During my first interaction with one of the residents, I was a little reserved. However, through them, I learnt to open up. The gleeful smile and spark of happiness in their eyes, when they have someone to chat with, made me feel the warmth that I’ve not felt in a long time. Through this experience, I will always remember that there are no boundaries in kindness, regardless of the size of the good deed. It was a fun involvement for me as well, meeting different people and making new friends.”

Aileen Bayog

Operation Manager (Japanese Division)



“It was my first experience as a volunteer for such an event. It allowed me to comprehend the love and warmth of humanity. The residents’ optimism, courage and perseverance in life, showed me that no matter how bitter life is, hope is the key to happiness. I wish that there will be more similar programs organized for the people in the future, and we can be involved to contribute.”

– Seow Hui San

Operation Manager (Chinese Division)


“It was my first time as a volunteer. Being a part of this program made me realize that my minute actions and deeds may benefit someone out there greatly. It also reminded me of the verse “When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them. Always practice Hospitality.

Creative Eateries provided me an opportunity to experience something new. I enjoyed while putting my time to good use, knowing that I can make a difference in someone’s life. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the residents, is a knowledge that we’ve became a blessing to them, and that makes me happy too.”

– Ivy Frances Martin

Restaurant Manager (Tajimaya and Shabuya)


“Kindness is contagious. Helping others gives us a different perspective on our own situation. It teaches us to be appreciative of what we have. Being a part of this project, I felt great satisfaction knowing that I’m helping people without being compensated financially. It is important to be kind to others without thinking of getting any returns.”

-Tu Rui

Chef de Partie (Tajimaya)



“It was one of the greatest moment when you witness benevolence while being part of it. We can all help in our own humble ways, and Creative Eateries offered me the opportunity to be in service with others. The appreciation shown by the community to us is far more precious than any other things. I’m glad knowing that I’ve done a great job to make the residents happy.”

Christian Magcalas Manacup

Restaurant Manager (Barossa- Esplanade)



PROJECT WE CARE – Solar Toy Workshop


Project We Care Stay Well @ Admiralty – Solar Toy Workshop

Once again on 27 May 2017, Saturday, Creative Eateries had our third Corporate Social Responsibility event together with the ACE (Admiralty Community’s Experience) The Place Community Club under the People’s Association’s Project We Care, this time around, with Fei Yue Community Services.

That bright Saturday morning brought our Accounts, Human Resources department and Corporate Affairs department together for the sake of befriending some of the younger residents in Admiralty CC, assisting Republic Polytechnic students in helping the children with building their Solar Toy robots.

Interacting and guiding our young friends in building their robots, was a chance for our volunteers to get to know the beneficiaries from ACE The Place CC better. It offered a casual and fun opportunity for our team to work together with the kids, as well as lend them a guiding hand with the trickier parts of the project and encouraging them to stay patient, and remain calm under pressure.

The children were excited to build their own robots, most were able to catch on to the manual guide fast, some even faster than  the adult facilitators! The project was definitely a confidence booster and an achievement for many.

After the completion of their robots, there was a friendly robot race match, after which the workshop came to a close. As it was the start of Ramadan that day, Creative Eateries prepared care packages consisting of a variety of fruits, breads, drinks and of course not forgetting 1 box of dates for each family household to bring it home, accordingly to their culture, three dates are eaten to break the fast in emulation of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.


 Check out here what our volunteers have got to share!

“This is the 2nd Project We Care involvement that I have been involved since our 1st engagement in 2016. Being able to spend time with them allow me to think about how fortunate we are, and it makes me happy when we can bring happiness to them through such simple ways. I always believe in “a simple act of kindness goes a long way”.

 – Hans

“This was the first time experiencing building electronic toys in my life! Through this session I’m able to witness what aspiring determination mindsets the children have, never giving up and continue trying to build their masterpiece. I hope more activities can be organise for them in future and we can contribute our time in joining them to make their weekends an amazing one.”

– Angie

“Helping out in this event has gained me a few rewarding experiences –

  • Waking up early on a Saturday is one of them
  • Another one would be fixing a space mech (never done one in my life!)
  • Interacting with a 11 year old child is challenging too
  • Trying to keep him focused and encouraging him not to give up despite meeting obstacles”

– Stephanie


“This program is a meaningful one for me as I got to interact with the public, especially young children with creative minds.

