Auspicious Steamboat Meal for This Lunar New Year

Of course, we all have heard of the origin of eating steamboat during Lunar New Year – the round steamboat pot which symbolises “Reunion” (团圆). But we all know that steamboat has become a highlight of Lunar New Year mostly because it’s easy to prepare, accommodates large dining groups, and it warms up your body and soul during this rainy month.

Aside to being super delicious, here’s more good reasons to stuff yourself silly with these auspicious sounding steamboat dishes to start your New Year on the right foot.


1. Leek

leeks for salad

Source: Mother Earth News

Leek (韭菜, jiu cai ) represents everlasting relationship as the pronunciation of the letter – jiu (), sounds like long (久),  or 长长久久. Besides, adding leek in your steamboat will instantly give the soup a pleasant sweet flavour. Here is a tip – Leave the leek simmering in the pot throughout your meal will not only make your soup sweeter, eating the soft leek towards with your noodles is a great way to end off the meal!


2. Bamboo Shoots

bamboo shoots

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Bamboo shoots are one of those love-it-or-hate-it ingredients. Our advice would be to include this in your upcoming New Year steamboat as bamboo shoots in Chinese – zhu sun (竹笋), sounds like the phrase竹报平安, meaning safety and wellness in the New Year. This healthy ingredient have even been said to have anti-cancer properties and aids in digestion.


3. Chicken Cheese Balls


Source: Alihalal

Skip the usual fish balls and head straight for this Chicken Cheese Balls. The hot, golden cheese that slowly oozes out of the chicken ball, almost like gold liquid would be totally sinful, but undeniably irresistible. This is one item you do not want to miss, for abundance of wealth in the upcoming year, as the golden cheese symbolises abundance of wealth – 财源滚滚来.


4. Shabu-Shabu Hotpot

Photo 28-1-16, 2 15 42 PM

Be creative this Lunar New Year! Steamboat comes in many shapes and sizes so why not go for a Japanese Shabu-Shabu, also called 涮涮锅 in Chinese. This auspicious sounding meal will have you counting money (算算钱 suan suan qian) endlessly as you walk out the door.


Shabu Shabu

This February, Suki-Ya will satisfy your steamboat and Shabu-Shabu cravings, including the 8th and 9th Feb. Of course, do looks out for these auspicious food items from our healthy bar counter and impress your friends with your knowledge of its symbols and meaning.

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Here’s wishing everyone a Prosperous Lunar New Year!

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