CE Leaders’ Day Out – Dragonboat

At Creative Eateries, we genuinely believe good team work is the foundation of efficiency and forward progress. Over the past two decades in the F&B scene, Creative Eateries has been at the forefront of delivering creative concepts, spreading joy and delight to everyones’ tastebuds. However, none of this is possible without the support of everyone in the Creative Eateries family, especially so from the key leaders of the group.

Reinforcing our company values to uphold the kampong spirit and keep a positive mindset, the theme for our second leaders day out is all about teamwork. Gathering a team of close to 40 leaders from Restaurant Managers, HQ management team to Head Chefs, we started the day with an exciting water sport – dragon boating!

Splitting into 3 different teams, each team settled down in their boats and set off into the water. It was a jittery start, especially so for the first-timers, where we get used to the water and working together on a rhythmic pace. Despite the exhaustion, the teams later embarked on a 200m challenge and gave their all into the competition, showcasing utmost resilience and team unity.

At the heart of dragon boating, teamwork and camaraderie are fundamental components that lead teams to victory. There is nothing quite like a shared experience where individuals from all walks of life and fitness levels gather to achieve greater heights together. The team bonding event was nothing short of fulfilling and had left many heartwarming moments in all of our hearts. The day later concluded on a delicious note with a simple dinner at Talay Thai, where we let our hair down and unwind. 

One of the key takeaway from the second Leaders’ Day Out was the importance of team unity and how strong teamwork helps to better work experience and increase efficiency. We would like to thank everyone who have made our second Leaders’ Day Out a success and this experience so much more memorable!

“Great thing in business are never done by one person.” – Steve Jobs