I helped a young boy named Sunny who is 8 years old with the construction of a robot shuttle toy and Sunny has a lot of patience in crafting the many small parts of the object.

The patience shown by Sunny helped me learn a small lesson in patience myself as I think I would have given up on building if I were Sunny’s age.”

– Yang Jun


The overall event, though small is an enriching one for those who have attended – both volunteers and participants.

It shows that creative Eateries can help support the community not just by the usual monetary donations but to support by interacting directly with the community.

PROJECT WE CARE – Garden Party

On 6th August, Creative Eateries organized its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility event together with the ACE (Admiralty Community’s Experience) The Place Community Club under the People’s Association’s Project We Care.


Following that, Creative Eateries next supported the Project We Care Garden Party to serve children from low-income families, at-risk youths, children from welfare homes and special needs schools, amongst other beneficiaries. This was held on 27 November by the President himself, Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam and First Lady, Mrs Mary Tan on the Istana grounds, a treat for all volunteers and beneficiaries alike!

Creative Eateries supported by “adopting a bus,” setting up a food booth and also had our CEO participate in a fun segment of engagement with other Business Leaders.

For the first segment, “Adopt-a-Bus”, Ms Bernadette Wong led a team of volunteers from Creative Eateries HR Department to pick the beneficiaries up from the Community Club and to guide them throughout the day’s activities. It was a chance for our volunteers to get to know the beneficiaries from ACE The Place CC better.



For the Food Booth sponsored by Creative Eateries, Ms Bonnie Wong together with the catering team set up a station to serve one of our specialty dishes, “Devil’s Curry”. This dish is inspired by Asian and Portuguese culinary influences and received overwhelming response at the event. Curry is indeed the heart and soul of a Singapore’s culture, regardless of race, language and religious.


Finally, President Dr. Tony Tan together with Minister of Prime Minister’s Office & Government Whip Mr. Chan Chun Sing and all the Business Leaders present including our very own CEO, Mr Anthony Wong put up a Mass Multi-Ethnic Drums performance. This performance was certainly the highlight as everyone participated in an interactive and entertaining way, with all beneficiaries given their own mini drum sets to participate spontaneously in the performance.   It was a wonderful day of giving back to the community and a privilege to be serving them on the beautiful grounds of the Istana.



Let us hear some of the experiences from our volunteers:

ACMAD RADIAMODA DILNA, Catering Operations Executive

The event was attended by some corporate volunteers including us (Creative Eateries Group) and the beneficiaries. The President of Singapore Dr. Tony Tan is the Guest of Honour. The volunteers shared skills and expertise with the beneficiary to enhance their mental and social well-being. There were a lot of activities at the event and everyone seemed really happy, but what really caught my attention was the multi-ethnic drums performance. The President, together with the organizers, volunteers, beneficiaries, (I even saw my boss Mr. Anthony Wong,) were all drumming to the beat. At that time, I felt like I wanted to play the drums myself! During the event I was assigned to assist our Senior Manager (Catering), Ms Eileen Chua and the Director of Marketing and Business Development, Ms. Bonnie Wong to serve our Devil’s Curry live station to the beneficiaries, guests and volunteers. I am proud to say that our Devil’s Curry live station stood out from the rest. As a matter of fact, people keep queuing and giving us a lot of positive feedback. I was overwhelmed doing an event inside the residence of the President of Singapore. It was my first time at Istana, but it will be an unforgettable experience for me.


The first volunteering activity that I had participated in with our company brought me a lot of joy over the weekend. It was a memorable event that allowed me to engage and communicate with the beneficiaries, e.g chatting with them casually during the bus trips from Admiralty CC to the Istana. It makes me realise how important it is to focus a little more on people, even a few words or a small caring act makes us feel that we can be so connected even with minimal touch of technology. During our time, together in the Istana, we guided them to enjoy all the games and activities that were available. I found out adults also like to play games too! It was a really enjoyable sight to see them laughing whole-heartedly throughout the day. Not forgetting the children that came along as well, who brought me down memory lane by chatting with them on things that we don’t often speak about as adults. I would like to encourage our colleagues in future to join us for more events like this to make a better community!

EILEEN CHUA YILING, Catering Sales Manager

It was an engaging session serving the beneficiaries the food prepared for them and seeing them enjoy the event so much. It’s fulfilling to see that you brightened up their day with such simple activities and food and wonderful that our company supported this worthy cause.


