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At Creative Eateries, our mission is for all our brands to be the brand of choice.

Founded by Mr Anthony Wong in 1992, the birth of Creative Eateries began with Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant. Back then, the restaurant rose as an alternative dining concept to that of hotel restaurants, which were largely popular in the 90s. Fuelled by the increased appetite for more creative dining concepts, Creative Eateries flourished with inspirations to fill the gaps in the market by making it our responsibility to spoil you with an array of dining options.

Seasoned with more than 25 years of experience, Creative Eateries remains an ever-present brand in the increasingly competitive market. We pride ourselves as a reliable go-to brand, delivering a consistent dining experience for every occasion – be it Thai, Western, Chinese, Japanese cuisine or Catering, we’ve got you covered. From a simple meal at our restaurants to casual birthday celebrations and even themed weddings, we strive to create a memorable experience for you.

Our team always believes that good food should be accompanied with great company as food is a universal language that we all share. While remaining customer and employee centric, we grow the Creative Eateries Family to ensure that everyone is happy, committed, passionate and equipped with the right skills to bring warm and delightful service to you.

Creative Eateries has stood the test of time following through with its mission amidst the competitive Food and Beverage landscape in Singapore. Today, keeping a positive mindset to embrace change has further propelled the company to new heights. Moving forward, Creative Eateries will continue to build its local footprint in the Singapore market, whilst growing regionally.

Bangkok Jam • Siam Kitchen • Patara Fine Thai Cuisine • Talay Thai • Suki-Suki Thai Hot Pot

Suki-Ya • RockU Yakiniku • Tajimaya Yakiniku • Suki-Ya KIN • Flaming Don

Hot Stones Steak and Seafood Restaurant • Barossa • Fremantle Seafood Market • Vineyard at HortPark

Chinese & Local
Eat at Taipei  • Typhoon Cafe • JÙN Restaurant • Kueh & Mee •

Creative Eateries Catering • Shiok Kitchen Catering  

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