Bangkok Jam’s Banging New Outlet at Bugis+

Lighting up Bugis+ with a spanking new look

June 2018 – Bangkok Jam, one of the best known household name for Thai food has been filling bellies for 11 years. After a successful launch for the new menu earlier in March, Bangkok Jam is thrilled to finally unveil the banging new outlet at Bangkok Jam Bugis+! Coupled with bright lights and luscious flowers, the revamped Bugis+ outlet showcases a bold and modern interior that transport one to the trendy cafes that filled the streets of Bangkok. The new chic Bugis+ outlet possesses an atmosphere perfect to relax and unwind; definitely no chip of the old block – what further set it apart from other outlets is the menu.

The Bugis+ revamped menu presents an extensive selection of decadent desserts and refreshing beverages. Other than the modern Thai fare that Bangkok Jam is known for, the Bugis+ outlet also features a brand new dessert bar that display specially handcrafted Thai sweet treats. From scrumptious crepe cakes to the appetising jar desserts, this new dessert menu will be a perfect treat for your sweet tooth.

A notable addition to the enhanced dessert section is the Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake – a classic delight that is layered with Thai Milk Tea cream and topped with sweet red beans. Daredevils can look forward to the Chilli Chocolate Cake – a moist and dense chocolate delight that is generously coated with rich chocolate ganache that’s packed a slight fiery punch at the end of every bite.

For the foodies who fancy a refreshing treat, the new snow ice selection is definitely not-to-be-missed! Perfect for sharing amongst large groups, the new icy delight has plenty of tasty surprises hidden within it. A definite crowd pleaser goes to Green with Envy; a Green Milk Tea flavoured snow ice that is drenched with sweet red bean sauce, Azuki beans, crushed peanuts and vanilla ice cream. Just as the name suggest, onlookers will be green with food envy as they watch you and your friends indulge.

A key highlight also includes the pimped up beverage selection. Beat the Singapore heat and sip up refreshing goodness with the new smoothie selection, from berry-favourites like the Berry Delight; strawberry smoothie with zesty berry cubes and whipped cream, to the local-favourite Thorny Affair, a thick smoothie made with the king of fruits and topped off with sweet vanilla ice cream. Refreshing teas are also a must-try, a house specialty includes the Home-brewed Lemongrass Tea, now with a kiss of floral notes from Rose, calming Lavender or oriental Osmanthus, all served hot or iced.

Bangkok Jam Bugis+ also launches a new 3-course Executive Set Lunch alongside the launch of the new outlet. Expect to taste the delectable medley of traditional and contemporary flavours of Bangkok with signature dishes like Red Tom Yum Soup and Signature Phad Thai. All set lunches are served with a small Mango Salad a refreshing Iced Lemon Tea. For a hearty meal, diners can further complete their meal with the add-on options of the new Crepe Cakes and Sago desserts.

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