Creative Eateries x Community Chest – SHARE as One

Starting from December 2016, Creative Eateries will be on board the SHARE as One initiative with Community Chest to cultivate the culture of caring and sharing within our organisation.


SHARE as One is a hassle-free monthly giving programme spearheaded by Community Chest. For every dollar donated by a company, the Singapore Government will match it. These donations will be a continuous source of funds to provide support to a wide range of worthy social service organisations.


In order to choose which cause to support, we have reached out to all through a survey to gather response from our staff. Many heartfelt responses poured in and HELP Family Service Centre has been selected as the cause that Creative Eateries will support.


Here are the recipients who have so generously shared their hearts and who have been awarded a token of appreciation for supporting this project:





“Personally I hope that our company will support the HELP Family Service Centre. As a single mother, I understand the needs and the challenges they face. Firstly, a single parent shoulders all financial burden which include bills, rental, necessities expenses and education fees of the child. With financial support, a child can receive much better education, thus a better future. Secondly, by providing legal advice to them, they will have a better understanding of their legal rights pertaining to alimony, child custody and support. Through providing affordable childcare services, HELP allows parents to continue working with peace of mind, knowing that their children are well taken care of. I sincerely hope that our company can help them.” – Mary Jane




“Dementia is a scary disease. It is painful enough not to be able to remember daily things, but to have a hard time remembering your loved ones is heart breaking. The elderly around us have been through so much hard time, to bring their children up, they deserve to remember and realise what a great job they have done. However unfortunately, some are unlucky to have dementia. Hopefully, there will be a solution or cure to dementia.” – Wye Feng




“Family is the backbone of everyone’s life. It’s like when you are a shark, you need the ocean to survive. They always provide you with strength when you are down, they always tell you to keep yourself up, pump and ready for any challenge!! They are always an inspiration to us, supporting us behind our back. I believe we should all understand how important our family meant to all of us!” – Wei Hao


Congratulations to all the recipients and a big thank you to all of the participants for taking part in the survey. We encourage all Creative Eateries staff to donate generously  as the company will also provide dollar for dollar matching of the total collection to raise the total contributions from Creative Eateries.


Together as a company, we can do our part to make a difference.


More details on Community Chest can be found here:

Our First Ever Corporate Social Responsibility with People’s Association

Fostering and Deepening Friendships through Culinary Journey 

We are a home-grown brand with 24 years of rich history and experience in the culinary industry. In conjunction with National Day 2016, we have participated as one of the partners of the People’s Association’s Project We Care Network, to contribute to a more cohesive and compassionate nation. Under Project We Care Stay Well with Friends , we are dedicated to giving back to the society, in particular, families who need more care and help from the community on a sustainable basis.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA CEO Mr Anthony Wong and GM Wilman Ng with the Creative Eateries volunteers

On 6th August, Creative Eateries organised its first ever Corporate Social Responsibility community engagement event together with the Grassroots Organisations in Admiralty Constituency. A total of 14 Creative Eateries’ volunteers will be hosting more than 20 residents from low-income families in Admiralty, to a time of interactive games, culinary demonstration class and delectable food from halal-caterer Shiok! Kitchen Catering (Managed by Creative Eateries). Special appearance by Mr Vikram Nair, Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Sembawang Group Representation Constituency.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA People’s Association and Creative Eateries Representatives with MP Mr Vikram Nair

In celebration of National Day, the Friendships over Curries, which features four of the most iconic curry dishes from different cuisines was showcased in a cooking demo. The curries draw inspiration from the culinary diversity in our multi-racial society and the perfect cohesion of flavours is symbolic of the racial harmony enjoyed by our nation. Apart from that, Creative Eateries also provided low-income households with a care package consisting of a variety of halal-certified goods such as rice, packet drinks, cooking oil, milk powder and hygiene essentials.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Cooking demo by Head Chef Steven Ng and GM Wilman Ng

Curry – a dish that tastes almost the same across every other, yet there is always a hint of difference that you can taste, and there is definitely one that you would prefer without a doubt. That hint of difference, is the taste of home. The taste of understanding. And the taste of heritage. No one understands your preferences better than your mother. That level of heat or the tricky balance of spices, all that she slowly mastered over years of dedication and care. That is why curry tastes the best home-cooked. No one understands the taste of heritage better than those who inherited not just the essence of the taste, but the spirit of cooking a dish, representative of the heritage we are so proud of. That is why curry, is the taste of home. Uniting all differences and keeping us grounded to our roots, we pay homage to this dish, and our multi-racial yet cohesive nation, by creating a medley of four curry canapes; the Eurasian Devil’s Curry, Traditional Chinese Chicken Curry, Classic Malay Beef Rendang and Spicy Indian Fish Curry.

Eurasian Devil’s Curry – Seducing your eyes before your stomach, this fiery red curry stirs your appetite just by its stunning visual. Invitingly coloured in a spicy red, the Devil’s Curry is a unique twist to your conventional curry. Blending together strong Asian and Portuguese culinary influences, the spice-laden curry is elevated with a splash of vinegar to bring out the harmonious balance of red chillies, shallots, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, galangal and turmeric.

Traditional Chinese Chicken Curry – Unpretentious and hearty, this dish brings out the beauty in simplicity. Smooth coconut milk, curry spice blend and a mother’s secret ingredient, simmered and carefully tended over a gentle flame, the Chinese Chicken Curry is definitely a frequent feature of your childhood. Try out our chef’s interpretation of this toasty dish with the tender flavour-coated chicken and the melt-in-your-mouth potatoes.

Classic Malay Beef Rendang – Savour our dedication to the pursuit of perfection in a bowl with the Beef Rendang “Rendang Daring”. From grounding up our special spice paste, toasting the grated coconut to a golden brown and simmering the meaty broth into thick and decadent curry gravy, taste the essence of the complex flavours condensed into a bowl of hearty goodness.

Spicy Indian Fish Curry – Not forgetting the seafood lovers, the Indian Fish Curry will leave your palette light and mellow. Unlike the conventional curry heavily infused with coconut milk, the clever use of tomatoes in this dish accentuates the sweetness and freshness of our fish, making it the star of the dish without being overpowered by the denser spice flavouring. The use of herbs like curry leaves and coriander aromatizes the curry further with a refreshing hint of zesty and earthy notes.


As Singapore steps into our 51st year, let us take this Independence Day to give thanks to what our forefathers have provided us with and pass on the goodwill by helping those who need a helping hand. Happy National Day to all!


FOOD FOR THOUGHT : Words from the hearts of our volunteers


Being from the Philippines and also working in one of the non-halal restaurants in Creative Eateries, I have not had the chance to meet customers from the Malay community.  Today was my first time interacting personally with the Malay community and it was an eye-opening experience. Volunteering today was a nice change from our daily restaurant operations; the event that taught myself and the team more about patience outside the restaurant; especially when interacting with kids (which we rarely do). Despite being a shy person by nature, this CSR program propelled me to step out of my comfort zone and I truly enjoyed myself.
– Aileen, Restaurant Operations


I enjoyed the CSR program and it helped me learn that there are many less fortunate people around us that simply wish for things that money can’t buy – love and friendship. This is something that many take for granted every day. I learnt that life can be as simple as sharing joy and being there for someone in need. Coming from a not so well-off and single parent family, I feel connected to others in similar circumstances. I got the privilege to be friends with  two kids who attended the event with their Grandma. They shared that Grandma takes care of them everyday and they hardly see their parents. The elder sister who is only in secondary school will have to take charge of the welfare and school work of her younger sister; see her to school and pick her up after school.  It takes a lot of will power for a young girl to carry such heavy responsibilities and still she stay positive towards life. I strongly encourage my colleagues to volunteer in this CSR program to learn about compassion and not to take things in life for granted. I hope to be able to consistently keep in touch and build relationship with the same families.
– Eileen, Catering Sales


It was my first time participating in a CSR program and it was indeed an eye opening experience. Varies department within Creative Eateries came together as one to host this event which fostered a sense of esprit de corps in the process. It is in the spirit of giving, that our actions benefit the less fortunate and spreading the message of loving kindness that a helping hand is always available.
– Shaun, Special Projects


The last time I did community work was back in secondary school, it was a good opportunity and learning experience to understand people from various background. The simple conversation I had with the beneficiaries touched me in a way, to see them really happy just to receive basic necessity and the excitement in their eyes during the simple interactive game. I sincerely hope that our colleagues will be inspired to help the community on a regular basis as it does not require much time to bring smiles to people faces. 🙂
– Geraldine, Catering Sales